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vrm.2.41 Trishanku, Lohintanga, Brihaspati as also Budha and all other planets assumed a menacing aspect and got stayed with the moon.
vrm.3.49 b, a On saying that sentence to Maithili, who by herself is a nice talker and who is a proper one for addressing with nice words, that verily evil minded Rakshasa Ravana maddened by lust drew nigh of Seetha and grabbed her, as Budha, the Jupiter grabs the Star Rohini in firmament.
vrm.7.66 The royal saint Pururava, the king of Kasi, is the son of Budha.
vrm.7.66 Thereupon being thus placed under the influence of curse Urvasi went to Pururava, The king Pururava was the begotten son of Budha He reigned in the foremost of cities Pratishtana.
vrm.7.101 Thus roaming, Ila one day espied Budha, a bundle of rays, resembling the full moon in a picturesque pond filled with birds at some distance from the mountain.
vrm.7.101 Having compassion for all creatures Budha, at that time, was performing, hard, glorious and wished for austerities within waters.
vrm.7.101 As soon as Budha saw her he was assailed by the arrows of Kamadeva.
vrm.7.101 "With this resolution Budha got up from the waters, and repairing to his hermitage, sent for the fair ones.
vrm.7.101 Thereupon the virtuous souled Budha accosted them saying "Whose daughter is this graceful girl amongst you and for what she has come here ?Do not delay tell me soon.
vrm.7.101 Hearing those plain words, Budha thought of the learning by which one can perceive everything.
vrm.7.101 According to the words of Budha they lived in that mountain as Kimpurushas.
vrm.7.102 "Beholding the Kinnaris repairing to a distance, Budha the foremost of ascetics, smilling said, to the beautiful Ila: O thou of a graceful presence, I am the most favourite son of the moon; O fair one, do thou, with delight, cast looks upon me.
vrm.7.102 Hearing the words of the highly effulgent and beautiful Budha in the picturesque forest land divested of men and animals, Ila said "O gentle one, I am not subject to any body; I surrender myself unto thee out of my own accord.
vrm.7.102 And living in the company of Ila; having a graceful countenance, Budha, possessed by desire, spent the entire month of Madhu like a moment.
vrm.7.102 Thereupon after the expiry of a month, the graceful king Ila, son of the pariarch, awoke from sleep and beholding Budha, the son of Soma, engaged in austerities with uplifted hands in the midst of waters, said O illustrious Sir, with my followers I entered this dense forest I do not see them now anywhere.
vrm.7.102 Where have they gone ?"Hearing the words of the royal saint, who had lost all recollection, Budha, with sweet words consoled him and said "All thy followers have been destroyed by a downpour of huge rocks ;thyself, being afraid of the storm, was also asleep in the hermitage.
vrm.7.102 Heaing those wonderful words of the king Ila, Budha consoling him, said "Do thou wait here.
vrm.7.102 Hearing the words of Budha, of unwearied actions, the king Ila desired to live there.
vrm.7.102 Thereupon in the ninth month, Ila, having a beautiful waist, gave bith to a highly effulgent son, under the name of Pururava, born of the loins of Budha, and equally graceful like him.
vrm.7.102 And she handed over the highly powerful son unto his father Budha.
vrm.7.102 Thereupon after a year Ila having regained the male form, Budha by mean: of various words aforded delight unto him.
vrm.7.103 Hearing their sweet words Rama again began with the story of Kardama s son and said "In turn, the heroic Ila, having regained his manhood, the highly illustrious and intelligent Budha, well informed of birth and well skilled in the art of speech, sent for the highly liberal Samvarta, Bhrigu s son Chyavana, Aristanemi, the foremost of Munis, Durvasa, capable of affording delight, and other friends gifted with patience and said "Ye all know well, how this mighty armed Ila, Kardama s son, attained to this peculiar condition.
vrm.7.103 Thereupon in the vicinity of Budha s hermitage that mighty sacrifice was celebrated.

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