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vrm.4.58 that are the eaters of leftovers like Crows and Doves, or the eaters of tree fruits like Parrots.
vrm.5.13 Or I will enter fire which is glowing after making a funeral pile or while sitting performing fasting onto death my body will be eaten by Crows and by beasts of prey.
vrm.6.10 Crows in flocks are crying cruelly from all sides and are seen in crowds assembled together on house tops.
vrm.6.17 The swift paced Sugriva, having heard the words of Vibhishana, spoke more hurriedly to Rama, in front of Lakshmana as follows: Belonging to the enemy force, here is an adversary taking us unawares, who unexpectedly has come here to slay us at the first opportunity like an owl destroying Crows! O, annihilator of enemies! You ought to be aware of the design, distribution, leading of the army and the secret service of the Vanaras and also of your foes.
vrm.6.23 Crows, Eagles and Vultures are flying low.
vrm.6.41 Crows, Eagles and Vultures are whirling round at a lower level.
vrm.6.54 Some Vanaras and Rakshasas, with their shattered heads, but bereft of arms and legs, lay on the earth bathed in blood with their bodies wounded by weapons, a prey to Herons Vultures and Crows or devoured by troops of Jackals.
vrm.6.79 "O sinful one! Today, Vultures Jackals and Crows with their sharp beaks and goad like claws will be satiated with your flesh.
vrm.6.95 Today", I shall satiate the Crows, Vultures and all those other creatures which eat the flesh, with the flesh of enemies, struck by my arrows.
vrm.6.95 Ill omened Vultures together with Crows cried out aloud.
vrm.6.99 He released sharp arrows, having the heads of Lions and Tigers, those of buzzards and Crows, even of Vultures and faloons, as well as those of Jackals and wolves, arrows with their mouths wide open, having the heads of venomous snakes with five heads, bringing fear.
vrm.6.103 Let Birds such as Crows and Vultures tear out your bowels, as Eagles would drag Serpents when you fall down dead when pierced by my arrows today.

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