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vrm.1.46 "On the exit of Sage Kaashyapa, oh, best one among men Rama, highly elated Diti reached the sacred place called Kushaplava, on which the present City of Vishala is now standing, and practised a highly rigorous asceticism.
vrm.1.46 Thus, Sage Vishvamitra continued narration about City of Vishala.
vrm.1.47 Thus Vishvamitra continued his narration about City Vishala.
vrm.1.50 The highly resplendent great saint Vishvamitra has informed the high souled Janaka about the coming of Rama and Lakshmana to the Hermitage of Accomplishment, their stopping over there and elimination of Rakshasas at that place, their indefatigable travel along with him, beholding City of Vishala, seeing Ahalya, her reuniting with Sage Gautama, likewise their coming hitherward to gain a grasp of great bow of Shiva.
vrm.1.66 b, a They surmised for themselves that they are brushed off by me, and they possessed by a high rancour, they strangled the City of Mithila.
vrm.2.56 Delighted and joyful to reach the lovely Chitrakuta mountain and the river Malyavati, provided with good descents and frequented by Birds and beasts, Seetha, Rama and Lakshmana shed the agony caused by their exile from the City of Ayodhya.
vrm.2.59 Nobody greeted me, entering into Ayodhya City.
vrm.2.86 "They will joyfully inhabit my father capital City, with its pleasant cross roads and meeting places, with its main roads well laid out, sumptuous with large houses and lofty mansions, with all the gems they are encrusted, with Elephants Horses and chariots that abound there, the sound of trumpets with which the city resonates, the many diversions it contains, its properous and well fed people, its luxurious gardens and parks as well as the assmeblies and festivals that continuously take place inti.
vrm.2.95 "I consider this sight of Mandakini River and of Chitrakuta, particularly at your sight, to be more delightful than dwelling in the City of Ayodhya, O, lovely woman!" Here are Siddhas, free from impurities and rich in asceticism, with their senses and mind under control, who perpetually stir the waters.
vrm.2.100 "I hope you preserve the City of Ayodhya, furnished with everything and flourishing, that was formerly inhabited by our heroic ancestors, O my dear brother, that is worthy of its name, with its fortified gates, its Elephant Horses and chariots that fill it, with its brahmins, warriors and merchants in thousands, ever engaged in their respective duties, with its noble citizens self controlled and full of energy, with its palaces in various shapes and the learned who abound there.
vrm.2.105 "Be composed, O Most eloquent of orators! Control your grief, return to the City of Ayodhya in order to obey the command of our father, the subduer of his senses.
vrm.2.113 Beholding the City of Ayodhya, which was bereft of his father and brother, Bharata tormented with grief, spoke the following words to the charioteer:
vrm.2.115 "By giving away these excellent wooden sandals, the symbols of trust, this kingdom, as well as the City of Ayodhya to Rama, I shall be washed of all my sins.
vrm.3.37 "Has this Seetha, the daughter of Janaka, taken birth to end your life, or what! And because of this Seetha will there be a great disaster, so to speak! "Egocentric and rampant, such as you are, on acquiring you as her lord, will the City of Lanka be doomed along with her Rakshasas, and you put together, or what! "Any king of your like who is with a self will, ill will, ensorcelled by evil, and malicious in intent, that king alone ruins his own city state, his own people, even himself, as a matter of actual fact.
vrm.3.54 The chief of Rakshasas Ravana captivating Maithili, who is still wailing, has crossed the Pampa region down underneath and advanced facing the City of Lanka.
vrm.5.1 Having tranersed, by the dint of his strength over the ocean which was infested with Danavas and Pannagas and endowed with series of huge waves, and alighting on the shore of the great sea, Hanuma then saw the City of Lanka having a resemblance of Amaravati, the capital City of Indra.
vrm.5.36 Rama will paralyze the imperturbable ocean with his flood of arrows and make the City of Lanka extinguished of Rakshasas.
vrm.5.37 "When will Rama reach the end of this grief any more than a thoroughly fatigued man, having suffered a ship wreck is swimming in the middle of the sea?" "When will my husband see me, after annihilation of the Rakshasas, killing of Ravana and making the City of Lanka debacled?.
vrm.5.39 "Coming together, Rama and Lakshmana the valiant and the excellent among men, can destroy the City of Lanka with their arrows.
vrm.5.42 "Here, before the eyes of all the Rakshasas, I will annihilate the City of Lanka and after offering salutation to Seetha, I will go back after fully completing my task.
vrm.5.43 Enhancing his body to a very big size by dint of his distinction, Hanuma clapped on his arms strongly, filling the City of Lanka with sound.
vrm.5.43 Here, before the eyes of all the Rakshasas, I will annihilate the City of Lanka and after offering salutation to Seetha, I will go back duly completing my task.
vrm.5.43 For this, the City of Lanka will not be there.
vrm.5.50 Ask this evil minded Vanara as to what really is his purpose in coming over to my invincible City and what pursuit he is doing this battle.
vrm.5.51 "See in the immediate future, this city of Lanka, burnt away by the effulgence of Seetha and the City too being scorched with its markets and main streets, afflicted by the wrath of Rama.
vrm.5.54 Demolishing the garden, killing the Rakshasas in battle, Hanuma of great splendour shone brightly, after burning the beautiful City of Lanka.
vrm.5.55 No place is seen unburnt in this City.
vrm.5.55 "It is just so surprising a marvel to us that the entire City with its market places, ramparts and arched door ways, was burnt, but Seetha alone was not burnt.
vrm.5.58 "After killing her and again recollecting the task to be performed quickly, I travelled for a long distance and saw the southern shore of the ocean, where that City of Lanka, adorned with its trees, was situated.
vrm.5.58 "While I was entering the City, a woman, resembling a cloud at the time of dissolution of the world, stood up in front of me, emitting a loud laughter.
vrm.5.58 she, being frightened, spoke to me as follows: "O hero! I am the personified City of Lanka.
vrm.5.58 No place is seen unburnt in this City.
vrm.5.59 I am sufficient, even alone to destroy rapidly that City of Lanka together with those troops of Rakshasas as also the mighty Ravana.
vrm.5.59 "I alone burnt and destroyed the City of Lanka.
vrm.5.67 O lady with charming hips! Killing the terrific Ravana together with his relatives in battle, Rama will certainly take you to his City of Ayodhya
vrm.6.6 Having seen the fearful and the terrible act in Lanka done by Hanuma, like Devendra the powerful King of Devas, Ravana with his face descended a little with shame, spoke to the Rakshasas as follows: By him, who was only a Vanara, the irresistible City of Lanka was entered into and was over powered.
vrm.6.6 The entire City of Lanka was made turbid.
vrm.6.6 Rama surrounded by thousands of courageous Vanaras, is coming to the City of Lanka, for the purpose of besieging us.
vrm.6.9 "Before the City of Lanka with its Elephants, Horses and many riches are shattered by arrows, let Seetha be given away to him.
vrm.6.24 The City of Lanka was constructed thick with many seven storied building and appears like a sky the abode of Vishnu covered with white clouds.
vrm.6.37 Ravana", the lord of Rakshasas always stays in the City.
vrm.6.37 "My counsellors named Anala, Panasa, Sampati and Pramati went to the City of Lanka and returned here.
vrm.6.37 "Let Hanuman that son of the Wind and of inscrutable spirit, surrounded by a multitude of Vanaras, enter the City through the western gate.
vrm.6.38 The chiefs of Vanara troops saw that beautiful City of Lanka, furnished with excellent gates, enriched with exquisitc ramparts and pervaded all over with Rakshasas.
vrm.6.39 The city of Lanka looked beautiful with its towering City gates resembling white clouds as well as with golden and silver ramparts.
vrm.6.39 A palace, duly graced with a thousand pillars, which looked like a peak of Mount Kailasa was three in the City of Lanka, which was always the City of Lanka, which was always protected by a complete army of Rakshasas.
vrm.6.39 The palace seemed to be scraping the skies and was to be seen as an ornament to the City of Ravana.
vrm.6.39 Beholding that City, which looks like heaven and crammed with huge palaces, the valiant Rama the elder brother of Lakshmana was seized with astonishment.
vrm.6.39 Rama with his great army saw that City, full of precious gems, having all kinds of facilities, adorned with rows of mansions, having excellent doors with huge mechanical appliances and with a large armed forces protecting the City.
vrm.6.57 Having reflected awhile and deliberated with his ministers, Ravana the king of Rakshasas then passed that forenoon in inspecting his defenses in the City of Lanka.
vrm.6.57 The king Ravana saw that City, guarded by groups of Rakshasas, filled with innumerable troops and decorated with banners and flags.
vrm.6.57 Within a short while, that City of Lanka was filled with those terrific Rakshasa warriors, resembling Elephants and wielding various types of weaponry.
vrm.6.60 Returning to the City of Lanka, Ravana the King of Rakshasas was afflicted with the fear of Rama s arrows, his pride was humbled and his senses troubled.
vrm.6.64 "Are you not seeing those frightened Rakshasas though highly energetic who are now staying in the City, but who were earlier conquered by Rama in Janasthana?"
vrm.6.67 Taking that Sugreeva who was throbbing, that kumbhakarna entered the City of Lanka, where he was greatly revered with showers of foremost flowers by the citizens staying in celestial cars, streets, houses and gate ways of temples.
vrm.6.71 The Rakshasa, tormented by Lakshmanas arrow, then trembled violently as when the terrific town gate of Tripura City, built of gold, silver and iron in the sky, air and earth by maya for the asuras was struck by Shivas arrow.
vrm.6.71 As their leader was dead, the Rakshasas were then frightened and becoming indifferent to fight, went running away all around, with their faces turned towards that City of Lanka.
vrm.6.72 Alas! How great is Ramas strength! How great is the power of his arrow! Some regiments of the army have to protect this City and even Ashoka garden where Seetha is being guarded, vigilantly on all sides.
vrm.6.73 With that Indrajit, having a splendour equal to that of the sun and having no warrior who can stand him as his rival, the City of Lanka shone, like the sky shining with the sun.
vrm.6.74 Confounded with panic, the City of Lanka, whose principal gates were broken, whose houses and town gates were shattered, appeared as though dancing at night.
vrm.6.74 Hearing his loud noise, roaring clamorously, the foremost of Rakshasas residing in the City of Lanka, were not able to stir anywhere.
vrm.6.75 That City of Lanka at night with its house tops being burnt ablaze with flames, looked like Kimshuka trees in full bloom.
vrm.6.75 That City burnt by the Vanaras, within a short time, became transformed like the earth burning at the time of terrific dissolution of this world.
vrm.6.75 By the arrows released from Ramas bow, the main gate of that City looking like a peak of Mount Kailasa, tumbled down, shattered, to the ground.
vrm.6.77 The sky above appeared whirled around in the toss of Nikumbha s club, as though Alaka the City with the palaces of Gandharvas performed rapid revolutions and the moon and the stars and the planets joining the rotating race.
vrm.6.81 Guessing the mind of that great souled Rama, Indrajit turning away from that battle, entered the City.
vrm.6.85 Today", the arrows released from my bow, piercing Indrajit, will drop into the City of Lanka, as swans descend into a louts pond.
vrm.6.87 Neither will this City of Lanka will exist any longer nor you nor your father.
vrm.6.90 Thus speaking, Indrajit the annihilator of enemies, having deceived the Vanaras, entered the City of Lanka for the sake of getting anther chariot.
vrm.6.90 Moving out form the City with his swift Horses, that indrajit, the destroyer of valiant enemies, attacked Lakshmana and Vibhishana.
vrm.6.93 Those surviving Rakshasas, with their Horses killed, with their chariots destroyed, with thier flag staffs broken and with broken spirits, rushed back towards the City of Lanka.
vrm.6.98 That highly profound lion s roar of the rejoiced Vanaras, by its noise, was well like the loud sound of the Gods along with Indra the lord Celestials, nay, by its vibrations breaking asunder as it were the City of Lanka with its attics and town gates.
vrm.6.111 "We felt painful, the moment Hanuma penetrated, by dint of his prowess, deep into the City of Lanka, which was difficult to be entered even for Gods.
vrm.6.111 We felt perturbed, the moment Hanuma penetrated, by dint of his prowess, deeply into the City of Lanka, which was difficult to be entered even for Gods.
vrm.6.111 Entering the City of Lanka, that Vibhishana, the lord of Rakshasas, quickly concluded the Agnihotra the act of pouring oblations into the sacred fire carried on by Ravana.
vrm.6.111 Then, all of the returned to the City.
vrm.6.111 When those women were re entering the City, Vibhishana the lord of Rakshasas on approaching Rama s vicinity then remained standing there with humility.
vrm.6.112 "O the benevolent one! Taking permission from this Vibhishana, the great king and entering into the City of Lanka, inform about our welfare to Seetha.
vrm.6.113 Thus directed by Rama, Hanuma the son of Marut, entered deeply into the City of Lanka, being respectfully received by the Rakshasas.
vrm.6.113 That Hanuma, the Vanara, known to Seetha, having entered the City of Lanka, seeking permission from Vibhishana, getting approval from him and entering Ashoka grove as per the prevailing regulation, saw at the foot of a tree, Seetha, who was bereft of freshness, looking joylessly like a frightened cow and surrounded with female Rakshasas.
vrm.6.117 Thereupon, Vaisravana, the King of Yakshas, Yama together with the Pitris, Indra the lord of Devas, Varuna the lord of waters, the illustrious Shiva having three eyes, Brahma the creator of all the worlds and the best among the knowers of sacred knowledge all these together reaching the City of Lanka in aerial cars, shining like the sun approached Rama.
vrm.6.119 "Blessed indeed are those men, who will see you returned to the City of Ayodhya and consecrated on the throne as a lord of the earth.
vrm.6.121 See how we may return to that City of Ayodhya soon.
vrm.6.121 It is indeed very difficult to travel over this path to reach Ayodhya City, so soon.
vrm.6.121 Hearing the words of Rama, Vibhishana replied O prince! I will get you t that City in a day.
vrm.6.123 O Seetha! Look at the City of Lanka, resting firmly on the mount of Trikuta, looking like a peak of Mount Kailasa and built by Viswakarma, the universal architect.
vrm.6.123 "O Seetha! Here is seen the beautiful City of Sugreeva, Kishkindha, which is full of colourful groves, where Vali was killed by me.
vrm.6.123 Seeing the City of Kishkindha, which was earlier ruled by Vali, Seetha, who was feeling timid through love, then spoke the following courteous words to Rama.
vrm.6.123 "O king! I wish to reach the capital City of Ayodhya along with you, accompanied by the wives of other Vanara chiefs with Tara and other beloved wives of Sugreeva.
vrm.6.123 "O Seetha! Here is seen that Capital City of my father.
vrm.6.123 Thereupon, all those Vanaras and the rejoiced Rakshasas along with Vibhishana, at that time, bounding again and again to have a glimpse of it saw that City.
vrm.6.123 Thereupon, the Vanaras along with the Rakshasas beheld that Ayodhya, having rows of white palaces, intersected with wide roads, and crowded with Elephants and Horses, looking like Amaravati, the City of Indra
vrm.6.124 Having offered his obeisance to Bharadwaja, who was rich in asceticism, Rama enquired of him: "Have you heard, O venerable one, of Ayodhya City having an abundance of food and free from disease? Is that Bharata attentive in his rule? I hope my mothers are still alive.
vrm.6.124 "O Rama, devoted to virtue! Even the appearance of Maricha, the abduction of Seetha by Ravana, the sight of Kabandha, your arrival at the Pampa lake, your alliance with Sugreeva, how Vali was killed by you, the search operation for Seetha, the exploit of Hanuma, the tracing of Seetha, how the bridge, Nalasetu was constructed over the sea, how the City of Lanka was set fire by the rejoiced Vanara chiefs, how that Ravana who was the thorn in the side of Gods and how was arrogant of his might, was killed in battle, with his sons kinsfolk and his ministers as the Gods happened, how a boon was conferred by them on you all this is known to me by virtue of my asceticism.
vrm.6.124 My disciples, who were accustomed to report to me the news, used to go to Ayodhya City from here.
vrm.6.126 Going still faster and ascending along with Seetha, the aerial car, Pushpaka, which was as swift as thought, the mighty Ravana the king of Rakshasas thereupon entered the City of Lanka.
vrm.6.127 "Let the streets in Ayodhya, the excellent City, be lined with flags.
vrm.6.127 The entire City of Ayodhya literally reached Nandigrama.
vrm.6.128 Ashoka, Vijaya and Siddhartha, with a great concern, discussed about Rama s advancement and the prosperity of the City.

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