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vrm.7.36 Having covered her, Chakravakas, Karandavas, swans, water Cocks and Sarasas, maddened, were emitting notes.
vrm.7.36 The charming Narmada appeared like a beautiful damsel having blossoming trees for her onaments, Chakravakas for her breast, wide spread forest for her waist, the row of swans for Mekhala, filaments of flowers for paste, watery foams for white silken cloth, the pleasure of descending into water for the pleasure of touch and full blown lotuses for white eyes.
vrm.7.52 They were beautified with Chakravakas and the banks were graced with variegated trees and flowers.
vrm.7.90 There was no moss in that deep, calm, serene and sweet water; there were lotuses and lilies and birds like Karandavas, Chakravakas and many other water fouls were playing in the waters.

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