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vrm.1.12 Then bowing his head before that Brahmana sage Rishyasringa whose is glow is like that of a deity, King Dasharatha verily beseeched that sage to conduct Vedic ritual on his behalf as he wished to beget progeny to maintaining his family line.
vrm.1.12 Then "Splendid, splendid is this idea," said the Brahmana scholars blessing the king.
vrm.1.14 The Horse Ritual is to be performed for three days as laid down in Kalpasutra s, the rules governing such rituals, and by Brahmana s, the penultimate parts of Veda s, and the one performed on the first day is called Chatuhstoma ritual.
vrm.2.21 One" who follows righteousness, does not waste his promise given to one s father or mother or Brahmana.
vrm.2.63 Let the torment in your heart, caused by the thought of your having killed Brahmana be removed.
vrm.2.63 O, king the ruler of the country! I am not a Brahmana.
vrm.2.67 O, the excellent Brahmana! After renewing the circumstances here and seeing that the kingdom is becoming a jungle without a king, you yourself anoint a youth born in Ikshvaku race or anyone here as a king.
vrm.2.72 Hearing these words, Bharata being aware of the glory of his race, doubted and fearedwhether Rama was sent to exile because of his unrighteous conduct, if any and again asked his mother as follows: Has not Rama indeed stolen the wealth of some Brahmana? Has not he done any harm either to a rich or to a poor virtuous man? Has the prince indeed not longed for the wife of another? Why was my brother Rama expelled to the forest of Dandaka?
vrm.2.75 Otherwise, I for my own satisfaction accompanied by Sumitra, placing in front carried by Brahmana the sacred fire will happily set out to the place Raghava has gone.
vrm.2.75 May he, with whose counsel my elder brother has gone to exile, incur that sin, which is obtained by a Brahmana who is issue less.
vrm.2.75 May he with whose counsel my elder brother has gone to exile, incur the sin attached to a person disturbing the worship going to be offered to a Brahmana by another and to milking a cow having a young calf.
vrm.2.89 Approaching the hermitage of that high souled Brahmana and the family priest of Gods, Bharata saw an extensive and enchanting grove with its leafy huts and tress the chief of ascetics.
vrm.2.111 "O, dear prince! These subjects, the traders, the other categories of people and Brahmana are your people only.
vrm.6.57 The goad fell several times then from the hand of the charioteer, himself a Suta the son of a Kshatriya by a Brahmana woman eventhough skilled in controlling the Horses, as he entered the battle field.
vrm.7.2 Hearing the words of the high souled one, the damsels, afraid of a Brahmana s curse, ceased to haunt that, place.
vrm.7.10 Then Rama spoke unto the ascetic, "O Brahmana, how did those exceedingly mighty brothers carry on austerities in that forest; and what kind of penances was theirs?" Thereat there Agastya said unto Rama of a complacent mind, "The brothers severally observed the morality proper to each.
vrm.7.63 Thereupon having reached the province of Kanakhal he espied his own cow in the house of a Brahmana.
vrm.7.63 And the Brahmana, in whose house the cow so long remained, speedily pursued her and approaching the ascetic said.
vrm.7.71 Thereat, Bhrigu, Angiras, Kutsa, Vasishta, Kashya and other ascetics, the leading preachers, the ministers, the citizens, and other sages conversant with Sastras, present there, said "A Brahmana should not be punished with death.
vrm.7.71 They all having said this, the dog began "Thou didst solemnly say What shall I do for thee Therefore, if thou art gratified with me, and if thou dost wish to confer boons on me, do thou appoint this Brahmana as the head of family.
vrm.7.71 After the worship of the Devas and Brahmana aid the feasting of the servants, male, and female, I used to take my food.
vrm.7.71 O Raghava, this Brahmana is angry by nature, and impious, injures others, and is impatient, cruel, harsh in words and ignorant, and therefore shall degrade his seven generations up and down.
vrm.7.71 For all his good actions, he is slain who steals the wealth of a Brahmana, a deity, a woman, and a boy,and the riches given away by him.
vrm.7.71 O Raghava,one who pilfers the riches of a Brahmana or a deity falls into a hell called Vichi.
vrm.7.72 Once on a time a Brahmana, by the name of Gautama, the very personiication of Kala, came to the house of Brahmadatta for food and said O king, I shall feed in thy house for more than a hundred years.
vrm.7.72 Thereupon, offering that effulgent Brahmana, with his own hands, water to wash his feet the king Brahmadatta,made arrangements for his meal.
vrm.7.78 Thereupon the king with his spouse again and again bowed unto Vasishta s feet and informed him of what the Rakshasa has done under the guise of a Brahmana.
vrm.7.86 O Rama, soiled by the sin consequent upon the destruction of a Brahmana, do thou live long happily with brothers.
vrm.7.87 Thereupon all the highly effulgent Rishis being accomodated with seats Rama narrated duly before them the account of the Brahmana and said.
vrm.7.87 Thereupon at the end of the golden age, Brahmana s understanding became loose and the Treta Yuga set in.
vrm.7.89 Besides, to receive presents from a Brahmana, is highly culpable.
vrm.7.94 Hearing the words of the Brahmana saint and preceptor Sukra, Arajas sorrowfully said to her father it shall be done.
vrm.7.97 It is said in this Puranas, that Purandara, sullied by the sin consequent upon slaying a Brahmana, was again purified by celebrating a horse sacrifice.

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