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vrm.2.91 By the command of Bharadwaja, wreaths of flowers which were beloved of the Gods or those which grow in the woods of Chaitraratha were seen at Prayaga.
vrm.5.15 Like the garden of Nandana, wonderful like Chaitraratha, a garden of Kubera, surpassing all, unfathomable, an excellent one, a beautiful one consisting of glory together with flowers like clusters of stars, like a second sky wonderful with flowers, like hundreds of diamonds, like a second ocean with flowers of all seasons, spread with trees having the smell of honey, beautiful with groups of animals of various sounds, diffused with many smells with an auspicious soul pleasing smell.
vrm.6.24 Lanka is made beautiful by the garden vying with Chaitraratha garden of Kubera, with songs of Birds of various species, with fruit bearing flowers and charms in bloom.
vrm.6.111 I, who having enjoyed myself with you in suitable aerial cars in Mount Kailasa, mount Mandara, Mount Meru and in a grove named Chaitraratha and in all celestial gardens, decked as was with lovely garlands and clad in colorful robes and invested in matchless splendour, visiting and seeing various lands of every description have now been deprived of all sense enjoyments because of your death.

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