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vrm.1.33 "That Brahma sage Cuulina benignantly bestowed her with a unique and Brahma like son who is renowned as Brahmadatta, as well as his own brainchild.
vrm.1.33 King" Brahmadatta endued with superb grandeur ruled from a city called Kaampilya as with Indra ruling the heaven.
vrm.1.33 "The most righteous king Kushanaabha then made up his mind, oh, Rama of Kakutstha, to espouse his hundred daughters to Brahmadatta.
vrm.1.33 "Inviting Brahmadatta that great resplendent lord of the land, namely the king Kushanaabha, married his hundred daughters to him, pleasing highly in his heart of hearts.
vrm.1.33 "As with the tradition of marriage king Brahmadatta who vies with lord of Gods, namely Indra, in succession took the palm of each of the hundred girls into his palm.
vrm.1.33 "By mere touch of hand of Brahmadatta alone, their misshape and desperation are evanished, and all of those hundred maidens beamed bright as they are retouched with utmost elegance.
vrm.1.33 "Later when the marriage is complete king Kushanaabha bade farewell to king Brahmadatta along with his wives, his own hundred daughters, and along with the groups of religious teachers.
vrm.1.33 Somada", the Gandharvi and the mother of Brahmadatta, is gladdened to see her son Brahmadatta, for the worthwhile deed done by him in removing the blemish caused by the Vayu to the girls, or in bringing those worthwhile girls as her daughter in laws.
vrm.1.34 When Brahmadatta has married and left, oh, Raghava, king Kushanaabha he embarked on Vedic ritual called Putrakaamesti in order to beget a son because is sonless.
vrm.7.72 O lord of men, this Vulture, in its pristine bith, was a heroic truthful and pure king by the name of Brahmadatta.
vrm.7.72 Once on a time a Brahmana, by the name of Gautama, the very personiication of Kala, came to the house of Brahmadatta for food and said O king, I shall feed in thy house for more than a hundred years.
vrm.7.72 Hearing the voice in the sky, Rama touched Brahmadatta.

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