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vrm.1.17 b, a Several of the Devas, great Sages, Gandharva s, Taarkshya s, Yaksha s, and the celebrated Uraga s, Kimpusha s, Siddha s, Vidyadhara s, Uraga s and Caarana s and even the prominent maidens of Apsara s, she Vidyadhara s, Naga, Gandharva s then gladly procreated all of the thousands of forest ranging and valiant Vanara sons from their bodies that are forest rangers.
vrm.1.45 "On eliminating the sons of Diti and on acquiring kingdom of heaven, that eliminator of enemy cities, namely Indra, happily ruled the worlds that are inclusive of sages and Caarana s.
vrm.1.49 Therefore, oh, all Gods with the assemblages of sages and Caarana s, it will be apt of you to make me virile again, as I have acted for the benefit of Devas.
vrm.1.76 Gods together with the assemblages of sages have come keeping the Grandparent Brahma at their fore, likewise the Gandharva s, Apsara s, Siddha s, Caarana s, Kinnara s, Yaksha s, sprites and reptilian beings have also come to see Rama who is now wielding the extraordinary longbow of Vishnu, and extremely amazing event that is going to ensue.
vrm.3.51 On seeing Ravana who is foundered onto earth from his crumbled vehicle, all beings like sylvan deities, Caarana s, Siddha s and suchlike, reverenced that lordly eagle Jatayu.
vrm.3.54 b, a Then the Siddha s and Caarana s available in airspace averred saying, "this alone is the end of Dasamukha Ravana.
vrm.4.40 b, a "To enjoy frolicking in that Sudarshana Lake the Gods, Caarana s, Yaksha s, Kinnara s and hosts of Apsara females will be arriving at that lotus lake gladsomely.
vrm.4.41 Important Gods, sages, Yaksha s and even Apsara s will adore it, and it is overspread with the groups of Siddha s and Caarana s, and thus it will be heart stealing for a look.
vrm.4.41 "On crossing over that isle and after a Hundred Yojana s a mountain named Pushpitaka is there in that august ocean, which is adored by the Siddha s, Caarana s.

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