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vrm.2.99 performance, appearing like an extensive altar and it was adorned with bows plated with gold, like unto the weapons of Indra constructed for heroic exploits, having great power, the torments of their foes, graced with fearful arrows in their quivers, like unto the rays of the sun, bright as serpents with shining hoods, in the same way of Bhogavati the realm of Nagas, decked with a couple of swords encased in sheaths of gold, adorned with two shields decorated with flowers of gold, finger guards embroidered with gold and in different colours suspended on walls and which hut was unassailable by hordes of enemies as is a lion s cave to deer.
vrm.3.32 He who is a marksman of every divine missile, and an ever interdictor of Vedic rituals, and who on going to the city named Bhogavati, the capital of Naga s, and on defeating Vaasuki, has abducted the dear wife of Taksha on molesting her, and Shuurpanakha saw such a molester of others wives.
vrm.4.41 "There is a city named Bhogavati which is an abode of the Sarpas.
vrm.4.41 a "That Bhogavati city is to be searched for Seetha and on coming out of that city, you have to search even in the fringes surrounding that city including the intermediate zones from city to its fringes.
vrm.5.2 Hanuma saw the city of Lanka equal to peak of Kailasa as though touching the sky, as though flying to reach the sky, with its best mansions, filled with horrible rakshasas and serpants like the city of Bhogavati, one which was unfathomable, a well arranged and a clear city governed by Kubera in earlier times, protected by courageous, Nagas ashivishas: who use poison as weapon, Rakshasas and Guhas with sharp teethed weapons, with spikes and Patticas spears in their hands.
vrm.5.3 Quickly approaching that city of Lanka which was protected by Rakshasas, like the the auspicious city of Bhogavati being protected by Nagas moving about, spread with cloud illumined by flashes of lightening, served by pathways of stars, witha light breeze like the Indra s city of Amaravati, surrounded by a wall with a golden hue, decorated by flags with sounds from groups of small bells.
vrm.6.7 Why are you getting worried? After proceeding to Bhogavati city, the Nagas there were defeated by you.
vrm.7.23 And arriving at Bhogavati the city governed by Vasuki, he brought the Nagas under subjection and then, delighted, bent his course to the palace Manimayi There dwelt the Nivatakavachas", who had obtained boons.

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