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vrm.3.54 Or Ravana placed down Seetha whose eyelashes are blackish and who is deep in bewilderment caused by whimpering, therein his palace chambers, as Rakshasa Maya once kept his lady love, an Apsara called Hema, in a Rakshasa Black Hole.
vrm.4.37 Those fly jumpers whose complexion will be golden and dwell in the caves of Great Mountain, besides those who are on the mountainsides of Mountain Meru, and those biding on the Black Red mountain, along with those topmost speeded fly jumpers living on Mountain Great Ochre swilling palm toddy, these are to be summoned.
vrm.4.52 "Thus we readily entered this Black Cavity, and this much is our activity in here as we all have come here by our escapade for water, and we neared you when we were ravenous and retrogressing.
vrm.4.53 "Oh, Vanaras, we all have started at the command of the king of Vanaras, and the month fixed by him is zeroed out while we were in Black Cavity.
vrm.4.54 "This matter of going underground into that Black Hole which you suppose as a hideout from Sugreeva, as you heard from Lt.
vrm.4.54 Tara and others, but it is a deed of trifle to Lakshmana s arrows, not necessarily for Rama s arrows, in splitting apart whole of that Black Hole in a trice.
vrm.4.54 "Indeed, once Indra thudded his Thunderbolt on this very underground illusory place, but that act was indeed a trivial deed for that Thunderbolt made a single Rakshasa sized aperture to eliminate a single Rakshasa, Maya, which we now call Riksha bila, Black Hole, nevertheless Lakshmana will splinter whole of this Black Hole with his acute arrows, as if it is leafy bowl.
vrm.4.57 "Such as we were we searched Dandaka forest very meticulously, but we unwittingly entered into a wide opened Black Hole of the earth.
vrm.4.57 "During our search in that Black Hole, which was crafted by the wizardry of Maya, the month fixed by our king for our return has been elapsed.
vrm.6.35 Black" women, chattering incoherently in dreams and robbing different houses stand in front, laughing loudly with their white teeth.

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