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vrm.4.29 Thus, Sugreeva, the king of best Vanaras on assigning the set up, and ordering Niila, the Commander of Vanara Forces, that glorious Sugreeva re entered his palace chambers.
vrm.4.39 Commander Niila has then come into view with his colossal and blackish mascara mound like body encircled by ten crores of vanara s that are selfsame to their leader.
vrm.4.47 Commander Vinata, the great mighty vanara, came back after searching eastern quarter as Sugreeva had advised, but without finding Seetha there.
vrm.6.7 Oh, annihilator of enemies, Commander of Rakshasas and the Lord! You after performing a battle for a year by you mighty Rakshasas who were beyond destruction, who were valiant and who obtained boons for immortality were defeated using your own strength in combat.

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