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vrm.4.43 "Under any circumstances you shall not go to the north of Kuru province as there is no other way out to follow, even for other beings like Daitya, Danava, Yaksha, Gandharva s, though they possess some extraordinary capabilities.
vrm.4.50 Tara have searched that province in southern direction that is encompassed with interlocked mountains, and during their search there they have observed a wide opened and impassable cavity known as Riksha cavity which is well guarded by a Danava called Maya.
vrm.4.51 Indra", the Administrator of Worlds and destroyer of enemy citadels, on taking His Thunderbolt eliminated Maya, when that eminent Danava was engaged with an Apsara, a paradisiacal Apsara, called Hema.
vrm.5.51 "This Sugreeva is indeed neither a Deva, nor Asura, nor human, nor Danava, nor Gandharva, nor Yaksha, nor Pannaga.
vrm.6.59 The body of Deva or Danava heroes may not be so radiant in this manner as this body of the king of Rakshasas.
vrm.7.12 Thus accosted, O Rama, by that lord of Rakshasas, that Danava and foremost of Danavas, Maya, learning that he was the son of the Maharshi,Paulastya, there desired in his heat to give away his daughter to him.
vrm.7.24 These highly powerful and high souled Danava chiefs, assuming shapes at will, have been destroyed by the glorious God.

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