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vrm.1.17 a Thus the Devas have procreated many thousands of such valorous and guise changing Vanaras who with their immeasurable strength and bravery are manifest for the elimination of the Dasamukha Rakshasa Ravana.
vrm.3.31 Akampana with his palms adjoined and voice hesitant with fear sought for the clemency of that Dasamukha Rakshasa Ravana who is enraged in that way.
vrm.3.35 Dasha aanana, the Dasamukha Rakshasa, whose complexion like the smoothened Lapis gem is lustrous, whose regalia that comprise white long furred fans, white Parasol and the like is spectacular, whose ornaments made out of refined gold are glittering, who similar to a kingly mountain with ten pinnacles and crags by way of his ten heads and twenty arms is gorgeous, and such a chief of Rakshasas who by that way is an adversary of Gods and cutthroat of eminent sages, seated in a nitid golden chariot that is rideable by the wish of its steersman, he shone forth like a black cloud fringed with the streaks of lightning and rimmed with flights of cranes.
vrm.3.46 In the meanwhile the Dasamukha Rakshasa Ravana, who is all the while waiting for some lapse of Rama, neared Vaidehi in the getup of a sanyaasi.
vrm.3.50 Such as I am, oh, Dasamukha Rakshasa Ravana, I am the mightiest king of Eagles known by the name Jatayu.
vrm.3.50 "Stopoff! Stopoff! Oh, Dasamukha Ravana, briefly learn of me as how I jettison you from your best air chariot, as with the unloading of a burdensome fruit from its sepals.
vrm.3.51 Now the Dasamukha Rakshasa Ravana infuriately took up ten deadly arrows that are similar in their shine to the Shafts of the Terminator, wishful of the elimination of his enemy.
vrm.3.51 Even on speaking those commonsensical words to Ravana, Jatayu found him carrying off Seetha heedlessly, then that valorous Jatayu descended on the hind side of that Dasamukha Rakshasa Ravana, devastatingly.
vrm.3.51 The valorous Dasamukha Ravana then threw off Seetha, and out of fury he scuffled with the king of Eagles with fisticuffs and kicks, by both his feet and fists.
vrm.3.52 Though that flower shower has fallen all over, it is windswept by the speed of Ravana, and fell again on that Dasamukha Rakshasa.
vrm.3.52 b, a She who is looking searchingly at the plane of earth for Rama or Lakshmana, and truly bawling in high pitched but mellowly voice calling Rama", Lakshmana", and whose hair lengths are tousled, and whose felicitous vermilion mark on her forehead is smudged very untidily, that Dasamukha Rakshasa abducted such an uncompromising husband devout, Vaidehi, only for his self ruination.
vrm.3.53 "As you are dauntless in this daunting situation as for yourself, oh, Dasamukha Rakshasa, indeed it is clear that you are clearly fantasising the ill omened golden trees all around.
vrm.3.54 a On his part that Dasamukha Ravana has not noticed her action in whipping up her silky upper cloth and ornaments, their bundling and stowing away at five vanara s, owing to his own hurry.
vrm.3.54 b, a Then the Siddha s and Caarana s available in airspace averred saying, "this alone is the end of Dasamukha Ravana.
vrm.3.54 That Dasamukha Ravana also instructed the bogey sightly bogeywomen, "your watch and ward shall be in such a way that neither a female nor a male can see Seetha impermissibly.
vrm.3.55 That paradisiacal mansion house of Dasamukha Ravana is congestive with innumerable cupolaed skyscrapers, adored with thousands of females, frequented by diverse bevies of Birds, and it comprised of numerous gemstones.
vrm.3.55 b, That Dasamukha Ravana displayed the multiple stories of his own palace which is all over white marbled and diamond encrusted to Maithili.
vrm.3.55 b, c That Dasamukha Ravana on speaking thus to Maithili, who is the daughter of Janaka, deemed that she is mine, as he has gone under the sway of the Terminator.
vrm.4.59 Perchance that Dasamukha Rakshasa is definitely a powerful and prideful Rakshasa.

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