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vrm.2.63 "Without my senses under control and with an intent to kill there a wild Buffalo or an Elephant or any other wild animal coming in the night at that place for the purpose of drinking water, I was ready with my bow at a solitary place.
vrm.4.11 One" named Dundubhi was there in the form of a Buffalo, whose size shone forth like Mountain Kailasa and who bears the strength of a thousand Elephants.
vrm.4.11 "That great mighty Rakshasa Dundubhi wearing the look of a Buffalo with sharp horns was awe inspiring, and like the arrival of a massive dark cloud in rainy season full with water on the edge of firmament, he arrived at the gateway of Kishkindha and bellowed clamorously like a war drum as though to quake the earth.
vrm.4.11 "Thinking thus and coming out of hermitage that celebrated sage has seen the mountainous Buffalo fallen on ground lifelessly.
vrm.4.11 "On knowing by his ascetic power that this deed is done by the Vanara, he released a great curse on him who tossed the cadaver of Buffalo.
vrm.4.11 Lakshmana", if he lifts and kicks the skeleton of this dead Buffalo by the might of his foot, and makes it fall at a distance of two hundred bow lengths, I can confide.
vrm.4.46 "When Vali repulsed the Buffalo shaped Rakshasa Dundubhi towards Malaya mountain, then that Buffalo entered the cave of Mountain Malaya, and even Vali entered therein wishing to kill that Buffalo.
vrm.4.46 "Then I concluded that my brother is unmistakably killed, and then I fixed a mountain similar boulder in the mouth of that cavity with a thinking that it will be impossible for that Buffalo to exit and it will get destroyed within that cave itself.
vrm.5.11 Hanuma saw there in that bar, meat of Deer and of Buffalo, of wild Boar kept separately.
vrm.6.59 eyes, with heads of Tigers, Buffalo mighty Elephants, deer and Horses, under an excellent white canopy with slender ribs and shining like a moon, he who is the humbler of the Gods themselves, shining like unto Rudra amidst the genii, is the suzerain Lord of Rakshasas there.
vrm.6.60 Then, the Rakshasas pointed to various kinds of victuals, Boar and Buffalo.

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