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vrm.1.5 They kill the fattened and roaring Lions, Tigers and wild Boars with the might of their sharp weaponry, or even with the might of their own arms alone.
vrm.1.24 "Various Vultures are screeching with fierce sonority, and Tigers, wild Boars, and Elephants render this forest atypical.
vrm.2.103 Boars, Wolves and Lions, Buffaloes, Snakes, Monkeys, Tigers, Gokarnas and Gavayas two distinctive species of deer along with spotted Deer felt frightened.
vrm.3.11 The moved on watching spotted deer banded in herds, the wild Boars, large horned Buffaloes maddened in virility, and the ruttish Elephants rending trees like their enemies.
vrm.3.47 b, a "Be comfortable for a moment, here it is possible for you to make a sojourn, and soon my husband will be coming on taking plentiful forest produce, and on killing stags, mongooses, wild Boars he fetches meat, aplenty.
vrm.4.42 "Listening the sonorous sounds of waterfalls and rapids of that mountain, and construing them to be the roars of their opponent beasts, the Elephants, wild Boars, Lions, and Tigers will always be facing that mountain and roaring proud heartedly all around it, by which that Mountain Meghavanta itself appears to be roaring, proud heartedly.
vrm.6.4 There were delightful wells with stairs and ponds in that mountain, sought after by Chakravaka Birds, frequented by Karandava Birds, crowded with water Fowls and Cranes, visited by Boars and Deer, haunted on all sides by Bears, Hyenas, Lions and many dreadful Tigers.
vrm.6.99 Hissing like a serpent provoked to anger Ravana who was endowed with extraordinary energy and conjuring tricks, released towards Rama these and other arrows, having the heads of Donkeys, those of Boars, dogs and cocks as also of alligators and venomous snakes.
vrm.7.33 And they all stood there in a half sensible mood, some holding the car, some Elephants, some Asses, some Camels, some Serpents, some Horses, some Porpoises, some Boars, some Pisacha mouthed animals and some embracing the Pannagas.
vrm.7.113 Besides many thousand birds, moving in the sky, Lions, Tigers and Boars went before the army.

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