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vrm.1.11 The son of the king of Anga, the earlier king of Anga kingdom, will be known as Romapada, or also know as Chitraratha, and the highly renowned king Dasharatha approaches Romapada.
vrm.2.32 "The charioteer called Chitraratha the companion of our venerable father was of very long standing.
vrm.2.37 Then, Seetha who wore silken clothing, by seeing the piece of bark intended to be worne by her, felt alarming as a deer would on seeing a snareset for entrapping Feeling abashed while taking the wearing apparel made of Kusa grass and greatly troubled in mind, Seetha who bore auspicious marks knew what is righteousness who was an illustration of righteousness spoke these words with her eyes filled with tears to her husband who looked like Chitraratha the king of Gandharvas
vrm.2.71 The pure and illustrious Bharata, who kept up his promise, crossing shatradru river at Eladhana village, reaching the region of Apara parpata, crossing a rocky hill called akurvati, seeing the villages of Agneyam and salyakartana as well as Silavaha river, crossed huge mountains and traveled towards the woods of Chitraratha.
vrm.6.125 Going quickly for a long distance, that foremost of the Vanaras reached trees in flowering, near Nandigrama and looking like those comprised in the garden of Kubera known by the name, Chitraratha and frequented by women along with their sons and elders, charmingly adorned as they were.
vrm.7.52 And Rama s Asoka forest was like unto Indra s Nandana and Kubera s Chitraratha made by Brahma.

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