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vrm.3.5 He that meritorious and best Brahman Sharabhanga has seen Brahma in Brahmas abode, and Brahma too, on seeing that Brahman happily spoke to him.
vrm.6.15 Who can endure the arrows, discharged by Rama in battle right in front of the enemy, which resemble Brahmas creators staff in glory, which present a form similar to that of God of Death and are equal to the Yamas staff? O, king! Offering riches, precious stones, good jewellery, excellent clothes, bright colored gems and the god like Sita to Rama, let us live here, free from anguish.
vrm.6.28 Nearby is a warrior, dark of hue with eyes like lotuses, a chief warrior among Ikshvakus, his heroism is well known in the world, his sense of duty never wavers, nor does he ever transgress the righteousness, he knows to loose Brahmas weapon and is conversant with Veda, he is the most learned of the Vedic scholars, he shatters the firmament with his arrows, and rends even the earth, his anger is akin to that of Death, his valour equal to that of Indra his consort is Seetha who was taken away by you from a place called Janasthana, he is Rama who has come to wage war on you, O king! This man, having the radiance of pure gold, with a broad chest, having red eyes, with black and curled hair, standing at the right side of Rama, he is called Lakshmana, who is interested in the care and welfare of his brother, skilled in leadership of combat and excellent among the wielders of all weapons.
vrm.6.74 He saw the abode of Brahma the lord of creation, Kailasa the abode of Shiva the lord of dissolution, the abode of Indra the arrow discharging place of Rudra, the worshipping place of Hayagriva, the shining place at which Brahmas head fell down, the sun god and Kimkaras.
vrm.7.111 The highsouled and the highly effulgent ascetics, living in Brahma s region, who were present in the assembly, obtaining Brahmas permission, waited there, to hear Ramas future carreer in the Uttarakandam.
vrm.7.111 Hearing the words of the great Patriarch instinct with well being, the highly effulgent Rama said to Valmiki: O illustrious sir, the Rishis living in Brahmas region have grown desirous of hearing my future history.

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