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vrm.1.1 Hence Rama indeed entered Dandaka forest, determinedly about his plighted promise to undergo exile and decidedly about the elimination of Rakshasas.
vrm.1.1 "That lotus eyed Rama on his entering the vast of Dandaka forest eliminated the Rakshasa Viraadha, and indeed descried Sage Sharabhanga, also even Sage Suteekshna, also Sage Agastya and likewise Sage Agastya s brother.
vrm.1.1 b, a Rama" conceded to the supplications of those Sages of that forest, which forest has become an abode of Rakshasas, and Rama also promised those Sages who are the dwellers of Dandaka forest, and whose glow is like that of the Ritual fire, to eliminate all of the Rakshasas in combat.
vrm.1.1 b, "While Rama is living there in Dandaka forest, a guise changing Rakshasi named Shuurpanakha, who is a resident of Janasthana, a place in Dandaka forest, is disfigured.
vrm.1.1 "During his stay in Dandaka forest Rama eliminated fourteen thousand Rakshasas in all, who are the inhabitants of that very forest.
vrm.1.3 Enthroning shoe sandals of Rama by Bharata Bharata s living in a village Nandigrama Rama s going to Dandaka forests killing the Rakshasa named Viradha.
vrm.2.9 "O Queen! Once upon a time, when there was a battle between Devas and Asuras, your husband Dasaratha went along with you and other holy kings to help Indra in battle, to a famous city called Vaijayata in which Timidhvaja lived in a southern direction in the forest of Dandaka.
vrm.2.11 Rama" has to take refuge in the forest of Dandaka for fourteen years and let him become an ascetic wearing rags, deer skin and matted hair".
vrm.2.13 "How I can I send Rama, who is dark blue in colour like a blue lotus, who is long armed who is very strong and graceful, to Dandaka forest?" Rama" is accustomed to comforts.
vrm.2.18 "Oh, Rama! According to those boons, I asked the king for coronation of Bharata and for your going to Dandaka forest today itself.
vrm.2.18 "You have to leave this coronation function and dwell in the forest of Dandaka for fourteen years, wearing braided hair and covered with a hide.
vrm.2.19 "Immediately, I shall go to live in forest of Dandaka for fourteen years, without reflecting on whether my father s words are right or wrong.
vrm.2.19 It is certain!" Today itself, I shall go to the forest of Dandaka after bidding, farewell to my mother and also after consoling Sita.
vrm.2.20 That Rama being humble in nature became still modest due to respect for his mother and was set about to ask her permission before setting forth his journey to Dandaka forest.
vrm.2.20 It brings grief to you, to Sita and to Lakshmana I am going to Dandaka forest.
vrm.2.20 "The great king is giving to Bharata the succession to kingdom and to me, however, he is making me a sage to stay in the forest of Dandaka.
vrm.2.21 Rama, the best of men, decided to go to Dandaka forest fearlessly with his prowess, consoled his mother, advised his brother by good thoughts and made hearty circumbulatory salutation to his mother.
vrm.2.25 "Oh, Rama! May Venus and the Moon as also the Sun and Kubera and Yama who are being worshipped by me, protect you, while you reside in the forest of Dandaka.
vrm.2.26 Now that the arrangements initiated by the king for my coronation are getting ready Kaikeyi came out with that promise of boons, turning the situation to her own advantage by grounds of morality I have to dwell in Dandaka forest for fourteen years
vrm.2.30 "Oh, Seetha! My mind was depressed to take you to the forest of Dandaka.
vrm.2.34 See auspiciously towards me, who am about to leave for Dandaka forest.
vrm.2.53 From this very place, you proceed to Ayodhya next morning, oh, Lakshmana! I shall proceed to Dandaka forest alone with Sita, while you will be the protector for Kausalya, who has no defender.
vrm.2.60 Take also myself to the forest of Dandaka.
vrm.2.72 O, son! He, that prince Rama, wearing long narrow pieces of bark, went indeed to the great forest of Dandaka, followed by Lakshmana and also sita.
vrm.2.72 Hearing these words, Bharata being aware of the glory of his race, doubted and fearedwhether Rama was sent to exile because of his unrighteous conduct, if any and again asked his mother as follows: Has not Rama indeed stolen the wealth of some Brahmana? Has not he done any harm either to a rich or to a poor virtuous man? Has the prince indeed not longed for the wife of another? Why was my brother Rama expelled to the forest of Dandaka?
vrm.2.74 As for you, enter the fire or you yourself go to forest of Dandaka.
vrm.2.84 Seeing him approach, Sumantra the charioteer, a majestic man who knows the rules of discipline, humbly told Bharata as follows: This Lord who is surrounded by a thousand of his own people, is fully acquainted with the forest of Dandaka and also an old friend of your elder brother.
vrm.2.91 "We shall not go either to Ayodhya or to Dandaka forest.
vrm.2.101 "How can I do otherwise, while both my parents of virtuous nature ask me to go to the forest?" "It is for you to occupy the throne in Ayodhya that the world reveres and it is for me to occupy this Dandaka forest, wearing bark robes.
vrm.2.101 "I, for my part, shall enjoy the share given to me by our high souled father for fourteen years, taking my abode in Dandaka forest, O gentle brother!"
vrm.2.107 "O, King! I too, without delay, will proceed to Dandaka forest along with Seetha and Lakshmana.
vrm.2.107 I will become the emperor of the wild beasts of the forest! Return now to the excellent city of Ayodhya full of joy and I also full of joy will enter Dandaka Forest!" "O, Bharata! Let the royal white umbrella provide a cool shadow for your head, repulsing the rays of sunlight.
vrm.3.1 On entering the impenetrable Dandaka forest that courageous and
vrm.3.2 b a "You two wear jute cloths like hermits, but handle arrows, bows and swords like warriors, yet entered Dandaka forest with your wife.
vrm.3.3 but we wish to know about you, who are you that move about in Dandaka forest?
vrm.3.8 "We make haste to see the habitats of hermitages in their entirety, and even wish to see the sages with meritorious selves living in Dandaka forest.
vrm.3.8 "See the pleasant thresholds of the hermitages of the dwellers in the forests of Dandaka, oh! Valiant one, whose souls are consecrated just by their ascesis.
vrm.3.9 "Intending to safeguard the sages you have promised the dwellers in Dandaka forest, oh, valiant one, that you would eliminate Rakshasas in a fight.
vrm.3.9 "Only in this respect you have started towards the well known Dandaka forest along with your brother, and wielding bow and arrows.
vrm.3.9 "Oh, brave one, your going towards Dandaka forest is not delightful to me, I tell the cause for that and listen to it as I tell.
vrm.3.9 "In affinity and in respect I am reminding but not tutoring you, and in anyway improper is that thought of yours to wield your bow to kill the Rakshasas dwelling in Dandaka without any enmity, oh, brave one, undesirable is the killing of offenceless.
vrm.3.10 "Oh! Seetha, those shleterable sages of Dandaka forest have approached me sombrely on their own, and thus they came into my refuge.
vrm.3.10 "The sages dwelling in Dandaka forest are being eaten away by fiendish Rakshasas that subsist on human flesh, and while being eaten away like that those eminent Brahmans have said to me, "please come to our rescue.
vrm.3.10 b, a "Many of the guise changing Rakshasas are outrightly torturing us in Dandaka forest, hence in that context you shall protect us.
vrm.3.10 "Thereby, you along with your brother protect us that are being persecuted by the Rakshasas dwelling in Dandaka forest as you alone are the protector of ours in these forests.
vrm.3.10 b, a "On hearing all those words, oh, Seetha, I promised complete protection to the sages of Dandaka forests.
vrm.3.17 "Afterwards, you can lustily ramble about Dandaka forest along with me while enjoying yourself on various mountaintops in the sky and in forests on the earth.
vrm.3.18 "I with my best complexion will be your deserving wife meetly to you charm, you can happily take a jaunt all over Dandaka forest along with me.
vrm.3.19 "Wielding weapons and wearing jute cloths and Deerskin two humans have got into ghastly forest of Dandaka along with a woman of age.
vrm.3.20 "We the sons of Dasharatha are brothers named Rama and Lakshmana, and we entered the impenetrable forests Dandaka along with Seetha.
vrm.3.20 "We the dispassionate subsist on fruits and tubers treading in the path of virtue, and we being the sages resident in Dandaka forest what for you outrage us.
vrm.3.21 "If you have mercy on me, and even on those dead Rakshasas, and if ability and animation are still left in you to cope with Rama, oh, nightwalker, kill that Rama who is a thorn in the side of Rakshasas dwelling in Dandaka forest.
vrm.3.29 "Although you hold sway over a gigantic force abounding with Elephants Horses and chariots, you have perpetrated heinous deeds in Dandaka forests that are loathsome to all the worlds, that is unseemliest to this soldiery.
vrm.3.29 "The residents of Dandaka forest are the highly propitious sages that tread the path of virtue, and oh, Rakshasa, what benefit you gain in killing them, really? "Even if a fortune is made for a lavish living with an iota of merit, the evildoers, that too reprobates, further more those that are abominated by world will not last long, no more that petrified tree trunks.
vrm.3.29 "Now eliminated in war, you along with your army will tread behind those sages that were treading the path of virtue, on whom you have so far feasted in Dandaka forest.
vrm.3.30 "While you are in profound sleep, oh, notorious Rakshasa, this Dandaka forest becomes a shelter to the shelter worthy sages and saints.
vrm.3.30 b, a "That which is the task of ours it is accomplished by you, oh, son of Dasharatha, now that Dandaka is unimpeded these great sages will be practising their respective sacred devoirs in it.
vrm.3.33 "That indefatigable champion Rama gave security to the sages, rendered Dandaka forest safeguarded, and he put Janasthana to rout.
vrm.3.34 "Who is Rama? How brave he is? Of what mien and what calibre he is? And for what reason he entered the highly inscrutable Dandaka forest?
vrm.3.34 "Accorded is the protection to the sages, and Dandaka is made as a snuggest place for them.
vrm.3.36 "You are equally aware of the stationing fourteen thousand braving Rakshasas in Janasthana, who are the followers of the wish of Khara, who are with fiendish exploits, and who are the troublemakers to the sages of Dandaka forest or to the intruders therein, aren t you.
vrm.3.36 b, a Khara" is hewed down, Duushana is mowed down, and even Trishira is hacked down, thereof that Dandaka forest is rendered free from the fear of Rakshasas.
vrm.3.36 b, a "He who is put to flight by his infuriated father, and who came to Dandaka forest along with his wife, that ignoble Kshatriya is the slaughterer of that Rakshasa army of mine, as his lifespan is diminished.
vrm.3.36 b, a "By whom my sister is disfigured stripping off her nose and ears, that too, without any enmity but just depending upon his own brawn, I would like to inveigle such a man s nymphean wife Seetha holding sway on her in Janasthana, and in that matter I want you to be my aide in Dandaka forest.
vrm.3.37 "Discarding the kingdom and even royal comforts Rama entered Dandaka forest only to fulfil the cherish of Kaikeyi, viz.
vrm.3.38 "At one time even I was on the rove around this earth, taking pride in my valour, bearing the strength of a thousand Elephants, mountainous in my size and black cloudlike in my sheen, wearing ear knobs and a crown made out of refined gold, with a bludgeon as my weapon, and such as I was, I rambled Dandaka forest causing terror to the world, and eating the fleshes of sages.
vrm.3.38 "Then in Dandaka forest Rama twingeing his amazing bow stayed nearby the sage Vishvamitra who entered the vow of Vedic ritual.
vrm.3.38 "At that time, yet unborn are the identities of adulthood like moustache on his face, and that providential one was magnificent in looks with a peacock blue complexion, wearing a single cloth, locks of hair, and golden locket, and wielding a bow, and he was irradiating the Dandaka forest with a radiating radiance of his own, and then he appeared like the just risen baby moon.
vrm.3.39 "Though Rama hit me previously in such a way, I unabashedly entered Dandaka forest together with two more Rakshasas who were in the guise of animals.
vrm.3.39 "On becoming a gigantic carnivorous animal with a torching tongue, incisive teeth and excruciating horns, and with an extraordinary energy, I was on the rove in Dandaka forest while getting at Rama.
vrm.3.39 "I moved about Dandaka forest, oh, Ravana, in an extremely horrible aspect of animal, utterly brutalising the sages at ritual altars, holy bathing places and under the trees of religious sanctuaries while reaching Rama.
vrm.3.39 "I have proceeded to Rama killing saints in Dandaka forest who are the treaders in saintliness, and drinking off their blood and feasting on their flesh.
vrm.3.39 "On becoming such a brutal animal I have been eating the flesh of sages, frightening the forest dwellers, and in that way I rambled in Dandaka forest besotted with blood drinking while reaching Rama.
vrm.3.39 "While I was wandering in Dandaka forest as an abuser of virtue, then I reached Rama who by then has assumed the rectitude befitting to a saint, and I even reached the great fortunate Vaidehi and top speeded chariot rider Lakshmana.
vrm.3.40 "Hence, oh, gentle one, get going on a trouble free path for the easy achievement of the task, and I for myself will follow you to Dandaka forest along with the chariot.
vrm.3.42 b, a On reaching Dandaka forest along with Maricha the king of Rakshasas Ravana has then seen the hermitage of Raghava.
vrm.3.46 "Oh, auspicious lady, who are you? Whose are you? Also from where are you? And being lonely, what for you are moving in dreadful Dandaka forest that is adored by Rakshasas?" Thus Ravana spoke to Seetha.
vrm.3.47 b, a "Because Rama always abides in probity and resolutely vowed to it, he entered Dandaka forest in the aspect of a tufty haired saint along with me and his brother.
vrm.3.47 Such as we are, oh, eminent Brahman, we three are moving about the impenetrable Dandaka forest just by our own mettle as we fell down from kingdom owing to Kaikeyi.
vrm.3.47 For what reason you are wandering in Dandaka forest lonesomely?" Thus Seetha questioned Ravana.
vrm.3.52 On seeing Seetha s appropriation by an impropriate being, the dwellers in Dandaka forest cognised that Ravana s annihilation has chanced coincidentally.
vrm.3.56 "In fact, that great resplendent husband of mine, Rama, is still residing in the eremitical Dandaka forest, bravely hinging on to his own valour, in tandem only with my brother in law.
vrm.3.58 "She who has come in tow with me to Dandaka forest when I started for peregrination, whom you have now deserted and came here, oh, Lakshmana, she that Vaidehi, where is she? "When I have become forlorn with the forfeiture of my kingdom and when I was rushing for Dandaka forest she stood with me as a partaker in my woes.
vrm.3.61 While roving searchingly in Dandaka forest Lakshmana who is tormented by anguish said a sentence to his greatly resplendent brother Rama.
vrm.3.68 This bird which for years together lived fearlessly in Dandaka forest, a habitat of Rakshasas, that bird wilted to death, because of me.
vrm.4.30 "Like a female Cakravaka bird that follows rearward of her husband, that lady Seetha followed her husband, that is what I am, to the precarious forest of Dandaka, as if she is going to pleasure gardens.
vrm.4.41 "Like that Vanga, Kalinga territories shall be searched along with Kaushika territories available on their fringes, then cast about the Dandaka forest all over its mountains, rivers, and its caves, then River Godavari that courses through Dandaka forest, and then the provinces of Andhra, Pundra, Chola, Paandya, Kerala are to be searched thoroughly.
vrm.4.52 "The king of all the world and one similar to Mahendra and Rain god, such an illustrious Rama of Dasharatha entered Dandaka forest with his bother Lakshmana, even along with his wife Vaidehi, but Ravana coercively abducted his wife from Janasthana.
vrm.4.57 "Among Ikshvaku s there is a great charioteer, a king for the entire world, a peerless person, and he is the son of Dasharatha, namely Rama, and abiding by his father s directives and opting for righteous course of conduct, he moved into Dandaka forests along with his brother Lakshmana and even with his wife Vaidehi.
vrm.4.57 "Such as we were we searched Dandaka forest very meticulously, but we unwittingly entered into a wide opened Black Hole of the earth.
vrm.5.1 "The son of Dasaratha, with the name of Rama entered the forest of Dandaka together with His brother Lakshmana and wife Seetha.
vrm.5.26 "By which Rama Viradha, best among Rakshasas, has been killed in Dandaka forest in a war, why is that He not saving me?" "This city of Lanka being in the middle of ocean is difficult to be attacked.
vrm.5.31 Thereafter, hearing about the killing of Rakshasas in Janasthana, a part of Dandaka forest, in addition to killing of Khara and Dushana the Rakshasas, the enraged Ravana took away, Seetha, by deceiving Rama in creating an illusive image of deer in the forest.
vrm.5.33 While Rama of great vigour was dwelling in the forest of Dandaka, the evil minded Rakshasa, Ravana took me, Rama s wife, away.
vrm.5.51 "His eldest son named Rama, having mighty arms, a bestower of affection and our lord, by the command of his father, abiding in a righteous path, went out on exile and entered a forest called Dandaka along with Lakshmana his brother and Seetha his wife.
vrm.5.58 Becoming pale faced, I spoke the following words: Rama, the son of Dasaratha the splendid man and the tormentator of enemies, together with Lakshmana, his brother and Seetha entered the forest of Dandaka.
vrm.6.12 Seetha" the beloved wife of Rama was brought from the forest of Dandaka, the place frequented by Rakshasas.
vrm.6.79 "Since you killed my father on that day in Dandaka forest, my anger is still growing violent, when I think of you engaged in such nefarious acts".
vrm.6.79 "I killed fourteen thousand Rakshasas along with Khara your father, Trishira and even Dushana in Dandaka forest.
vrm.6.100 "I encountered with the loss of sovereignity, the dwelling in the forest, the wandering around in the woods of Dandaka and the rough treatment of Seetha by the Rakshasas.
vrm.6.107 Thought equipped with many arrows and well versed with all kinds of missiles, the valiant Rama, the augmentor of Kausalya s joy, then became thoughtful said to himself as follows: "What is the reason, these arrows by which Maricha, Khara, Dushana, Kabandha in Krauncha forest, and Viradha in Dandaka forest were killed, by which seven Sala trees and the mountains were burst, by which Vali was killed and the ocean shaken up all these arrows which provided immediate succour to me in battle, have proved of little efficacy in the case of Ravana.
vrm.6.125 With joined palms in salutation, Hanuma the son of Vayu spoke as follows to that Bharata, who knew what is right and seemed to be a second Dharma the god of virtue clothed with a body of virtue: Rama", for whom you are repenting residing as he was in the forest of Dandaka wearing the bark of trees and matted locks, has enquired about your welfare.
vrm.6.126 Rama", thereupon, entered that large, terrific and solitary forest of Dandaka, which had been trampled by Elephants and extensive with Lions, Tigers and Deers.
vrm.6.126 "The Rakshasas who were the mighty inhabitants of Dandaka forest, who were causing obstacles to the austerity of the ascetics, were killed by Rama.
vrm.7.29 Let that hero now speedily go to protect the Dandaka forest and the highly powerful Dushana shall be the commander of his forces.
vrm.7.29 Being encircled by those grim visaged Rakshasas, Khara, undaunted, speedily came to the Dandaka forest.
vrm.7.29 There he goverened without thorns and Surpanakha too also resided in the forest of Dandaka.
vrm.7.44 At the behest of his sire, the pious and the high minded Rama shall sojourn in the forest of Dandaka in the company of his brother.
vrm.7.55 Sita hath beeh born also in the holy family of the great Janaka; gentle Lakshmana, hou knowest how in the solitary forest of Dandaka, Sita was stolen away by Ravana and how have I slain him.
vrm.7.60 Formerly did Rama go through miseries, residing in the forest of Dandaka, at the command of his sire for fourteen years.
vrm.7.94 From that time it passes by the name of Dandaka forest And it is otherwise called Janasthana because the ascetics used to perform austerities there.

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