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vrm.3.31 "Oh, Dasagriva, it is impossible to conquer that Rama in war for your, either singly or along with the hosts of the Rakshasa supporters of yours, as one heaven cannot be won by many sinners.
vrm.7.13 Hearing of the doings of Dasagriva, and remembering his conduct chiming in with his race, the righteous lord of riches Vaisravana showing his fraternal afection, despatched a messenger to Lanka, seeking the welfare of Dasagriva.
vrm.7.13 And the envoy addressed Dasagriva seated on a superb couch, graced with a costly coverlet, O king, I shall tell thee all that thy brother hath said, worthy of both the character and race of your father and mother, Enough of wrong doing.
vrm.7.14 And finding his forces in that plight, Dasagriva set up full many a cheerful shout and in wrath began to speak.
vrm.7.14 Then Ravana entered within the gate way of the palace, garnished with gold, and decked with Lapises and silver, And thereat, O king, the warder named Suryyabhanu prevented the night ranger Dasagriva as he was entering.
vrm.7.15 Then Dasagriva on being struck in the head with the mace by the lord of Yakshas, did not move from his place.
vrm.7.16 Thereat, growing enraged, the reverend Nandi Sankara s other body spoke unto that Raksha Dasagriva present there; As O Dasanana, deriding me for my monkey like form, thou hast indulged in a laughter resembling the bursting of thunder, so Vanaras endowed with prowess, and possessed of my form and energy shall be born for compassing the destruction, of thy race.
vrm.7.17 I am the lord of Lanka, O gentle lady, known as Dasagriva.
vrm.7.23 And in a short while that entire host of Varuna was brought down by the highly powerful councillor of that Rakshasa Dasagriva.
vrm.7.23 Thereupon the Dasagriva, excited with wrath like the fire of dessolution, pierced them to their very vitals with highly dreadful arrows.
vrm.7.24 Thereupon, O Rama, having descended from Pushpaka, Dasagriva, black as collyrium, entered that house.
vrm.7.24 Being thus addressed the Dasagriva entered where Bali was.
vrm.7.26 Dasagriva took up the Gandharva weapon and the king Mandhata the Brahmastra stricking terror unto all.
vrm.7.27 Thereupon beholding the Dasagriva the Moon as if burnt him down speedily with his cold fiery rays.
vrm.7.27 Thereupon Brahma came speedily to the region of the Moon and said "O Dasagriva, O thou having mighty arms, O direct son of Visravas, O gentle one, do thou repair hence speedily do not oppress the moon for this highly effulgent king of twice born ones wisheth well being unto all.
vrm.7.27 Being thus addressed Dasagriva, with folded hands, said "If thou art pleased with me O god! O lord of the worlds, O thou of great penances, if dost thou wish to communicate that incantation, do thou impart it upon me, O thou of great piety ;reciting which, O great one, I may be released of the fear of the Devas.
vrm.7.27 Being thus accosted Brahma said to Dasagriva O lord of Rakshasas, do thou recite it at the time of death and not every day.
vrm.7.27 These eight hundred holy and excellent names have been uttered by me which remove all iniquities, are holy and aford shelter to those who seek for it; if do thou recite them, O Dasagriva, thou shalt be able to destroy thy enemies.
vrm.7.28 As the lion is not moved by the attack of a wolf, the elephant by that of a bull, the Sumeru by the king of Nagas and the great Ocean by the current of a river, so that great person was not agitated and said to Dasagriva "O vcious minded night ranger, I shall soon remove they desire for a battle.
vrm.7.28 Beholding them the Dasagriva, of dreadful prowess, was not the least terrified, and rather saw their dance, standing at the gate.
vrm.7.28 Beholding them the down of the Dasagriva stood erect though a boon had been conferred upon him by the Self born and he speedily issued out of that place.
vrm.7.28 Being thus accosted by the vicious souled Ravana, the deity, smiling, replied in words deep as the muttering of clouds, saying What shalt thou do with me O Dasagriva ?Thou art not to be slain by me now" Being thus addressed the Dasagriva, with folded palms said By the words of the Patriarch Brahma I shall not tread the path of death; there is none born amongst men,or the Devas who can equal me, and disregard; by virtue of his prowess, the great Patriarch s boon.
vrm.7.29 The countenance and eyes, of those beautiful damsels, brought under the subjection of Dasagriva, and afflicted with sorrow, looked poorly like a hind attacked by a lion.
vrm.7.29 But he was slain by thy ownself in the battle ;art thou not ashamed of this ?"Being thus addressed by his bewailing sister, the Dasagriva, consoling her in sweet words, said "Of no avail is thy lamentation, dear sister; thou needst not be afraid of any of thy relatives.
vrm.7.29 Having said this the Dasagriva issued orders to his army fourteen thousand highly powerful Rakshasas.
vrm.7.30 consoled his sister, Dasagriva was satisfied and freed from anxiety.
vrm.7.30 Whereto the Dasagriva replied "You have not done well as you have worshipped, with diverse articles my enemies Indra and others.
vrm.7.30 Thereupon going there with his son and Vibhishana, Dasagriva got down all those damsels,speechless with tears, gifted with auspicious marks,the precious females of the Devas, Danavas and Rakshasas.
vrm.7.30 And engaged, with blood red eves the Dasagriva said "Get my chariot ready soon and let all I heroes of our party be prepared.
vrm.7.30 Having arrived at the city Of Madhu and entered there the Dasagriva did not behold Madhu but espied his sister.
vrm.7.30 Being thus accosted; that Rakshasi, being pleased, got her sleeping husband, the night ranger, up and said "Here is my brother, the highly power Dasagriva.
vrm.7.30 Being thus honoured the highly powerful Dasagriva spent one night in Madhu s house and then, addressed himself for depature.
vrm.7.31 Thereupon the Dasagriva said to her, standing with her face downwards, and her down standing erect at his very sight.
vrm.7.31 Being thus addressed Dasagriva humbly replied "I am daughter in law," as thou hast said, is worthy of being said by who is the only wife.
vrm.7.31 O lord, on his way to heaven, Dasagriva hath arrived here and hath spent the night with his army.
vrm.7.31 Hearing of that curse capable of making the down erect, Dasagriva abstained from entertaining lust for unwilling females.
vrm.7.32 Having crossed the mount Kailasa, the highly powerful Dasagriva, with his army, reached the region of Indra.
vrm.7.33 In the interval the heroic and the highly powerful Dasagriva ascended the celestial car, constructed by the Architect of the Devas, encircled by the huge bodied Nagas capable of making down erect and by whose breath the battle field was ablaze.
vrm.7.34 This Dasagriva must be vanquished by us while alive.
vrm.7.34 Dasagriva, incapable of being thwarted, entered by the northern route and the performer of hundred sacrifices by the southern.
vrm.7.34 Thereupon beholding his own army slain Sakra, returned fearlessly and obstructed the Dasagriva.
vrm.7.37 Thereupon being anxious to learn the cause of the rise of the river, the Dasagriva, with his right finger, hinted Suka and Sarana.
vrm.7.37 Therefore, O Dasagriva, do thou spend the night here, if thou art bent upon fighting.
vrm.7.37 Dasagriva being thus bonded the Siddhas, Charanas and the Devas exclaimed, "Well done! Well done !!"showered flowers upon Arjuna.
vrm.7.38 And having set Dasagriva at liberty Pulastya, the son of Brahma and the foremost of Munis repaired to the celestial region.
vrm.7.39 The Dasagriva being thus carried away, his councillors, to release him, pursued, exlaiming.
vrm.7.46 O king of earth, having thus traversed the whole world, the Dasagriva saw the saint Narada returning to his own region from Brahmaloka.
vrm.7.46 Hearing the words of Narada, the Dasagriva was worked up with surprise and meditating for some time said "I shall enter into conflict with him.
vrm.7.53 Rama having said this, Vadra with folded hands replied "O king, the citizens speak many good things about thee; besides they dilate upon many things in their own houses regarding thine conquest acquired by the destruction of the Dasagriva.
vrm.7.117 O lord of the universe, it is for that reason, on beholding the destruction of creatures thou wert born on earth to slay Dasagriva.

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