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vrm.2.64 O, king! Since the sage was killed by you, belonging to the warrior class, through ignorance, the son of killing a Brahmin will not take possession of you.
vrm.7.31 In virtue he is like unto a Brahmin, in prowess he equals a Kshatriya, in anger he is very fire and in patience he is like the earth.
vrm.7.67 "O foremsot of Raghus, there spang up two foremost Brahmin saints, from the vital energy discharged by the high souled Mitra and Varuna into the pot.
vrm.7.89 The Brahmin boy shall immediately gain back his life and be united with his father, mother and friends.
vrm.7.113 Once upon a time Yudhajit, the king of Kekaya, sent into the high souled Rama, Gargya son of his own preceptor Angiras a Brahmin saint of unmitigated prowess; and with him he sent, as tokens of affections, gifts of Ten Thousand horses, numberless Blankets, various jewels, diverse clothes and well washed coverlets.

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