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vrm.1.17 Brihaspati, the Jupiter, gave rise to a great Vanara named Tara, who is the most important one among all vanara s, and who excels all by his intelligence.
vrm.2.1 By patience and the related virtues, he was equal to earth, by wisdom to Brihaspati and by valor to Devendra.
vrm.2.1 Rama" is equal to Yama and Devendra in valor, to Brihaspati in wisdom and to a mountain in courage.
vrm.2.2 "He is equal to moon in making the people happy equal to the earth in the quality of forgiveness equal to Brihaspati in wisdom and verily to Devendra in valour.
vrm.2.2 He is an orator like Brihaspati by his replies and rejoinders.
vrm.2.5 He walked up the royal palace, which was akin to the top of a mountain enclosed by a white cloud and met king Dasaratha in the manner Brihaspati met Devendra.
vrm.2.25 "May Veda, the Smriti texts taken as one body, the resolution and the piety protect you, my son! May lord Skanda and the moon god along with the sage Brihaspati, the well known seven sages as well as Sage Narada guard you on all sides.
vrm.2.26 Oh Rama! It is indeed told by learned brahmanas that today s constellation Pushya which is presided by sage Brihaspati which is propitions, is suitable for coronation.
vrm.2.41 Trishanku, Lohintanga, Brihaspati as also Budha and all other planets assumed a menacing aspect and got stayed with the moon.
vrm.2.104 Then, Rama holding the feet of that priest, who was equal of Agni the fire and endowed with very great splendour, even as Indra would clasp the feet of Brihaspati, sat down by his side.
vrm.4.31 Lakshmana the non defying adherer of Rama, a coequal of Brihaspati Jupiter, in intelligence, then mulled over the exact words of Rama to be spoken to Sugreeva, possible reply of Sugreeva on them, and his own sensible counter reply to them, enwrapped as he is in a furious fire fired up by the desire of Rama for Seetha, proceeded to Sugreeva s palace like an embittered whirlwind aided and abetted by a furious fire.
vrm.4.54 Angada who is steadily brimming over with his spiritedness, mightiness, valorousness, and waxing like the moon starting from day one of White Fortnight of a month, who is comparable to Brihaspati, the Jupiter, in sagacity, who mirrors up his father Vali in intrepidity, but who is now assiduously attentive to the rebellious teachings of Lt.
vrm.5.32 for what reason?" "My salutation to Brihaspati the Lord of eloquence, together with Indra the wielder of a thunderbolt, to Brahma the self existent Lord and to the Lord of Fire eating the oblations! Let whatever words spoken by this Vanara be true! Let them not be untrue!"
vrm.5.34 Like Lord Brihaspati, he has a sweet voice.
vrm.5.35 He is equal to the sun in splendour, earth in endurance, Brihaspati in intelligence and Indra in fame.
vrm.6.15 Carefully hearing the words of Vibhishana, whose intellect was equal to that of Brihaspati the high spirited Indrajit, the chief of army of Rakshasas spoke as follows:
vrm.6.17 Even Brihaspati, while talking cannot excel you, who are possessing an exalted intellect.
vrm.6.30 Another one is the son of the teacher Brihaspati of Indra, called Kesari by whose son Hanuman the Rakshasas were destroyed.
vrm.6.50 "To those Devas who were wounded, unconscious and almost deprived of life, Brihaspati treated them by the aid of herbs accompanied by his spells of sacred formulas.
vrm.6.127 Affectionately pressing the feet of Vasishta, his well wisher and family priest, even as Indra would press the feet of Brihaspati, the valiant Rama sat by his side, on a separate seat.
vrm.7.17 For whom dost thou put thyself to trouble Thus accosted by Ravana, that illustious girl, having asceticism for wealth, having received him hospitably in due form, said, My sire is named Kusadwaja a Brahmarshi of immeasurable energy, son unto Brihaspati, endowed with grace, and like unto Brihaspati himself in intelligence.
vrm.7.18 And a righteous Brahmarshi named Samvatta, the very brother of Brihaspati, officiated at the sacrifice accompanied by the Devas.
vrm.7.38 Like, unto Brihaspati preceeding Purandara, the royal prests went before him carrying, Maduparka and water to wash feet.
vrm.7.47 In prowess thou art like Vishnu,in beauty thou art like two Aswins, in intellect thou art like Brihaspati and in the capacity of governing thou art like the Patriarch Brahma.
vrm.7.72 O thou of great effulgence, thou art gifted with intelligence and learning more than Brihaspati and Sukracharya.
vrm.7.92 O Rama, like unto Mahendra governing his kingdom of heaven under the guidance of Brihaspati, the preceptor of Devas, Danda, the grand son of Manu, governed his own kingdom with the help of Usanas.
vrm.7.113 Hearing of the arival of the great saint Gargya with above valuable presents sent by his material uncle Yudhajit, the intelligent Rama, with his brothers, proceeded about a Krosa to receive him and adored him particularly likely unto the lord of Devas honoring Brihaspati.

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