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vrm.2.15 It was decorated with sandal and aloe woods, spreading out beautiful smells like the peak of a Dardura Mountain.
vrm.2.91 Then, a pleasant comfortable and gracious breeze, passing over the mountains of Malaya and Dardura, began to blw, removing sweat by its influence.
vrm.5.36 O Seetha the princess! I swear and tell you by the mountains Malaya, Vindhya, Meru and Dardura as well as by our staple food of roots and fruits, that you will soon see Rama s face, having good eyes, handsome, having lips with the colour of a bright red gourd fruit of Momordica monodelpha and with its charming look like a rising full moon.
vrm.6.26 "He who is encamped with sixty lakhs Vanaras as his army strength on the sea shore like unto a second ocean is the commander called Vinata who resembles Dardura mountain in size and is positioned there lending charm to the formidable army marching ahead and moves about, drinking the water of River Vena, the foremost of all rivers.

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