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vrm.1.1 b, a "On Dasharatha s departure to heavens, though Sage Vashishta and other Brahmans have impressed upon him for his investiture in kingship, and even though he is highly effectual to rule such a kingdom, he that Bharata refused the kingdom, and that self denying Bharata, for he is aloft the greed, grouse, and gripe, went to forests to pray for mercy at the feet of Rama.
vrm.1.1 b, a "On performing hundreds of Horse Rituals and rituals wherein plenteous gold is bounteously donated, likewise on donating millions of Cows and uncountable wealth to Brahmans and scholars, that highly illustrious Rama will proceed to Brahma s abode, in future.
vrm.1.6 The sense controlled scholarly Vedic Brahmans are always engaged in their rituals, and they donate the education of Vedas to their students, as well practice their own, and while receiving donations they are principle minded.
vrm.1.6 The warrior class Kshatriya s is turned towards the Brahmans, the scholarly class, for intellectual and religious support.
vrm.1.7 Suyajna, Jabali, Kaashyapa, Gautama, Markandeya, Deerghaayu, and then Kaatyayana are the scholarly Brahmans acting as religious ministers, and along with them there are also Brahmarshis who are always the ancestral ritual scholars for Dasharathas family.
vrm.1.8 Then King Dasharatha is gladdened on hearing the sayings of those Brahmans.
vrm.1.9 "In the world he becomes famous for his celibacy, oh king, and he will always be praised by Brahmans, and thus time will pass on with that kind of his conduct, Sage Rishyasringa looses no time with his servitor ship to the Sacrificial Fire and also to his celebrated father, and during this period alone there will be a famed and very strong king Romapada, a valiant in Anga country.
vrm.1.9 "While the famine is besetting that king Romapada will be afflicted with grim, and on summoning Brahmans and learned scholars he will address them.
vrm.1.9 b, a Thus said by king those scholarly Brahmans and Vedic scholars will say to the king, oh, king, son of Sage Vibhandaka, namely Rishyasringa, is to be fetched by all methods.
vrm.1.12 Then King Dasharatha said to his best minister Sumantra, "Let the Vedic scholars and ritual conductors like Sages Suyajna, Vamadeva, Jabali, and Kaashyapa, along with the family priest Vashishta, as well as other Vedic Brahmans that are there, they all be invited swiftly.
vrm.1.12 Then all the Brahmans applauded the virtuous king and who is like a Sacred Bull among the kings for his virtuous endeavour of undertaking the Vedic ritual, and with his permission all of them returned from there as they have come.
vrm.1.12 On the departure of the prominent Brahmans, King Dasharatha sent off those ministers who are still available there for further orders from the king, and then he the great resplendent king has entered his own palace.
vrm.1.13 "Like that, for accommodating Brahmans hundreds of sanctified houses be built, well endowed and well established with very many eatables, foods, and potables.
vrm.1.13 "Then on calling for Sumantra, Sage Vashishta said these words to him, "Let all those kings of the earth that are righteous be invited, and let all the people from all the kingdoms, say Brahmans, Kshatriya s, Vyasya s, Shudra s be invited in scores duly honouring them.
vrm.1.13 Then Sage Vashishta and other eminent Brahmans keeping the Sage Rishyasringa ahead of them entered the ritual hall, to commence the ritual works thus.
vrm.1.14 Keeping Rishyasringa at the helm of affairs those eminent Brahmans commenced, Ashvamedha, the Horse ritual of that noble souled Dasharatha.
vrm.1.14 On performing Pravargya ritual as per scriptures, like that Upasada ritual too, those Brahmans have customarily performed all of those other rituals incidental to the main one scripturally.
vrm.1.14 Like that those proficient Brahmans have also performed the third Savana ritual of that great exalted soul Dasharatha according to the viewpoint of scriptures.
vrm.1.14 Given anytime the Brahmans, servants, sages, and pilgrims are fed with food for their arrival at the place of boarding is unpredictable, and that arrival is dependent on their duties for Brahmans, and by their masters for servants, and for pilgrims that do not have a particular time of arrival or departure.
vrm.1.14 "The eminent Brahmans have appreciated the food that is prepared by perfect cooking to be relishable, and it is heard as they said, "oh, Raghava, blessed are you for we are satisfied.
vrm.1.14 Well decorated men have served food to Brahmans, while others who wore gem studded and lustrous earrings have helped them.
vrm.1.14 Those eminent Brahmans that are good debaters have debated many intellectual debates to defeat each other, during the gap periods of ritual works.
vrm.1.14 Day by day those expert Brahmans have performed all ritual works as encouraged by Vashishta, and others and as contained in scriptures.
vrm.1.14 There is no scholar without the knowledge of the six branches of Vedas, none who is an unavowed scholar, none who heard learnt less scriptures, and none among the members of the ritual of that king Dasharatha is an inexpert in debating, thus all are scholarly Brahmans.
vrm.1.14 The Brahmans who are experts in the architecture of laying Fire Altar, by calculating the ritual field with a one ply rope and decide where and how the that shall be, the Altar of Fire is layered well with bricks in that ritual.
vrm.1.14 That Altar of Fire of that King, the Lion, is layered by expert Brahmans in the shape of an eagle with golden wings, with its size being three folds bigger than the altars of other rituals, thus it has eighteen separators, and fire is laid on it.
vrm.1.14 The king Dasharatha, the lord of people, thus requested by the scholarly Vedic Brahmans gave them millions of Cows, ten of ten million gold coins, and the silver four times thereof.
vrm.1.14 b, a Then all of those Brahmans are well satisfied at heart and distributed among themselves the wealth passed on by Rishyasringa and Vashishta, and then they said, "We are highly gladdened.
vrm.1.14 a, a Then to the other Brahmans who arrived there to see the ritual, King Dasharatha sincerly donated ten million gold coins.
vrm.1.14 a, a While those Brahmans are becoming happy then that king and the patron of Brahmans venerated them dutifully with his senses fluttering with happiness.
vrm.1.14 b, a Then that benevolent and valiant King Dasharatha prostrated on ground venerating the Brahmans, and the Brahmans too chanted various blessing hymns on that prostrating king.
vrm.1.15 "That invincible one is further self conceited by the boons you have accorded, and he is overbearingly torturing the Sages, Yaksha s, Gandharva s, Asura s, and like that even the Brahmans.
vrm.1.18 The king gave worthy gifts to eulogisers, bard singers, and panegyrists, and to Brahmans he gave funds and wealth in the form of thousands of Cows.
vrm.1.18 Elapsed are eleven days and the naming ceremony is performed, then Vashishta, the chief priest, named the high souled elder one as Rama, Kaikeyi s son as Bharata, and one son of Sumitra as Lakshmana and the other as Shatrughna The king feasted Brahmans, urbanites and villagers and he gifted many
vrm.1.18 valuable gems to Brahmans in an unlimited way, and all the rituals of birth and ceremonies sequel to it like naming ceremony, first food feeding ceremony, first hair removal ceremony, and sacred thread ceremony are performed in respect of the princes.
vrm.1.25 "She that highly atrocious one is with horrific behaviour and malefic valour, hence you shall eliminate this yakshii for the welfare of Brahmans and Cows.
vrm.1.26 "I am ready to effectuate the bidding of an inestimable sage like you, for the welfare of Cows and Brahmans, and for the advantage of this province.
vrm.1.28 "Oh, great saint, where are those murderers of Brahmans? Oh, venerable one, at which place those evil minded sinners and evildoers will be coming to hinder your ritual? And where, oh, Brahman, I have to safeguard your ritual ceremonies, and Rakshasas too are to be eliminated? Oh, eminent sage, what is that place? I would like to hear all of it.
vrm.1.44 "This legend is conducive to achieve prosperity, fame, longevity, progeny and even heaven, and he who narrates this legend to others, whether he is from Brahmans or from Kshatriya s, or for that matter of fact from any other class, his Pitris will be satisfied, and Gods too will be gladdened.
vrm.1.50 "Oh, highly fortunate sage, this place abounds with many thousands of Brahmans who are experts in Vedic practises and who seem to be the dwellers of numerous provinces, and also discernable are the cottages of sages rife with hundreds of carts full with their ceremonial chattels, as such oh, Brahman, a campsite may be decided for us too, as I discern every inch is inhabited.
vrm.1.57 b, With reverence I truckle before you all Brahmans who are abiding in ascesis.
vrm.1.57 b, Oh, ascetically wealthy Brahmans, as I am repudiated by Vashishta, I do not perceive another recourse excepting you, who are all the sons of mentor Vashishta.
vrm.1.59 On listening your word all the Brahmans from all provinces have started to come and some have already come, leaving alone Mahodaya, the son of Vashishta.
vrm.1.59 b, a Though the Brahmans or the high souled sages are now embarrassed by Vishvamitra, how can they go to heaven even after their demise, partaking of the food of a profaner? b, a
vrm.1.69 let these Brahmans travel in forefront.
vrm.1.69 a "Providentially bechanced is the arrival of this great resplendent and godly sage Vashishta, who arrived here with all of these eminent Brahmans, like Indra himself with all Gods.
vrm.1.72 In that cow donation ceremony intended for his sons, he that best one among men and the one who is affectionate towards his sons, Dasharatha, the legatee of Raghu s, has donated on behalf of each of his sons, four hundred thousand Cows, that are abundant milkers, and that have golden casings on their horns, and that are with their calves, and along with milking jugs made with bell metal, and he even donated very many other kinds of assets to Brahmans.
vrm.1.74 those Brahmans talked among themselves.
vrm.2.2 "I desire to take rest, entrusting the rule to my son for the benefit of the people, after obtaining consent from all those best Brahmans who are close to me.
vrm.2.2 After understanding the opinion of King Dasaratha, who knew the holy and worldly matters, the Brahmans, important people, urban and rural citizens came to a consensus after discussing together and told the aged king as follows.
vrm.2.2 He worships aged Brahmans endued with the knowledge of various sciences.
vrm.2.2 Rama" was trained in all matters from the best of Brahmans skilled in the art of righteousness and in the science of political economy.
vrm.2.3 King Dasaratha, thus duly returning the honor done by them, spoke while they were listening, to Vasishta, Vamadeva and other Brahmans as follows:
vrm.2.3 Vasishta, the best of Brahmans, hearing the words of king Dasaratha, ordered the officers who stood there with folded hands before the king, as follows: "Gather the following in the sacred fire house of the king at dawn: gold and the like, diamonds, things needed to perform worship, various herbs, white floral garlands, corn, honey and clarified butter in separate vessels, new clothes, chariot, all weapons, the four divisions of army, an Elephant with auspicious signs, white fan, flag staff, white umbrella, one hundred golden pots with brilliant shine, bull with gilded horns and a complete tiger skin".
vrm.2.3 "Let fine rice of good quality with milk and yogurt, fully sufficient for one hundred thousand Brahmans be arranged.
vrm.2.3 "Let that rice be given with due respect to important Brahmans tomorrow at dawn along with clarified butter, yogurt, corn, and lot of gifts.
vrm.2.4 to my Ancestors by begetting you, to the Brahmans by giving away donations and food and to myself by enjoying all comforts as I desired.
vrm.2.6 By wearing pure silk clothes, he got valedictory text recited by Brahmans.
vrm.2.7 Brahmans with flowers and sweets in their hands were chanting Mantras.
vrm.2.8 Brahmans are going to anoint her son for the great princely kingdom tomorrow on the day of Pushyami star".
vrm.2.67 Markandeya, Moudgalya, Vamadeva, Kasyapa,Katyayana, Goutama and the greatly famous Jabali all these Brahmans together with the ministers turned towards the excellent royal priest Vasishta and one by one spoke as follows: King Dasaratha having obtained death due to grief born of separation from his sons Rama and Lakshmana, the night which burdened like a hundred years, has passed over with great difficulty.
vrm.2.67 In a rulerless land, Brahmans who obtained wealth and sacrificers in great sacrificial rites do not bestow proper gifts In a ruler less territory, festivals and gatherings exalting the kingdom in which actors, and dancers exhibit their talents are not frequently arranged In a ruler less land, litigants do not get their disputes settled and persons who have a knack for narrating stories do not gratify story lovers with their tales.
vrm.2.68 Hearing their words, Vasistha replied thus to that group of friends as well as ministers and to all the Brahmans assembled there: Bharata, who was given kingdom by Dasaratha is staying very happily in his maternal uncles home, along with Satrughna.
vrm.2.68 Seeing Brahmans skilled in Vedas who survived by only drinking water through hollows of their palms, they proceeded through Bahlika kingdom towards a mountain called Sudama.
vrm.2.77 On the occasion of Shraddha rites, Bharata gave precious stones, money, a lot of cooked rice, very valuable clothes and various other kinds of presents to Brahmans.
vrm.2.77 In that ceremony performed in honor of the dead king, Bharata the son of Dasaratha gave multitudes of white Goats, hundreds of Cows, servants and servant maids, vehicles and very big houses to Brahmans.
vrm.3.1 That glorious and great resplendent Rama on seeing those precincts of hermitage that is graced with highly blest Brahmans, the knowers of Brahma, neared it, unstringing the bowstring of his great bow.
vrm.3.6 "O, Rama, though you are there as protector for the hermitages, suchlike this one, where the most reverent Brahmans are there numerously, they look as though forsaken, for they are being demolished by Rakshasas, devastatingly.
vrm.3.7 Rama, the enemy scorcher, has gone towards the threshold of the hermitage of Sage Suteekshna along with his brother Lakshmana and Seetha, also along with those Brahmans who accompanied him all the way.
vrm.3.10 "The sages dwelling in Dandaka forest are being eaten away by fiendish Rakshasas that subsist on human flesh, and while being eaten away like that those eminent Brahmans have said to me, "please come to our rescue.
vrm.3.10 by which reason I am being addressed this way by this kind of eminent Brahmans, whom I should have actually addressed my self, this indeed is a dishonour for me.
vrm.3.10 b, a "Then I said before the Brahmans, "what shall I do?" All of them thus thronged and spoke this word.
vrm.3.10 "I may forfeit my life, forgo Lakshmana, or even forsake you but not a promise, that too especially made to Brahmans, and having promised I can never go back.
vrm.3.11 On performing bathing in sacred streams the Brahmans are making flower offerings to Gods, called puSpa bali, with the flowers that are personally collected by them.
vrm.3.11 Disguising in Bhraman s semblance and speaking sophisticatedly that Ilvala used to invite Brahmans for the purpose of obsequial ceremonies, where Brahman are fed after usual ceremony to appeases their Pitris.
vrm.3.11 Then Ilvala used to make his brother Vaataapi into a ram, perfect that ram s meat into deliciously cooked food, and used to feed Brahmans according to obsequial rites and deeds.
vrm.3.11 When those Brahmans are surfeited with that ram s meat, then Ilvala used to shout loudly, oh, Vaataapi, you may come out.
vrm.3.11 quot Then on listening his brother s words Vaataapi used to lunge out bleating like a ram, tearing and rending the bodies of those Brahmans.
vrm.3.11 This way they the guise changing Rakshasas always ruined thousands of Brahmans together, greedy for raw flesh as they are.
vrm.3.11 This hermitage embellishing with lake and woods belongs to the brother of Sage Agastya who has done this impossible deed just by his compassion towards Brahmans.
vrm.3.20 On hearing that sentence of Rama they the fourteen ghoulish Rakshasas who are the slayers of Brahmans and handlers of spears have become highly infuriated, and they with their bloodshot eyes and with harsh words said these words to Rama, whose eyes are with blood streaks at their ends, and who also is a sweet talker, and whose valour is yet unseen by those fourteen Rakshasas.
vrm.3.23 b, a On gathering at a place those great souls met one another and said, "let good betide Cows, Brahmans and those that are held respectful by the people at large.
vrm.3.24 "Let good betide Cows, Brahmans and those people that are abiding in all the worlds.
vrm.3.24 b, Thus the assemblages of kingly sages, Siddha s and the eminent Brahmans, along with Gods that are staying in their Aircrafts, tarried there in the firmament peering inquisitively at Rama.
vrm.3.30 "You are atrocious in conduct because you countervail against Veda s, debased by conscience because you counteract to Vedic rituals, and you are countermanding Vedic procedures because you have always been bothersome to Brahmans, and those Brahmans becoming sceptical of your deeds of hindrance, they are hesitatingly consigning oblations into Ritual Fire, which are to be swiftly dropped into fire to the chants of hymns and even on time, hence you are countervailing against Veda s and counteracting to their rituals, and countermanding their procedures.
vrm.3.32 He who is an extreme ultraist that expropriates the Soma juice oblation form the vessels of oblation in Vedic rituals, which Soma juice oblation is blest with Vedic hymns and kept separately by Vedic Brahmans, since it is intended and shall belong to Indra and other divinities, and she saw such a plunderer.
vrm.3.32 b, a He who is such an embezzler of the Vedic rituals at the time of their culmination, a malicious one, and one with cruel acts, a hinderer of Vedic rituals, or, the slayer of those Brahmans that conduct Vedic rituals contrary to his wishes, and one who is heartless and a rampant Rakshasa, who is a delighter in the iniquity to the people, at him Shuurpanakha saw.
vrm.3.43 Rakshasa" Vaataapi who held ascetics in contempt was here earlier, and staying in the stomachs of Brahmans he used to come out by ripping their stomachs open and thus he was killing Brahmans, like a mare calf killing its own mother at its time of birth by ripping the womb of its own mother.
vrm.3.43 Oh, Vaataapi, you have irreverently eradicated the best Brahmans in this world owing to your might, therefore I have assimilated you.
vrm.3.68 Rama immediately chanted Vedic hymns that are employed in such funerals of one s own paternal people, as Brahmans say that those hymns are employable in such rites as they lead the soul of the departed to heaven.
vrm.4.17 a kind of wild rodent, a kind of wild boar, a kind of lizard, a hare and fifthly the turtle are edible for Brahmans and Kshatriya s.
vrm.4.26 b, They the Vanara s have then started to anoint that best Vanara Sugreeva according to the tradition, having appeased the eminent Brahmans with jewels, garments and delicacies.
vrm.4.62 That deed aimed at the wellbeing of both those princes, Rama and Lakshmana, and of Brahmans, teaches, sages and also of Indra is to be done by you alone, isn t it! Even I wish to see those brothers, Rama and Lakshmana, but I do not wish to bear lives prolongedly, hence I castaway my mortal body.
vrm.6.35 Having purified their minds through penance, they are intent on promotion of righteousness, in as much as these Brahmans worship the Gods through different principal sacrifices, also pour oblations into the sacred fires with due ceremony and read the Vedas Sacred texts in a loud voice.
vrm.6.125 Brahmans Kshatriyas, Vaisyas and Shudras from all peril and attended by the upright ministers, priests and by clever troop commanders, all clad in saffron robes.
vrm.7.20 And the exceedingly energetic Narada best of Brahmans resembling a smokeless fire, remaining rapt for a while, began to reflect; How can Ravana conquer Time who, when its life waneth, righteously visiteth with affliction the time, sphere with Indra, fraught with mobile and immobile.
vrm.7.24 He is gifted with many qualities, resplendent like unto Yama with mace in iis hand or the newly risen sun and incapable of being defeated in conflict, impetuous, invincible, victorious, powerful, a veritable ocean of accomplishments, sweet speeched, supporter of the dependants, fond of preceptor and Brahmans, always waiting for opportune hours, gifted with high powers, truthful, of a handsome person, skilful, gifted with all accomplishments, heroic and engaged in the study of the Vedas.
vrm.7.27 Those two Brahmans having departed, Ravana, the lord of Rakshasas, proceeded, at first, by the aerial way, ten thousand leagues.
vrm.7.64 May I ask thee, O foremost of men, what did that King say unto the Brahmans when he was thus imprecated?" Whereto Rama replied saying: "O gentle one, hear, what the king Nriga said when imprecated.
vrm.7.64 Living therein I shall waste the curse of the Brahmans.
vrm.7.65 On theother hand having united all the Brahmans the great king began to celebrate the sacrifice extending over fivethousand years near his city by the side of the Himalaya.
vrm.7.71 He, whom thou wishest to take to hell with her son, beasts and fiends, should be engaged in the serving the Brahmans and kine.
vrm.7.82 O thou of a vicious soul, as did the Devas behold Ravana slain so shall the Rishis and learned Brahmans behold thee, destroyed by me.
vrm.7.87 O king, in the golden age, only the Brahmans used to engage in asceticism.
vrm.7.87 And for this, the Brahmans were the highest caste, effulgent in asceticism, shorn of ignorance, above death and conversant with three ages.
vrm.7.94 Having accepted adoration in the shape of Vedic hymns chanted by Brahmans, well versed in Vedas, the illustrious Aditya is about to be set.
vrm.7.109 Besides thousands and thousands of Kshatriyas Vaisyas, Sudras and Brahmans of firm penances, also hailed there from various parts to witness Sita s trial.

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