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vrm.2.50 The river was rendered resonant by swans and cranes, was graced with cackling of Chakravaka Birds and other Birds which are in rut all through the year kept hovering on its water.
vrm.3.11 Beholding the rivers that have water Birds like Saarasa, Chakravaka that move on their sandbanks, and also the lakes that contain lotuses and water born Birds, they moved on.
vrm.3.14 b, Dhritaraashtrii" gave birth even to Chakravaka water Birds, and Shukii gave birth to a daughter Nata, and Nata s daughter is Vinata.
vrm.4.13 Those lakes are reverberant with Karandava s, Saarasa s, Swans, Vanjula s and other waterfowls, also like that with Chakravaka s and other Birds.
vrm.5.9 And of some other women, necklaces made with cat s eye gems resembled Birds called Kadambas and for some others golden chains were like Chakravaka Birds.
vrm.5.9 Those women with buttocks resembling sand dunes, shone like rivers filled with swans and Birds called Karandas and decorated by Chakravaka Birds.
vrm.5.16 With lost glory like a Lotus plant hit by snow, being tormented by a series of calamities, Seetha obtained a pitiable condition like a Chakravaka bird without a companion.
vrm.6.4 There were delightful wells with stairs and ponds in that mountain, sought after by Chakravaka Birds, frequented by Karandava Birds, crowded with water Fowls and Cranes, visited by Boars and Deer, haunted on all sides by Bears, Hyenas, Lions and many dreadful Tigers.

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