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vrm.1.61 b, a "The most reverential sage and the one from Bhargava dynasty, my husband, said that the eldest son is un sellable.
vrm.1.74 b, a In that catastrophic darkness, that sand muffled military of king Dasharatha has seen the son of Sage Jamadagni, namely Bhargava Rama, the
vrm.1.74 b, After their susurrus the sages have approached him, who in his very look is like a visitation, with oblational water and addressed him with benign words of greeting like, oh, Rama, oh, Bhargava Rama.
vrm.1.75 On hearing that sentence of Bhargava Rama, then king Dasharatha became a pitiable one, and with a downcast face and adjoined palms said this.
vrm.1.75 "Aren t you from the bloodline of Bhargava s who always conduct themselves in self study of Vedas and self principled ways.
vrm.1.75 While Dasharatha is speaking in that way that intransigent Bhargava Rama of Sage Jamadagni uncaring for those merciful words of Dasharatha addressed Rama of Dasharatha alone.
vrm.1.76 "Oh, Bhargava Rama, whatsoever endeavour you have strived for freeing yourself from the indebtedness towards your father, I have heard of them, and oh, Brahman, we appreciate for your achieving that freeness from your paternal debt, but.
vrm.1.76 "Oh, Bhargava Rama, demeaning me as though I am timorous, hence incapable to handle the bow, and hence I am an ignoble one for Kshatriya hood, is meaningless.
vrm.1.76 So said Rama to Bhargava.
vrm.1.76 Raghava, the nimble handed vanquisher of his opponents, speaking thus in high dudgeon expropriated that estimable weapon, namely the longbow of Vishnu, from the hand of Bhargava Rama, along with the long arrow that is already fitted on it.
vrm.1.76 "Oh, Rama of Bhargava, even if you are a Brahman you are eliminable, but because of your relationship with Vishvamitra, and because you are a venerable one for me, I am disinclined to release this arrow that exterminates your life.
vrm.1.76 "Oh, Bhargava Rama, either this motility of yours at the speed of your mind, or even those unparalleled realms of heavens which you have earned by the power of your ascesis, I will eliminate whichever you wish.
vrm.7.68 Thereat Yadu, greatly sorry, said to his mother "Born in the race of the illustrious Bhargava of unwearied actions, thou art going through mental afflictions and unbearable insults; therefore, O mother, let us both enter into fire.
vrm.7.68 As soon as he was thought of by his daughter Bhargava speedily came there and beholding her senseless and deprived from joy said Daughter", whatisthe matter ?"The effulgentfather having addressed his daughter repeatedly in this wise, Devayani, enraged, replied "O foremost of ascetics, I shall either enter into fire water or drink poison by no means I shall preserve this life of mine.
vrm.7.68 Hearing the words of his daughter, Bhargava, enraged said to the king Yayati "Thou art vicious minded, O son of Nahusha ;thou hast dishonored me and therefore in thy youth thou shalt be subject to decrepitude and infirmities of age.
vrm.7.68 Having thus imprecated the curse and consoled his sorrowful daughter the highly illustrious rishi Bhargava repaired to his own habitation.
vrm.7.73 At this time Sumantra, entering, addressed him, saying, "O king, stopped at the gate, some ascetics stay there, Maharshis, led by Bhargava and Chyavana.
vrm.7.74 As Kakutstha was speaking thus, Bhargava remarked !"O lord of men, do thou hear of the origin of the fear that threatens our country.
vrm.7.109 Next morning Rama, being present in the sacrificial ground and having sent for the Rishis, Vasishta, Vamadeva Javali, Kashyapa, Viswamitra, carrying on penances for a long time, Durvasa, Pulastya of hard austerities, Salastri, Bhargava, Markandeya living long, the highly illustrious Madgalya, Gargya, Chyavana, Satananda, conversent with religions, effulgent Varadwaya, Agnis son Vasuprava, Narada, Parvata, the great Gautama and other ascetics of firm vows, assembled with minds possessed by curiosity.

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