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vrm.7.2 Formerly in the Krita age, O Rama, there was a Brahmarshi lord of creatures son unto Prajapati, and like unto the very self of the great father.
vrm.7.9 Yet, O Brahmarshi, know me as having come here at the mandate of my sire.
vrm.7.17 For whom dost thou put thyself to trouble Thus accosted by Ravana, that illustious girl, having asceticism for wealth, having received him hospitably in due form, said, My sire is named Kusadwaja a Brahmarshi of immeasurable energy, son unto Brihaspati, endowed with grace, and like unto Brihaspati himself in intelligence.
vrm.7.18 And a righteous Brahmarshi named Samvatta, the very brother of Brihaspati, officiated at the sacrifice accompanied by the Devas.
vrm.7.113 Saying this he looked towards Bharata and delightedly and with folded hands said to the Rishi "O Brahmarshi, these two princes are Bharata s sons and their names are Taksha and Pushkala.
vrm.7.113 Having thus said to the Brahmarshi, Rama commanded Bharata and welcomed the two princes.

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