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vrm.1.1 b, a "On performing hundreds of Horse Rituals and rituals wherein plenteous gold is bounteously donated, likewise on donating millions of Cows and uncountable wealth to Brahmans and scholars, that highly illustrious Rama will proceed to Brahma s abode, in future.
vrm.1.5 That Ayodhya is an impassable one for trespassers, or for others invaders, owing to her impassable and profound moats, and she is abounding with Horses, Camels, likewise with Cows and Donkeys.
vrm.1.6 None with meagre accumulations is there in that great city and no householder is there without unearned means, and without Cows, Horses, monies or cereals and who could not sustain his family.
vrm.1.14 "Let best gems, gold, or Cows or anything else that is available you may give us, what is the use of these vast expanses to us.
vrm.1.14 The king Dasharatha, the lord of people, thus requested by the scholarly Vedic Brahmans gave them millions of Cows, ten of ten million gold coins, and the silver four times thereof.
vrm.1.18 The king gave worthy gifts to eulogisers, bard singers, and panegyrists, and to Brahmans he gave funds and wealth in the form of thousands of Cows.
vrm.1.25 "She that highly atrocious one is with horrific behaviour and malefic valour, hence you shall eliminate this yakshii for the welfare of Brahmans and Cows.
vrm.1.26 "I am ready to effectuate the bidding of an inestimable sage like you, for the welfare of Cows and Brahmans, and for the advantage of this province.
vrm.1.53 Oh, godly sage, this Shabala may be given to me for a barter of a lakh, a hundred thousand, Cows.
vrm.1.53 b, a I cannot afford Shabala, neither by the barter of a hundred thousand Cows, nor by hundreds of millions of Cows, nor by lots and lots of silver, either.
vrm.1.53 I award ten million diversely coloured and differently divisionalized Cows, whichever of them will be came of age as milker, thereby, let this do all cow Shabala be given to me.
vrm.1.61 "On hearing the words of his teacher, oh, the best one among men, Rama, he that highly rule obedient king tried for a human ritual animal for a barter of thousands of Cows.
vrm.1.61 Oh, godlike sage, if you bargain your son with a hundred thousand Cows for the purpose of a ritual animal, oh, the successor Sage Bhrigu, I deem my ends are achieved.
vrm.1.61 "Oh, dextrous Rama, when that advocate of Veda s, namely Shunashepa finished his speech, then the king gave gold, silver, and gemstones, each in ten million heaps, and even a hundred thousand Cows, and oh, Rama, the legatee of Raghu, that king Ambarisha went away highly gladdened to take Shunashepa with him.
vrm.1.71 Cows, lands, grains, gold etc.
vrm.1.72 procedurally undertaken the tributary rituals, and on getting up in the next morning, he carried out the initiatory rituals of marriages, in a grand way, in which donation of Cows is a part.
vrm.1.72 That lord of people king Dasharatha has righteously donated hundred thousand Cows to Brahman s, in the name of each of his four sons.
vrm.1.72 In that cow donation ceremony intended for his sons, he that best one among men and the one who is affectionate towards his sons, Dasharatha, the legatee of Raghu s, has donated on behalf of each of his sons, four hundred thousand Cows, that are abundant milkers, and that have golden casings on their horns, and that are with their calves, and along with milking jugs made with bell metal, and he even donated very many other kinds of assets to Brahmans.
vrm.1.74 He has also given umpteen number of Cows, millions of excellent shawls and silk dresses, and Elephants, Horses, chariots, foot soldiers, besides hundreds of highly decorated girls, divine in their mien, as unexcelled chambermaids and handmaidens to the brides.
vrm.2.3 The best among women, Kausalya gave away gold, Cows and different types of diamonds to those who informed her good news.
vrm.2.14 All types of seeds, fragrant substances and precious stones of various kinds, honey, curd, clarified butter, parched grains of paddy, blades of Darbha grass, flowers, milk, eight beautiful virgins an Elephant in rut, a glorious chariot with four Horses, a special kind of sword called Nistrimsa, an excellent bow a palanquin with bearers an umbrella resembling the moon a pair of white chowries, a golden jug, a white bull with large humo on its back, an excellent lion with beautiful mane with large canine teeth, a throne, a tiger skin, fire with ignition all varieties of musical instruments,courtesans, women decked with ornaments, teachers, brahmanas, Cows, animals and Birds which are sacred, the best of citizens and men of country side, merchants along with their followers, all these and many other retainers speaking kind words, along with kings stand waiting for Rama s coronation.
vrm.2.14 A kingdom without a king is like cattle without a herdsman, army without a commander, night without the moon and Cows without a bull.
vrm.2.20 Thus, all the king consorts while weaping loudly, as Cows which lost their Calves, abused their husband
vrm.2.32 "Oh, Lakshmana the honour giver, with great arms! Satiate them with thousands of Cows, gold, silver and with gems of great value.
vrm.2.32 Gratify him with valuable gifts of great worth, with clothes, with money, with all types of small animals and with thousands of Cows.
vrm.2.32 Give a thousand Cows for use in their nourishment, Oh Lakshmana!" "Oh, Lakshmana! Many celebates wearing fillets stand near Kausalya, cause them to be given a thousand Cows each.
vrm.2.32 Thereupon, Rama replied jestingly to him as follows: By me, even one thousand Cows were not given away so far.
vrm.2.32 You will get as many Cows to such an extent as you will throw this staff.
vrm.2.32 Flying away from his hand and crossing across the Sarayu river, that staff fell close to a bull amidst a flock of Cows numbering in several thousands.
vrm.2.32 Embracing him, Rama of virtuous mind caused to be delivered to Trijata s hermitage the Cows up to that bank of Sarayu.
vrm.2.32 Thereupon, Trijata along with his wife accepted that flock of Cows and were delighted.
vrm.2.41 Thus did all the queens lament, like unto Cows deprived of their calves and in there affection cried out loudly.
vrm.2.41 Cows did not give suck to their calves.
vrm.2.43 When will those two princes with Sita merrily go round the city clockwise, giving away flowers and fruits to virgins and brahmanas? When will the pious Rama, grown ripe in intellect and shining like a god in point of age ,return to me, cherishing the world like the proportious and timely rain? Undoubtedly in some past life, through mean mindedness, Oh, valiant king, I believe that the teats of Cows were cut off by me while their calves were longing to suck them.
vrm.2.46 At a good distance from Tamasa river, whose banks were crowded with herds of Cows, Rama passed that night there with the citizens.
vrm.2.47 Having left the city thus with that hero, the conqueror of ones own self, how can we look on that city again without him? Uplifting their arms those men stricken with anguish, like Cows bereft of their calves, lamented in various ways as above.
vrm.2.49 After traveling a pretty long time from there, Rama crossed the river Gomati having beautiful waters, whose banks were adorned with Cows and which headed towards the sea.
vrm.2.50 Then Rama, a tiger among men, in his chariot, crossed Kosala territory, which was rich in grain and treasure, inhabited by men given to charity, benevolent and free from every danger, pleasing, full of temples and sacrificial stakes, adorned with gardens and mango orchards, intersected by ponds full of water, populated by contented and well nourished people, abounded in herds of Cows which deserved to be seen by all kings and which re echoed to the chanting of religious texts.
vrm.2.52 When Rama the tiger among men safely returns and regains his kingdom, I shall give away a lakh of Cows, soft clothing and food to brahmanas with intent to please you.
vrm.2.55 Having arrived at the middle of Yamuna river, Seetha offered salutation to the river and prayed as follows: Oh, goddess of Yamuna! Adieu! I am crossing you! May my husband complete his vow! When Rama safely comes back again towards the city of Ayodhya, ruled by Ikshvaku kings I shall propitiate you by offering a thousand Cows and a hundred drinking vessels.
vrm.2.64 O, son! Obtain that destiny, which is obtained by all the sages, by those who studied scriptures, by an act of austerity, by a gift of the land, by him who has maintained sacred fire, who has taken a vow of marrying a single wife, who gifts a thousand Cows, who are owed to the service of the preceptor and that which is obtained by those who have abandoned their body by journeying to himalayan mountains, or drowning themselves in water or leaping into the flames The one born in the race of sages will not obtain an unsafe destiny.
vrm.2.67 A rulerless country is like the water less rivers, like the lawn less garden and like the cowherd less Cows.
vrm.2.75 May he with whose counsel my elder brother has gone to exile, incur the sins of kicking the Cows, of personally abusing the elders and of deceiving a friend too much.
vrm.2.77 In that ceremony performed in honor of the dead king, Bharata the son of Dasaratha gave multitudes of white Goats, hundreds of Cows, servants and servant maids, vehicles and very big houses to Brahmans.
vrm.2.91 The Cows in the region were transformed into Cows of plenty and the trees dripped honey.
vrm.3.14 Rohini" gave birth to Cows, Gandharvi gave birth to Horses, Surasa gave birth to Nagaa s, while Kadru gave birth to Pannagas.
vrm.3.16 "Amply fulfilled are the desires of the villagers with the affluence of milch Cows and dairy, and the vanquishing kings are make moves for the purposes of their further vanquishes.
vrm.3.23 b, a On gathering at a place those great souls met one another and said, "let good betide Cows, Brahmans and those that are held respectful by the people at large.
vrm.3.24 "Let good betide Cows, Brahmans and those people that are abiding in all the worlds.
vrm.4.5 "By whom the ritual fire is well worshipped in Vedic rituals like rajasuuya, ashvametha, and thus Cows in hundreds and thousands are donated in those rituals, by whom this earth is ruled devoutly and truthful to his word, such Dasharathas son is this Rama, who has to come to forests owing to a woman.
vrm.4.14 b, a By that sound of Sugreeva the splendour of Cows is marred and they are running helter skelter like the well born ladies who are mishandled by invaders due to the misrule of their own king.
vrm.4.22 But when that fly jumper s brave lord Vali is killed, those fly jumpers have gone into a freneticness in that matter of Vali s killing, as with the Cows becoming frenetic when their husbanding bull is killed while moving in a great forest that is riddled with a lion.
vrm.4.28 "Adaptive are the interiors of forests for the peacocks to dance very well, adaptive are the Kadamba trees with their branches and bouquets, adaptive are the bulls with matching sensualities of Cows, and adaptive is this earth with its enrapturing crops and orchards, and all are adaptive to the season s gaiety.
vrm.4.30 "In tune with the tunes of flute the dawn time breeze is tuned up, and it is spreading to broadcast the tuneful tunes from the caves, Cows and bulls, and the sounds are as though surpassing one another.
vrm.4.34 The savants have ordained atonement for slayers of Cows, for drinkers of liquors, thus for thieves and infringers of solemnity, but no atonement is available to a treacherous person.
vrm.5.5 Spreading a great quantity of moon shine, moon looked like a bull in heat among Cows.
vrm.5.11 In the middle of that group of women, Ravana with great arms shone like a bull in the middle of Cows in a big cow pen.
vrm.6.10 Cows milk is getting curdled.
vrm.6.16 There is wealth in Cows.
vrm.6.21 The aforesaid arm whose skin had been hardened by the strokes of the bow string, off the left arm resembling a great mace and that mighty right arm that bestowed thousands of Cows in charity was used as a pillow.
vrm.6.35 Donkeys are born of Cows and Rats of Mongoose.
vrm.6.104 They became miserable and thoroughly fatigued, like the Cows lashed by heavy rain.
vrm.6.107 At that time, those Gods along with troops of sages, saying "May all be well with the Cows and Brahmanas, May all the worlds endure forever, May Rama conquer Ravana!", saw a terrific battle between Rama and Ravana, which caused one s hair to stand on end.
vrm.6.110 Even though impeded now and then by their maid servants, they were rolling in the dust of the streets, with their hair dishevelled, tormented as they were with grief like Cows that had lost their calf.
vrm.6.125 "O the gentle one! Are you a divine being or a human being, who have come here out of compassion? To you, who have given this agreeable news to me, I shall give in return, for the pleasant tidings, a hundred thousand Cows, a hundred best villages, and for wives, sixteen golden complexioned virgin girls of a good conduct, decked with ear rings, having beautiful noses and thighs, adorned with all kinds of jewels, with charming countenances as delightful as the moon and born in a noble family.
vrm.6.128 Men with grains of rice mixed with turmeric and thereby appearing gold in colour, Cows, maidens along with brahmanas having balls of sweets in their hands, walked in front of Rama.
vrm.6.128 Rama the foremost among men, first gave away to Brahmanas, a hundred thousand Horses and Cows that have lately calved as well as a hundred bulls.

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