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vrm.1.1 b, a "That trio of Seetha, Rama and Lakshmana on treading forest after forest, and on crossing rivers with plethoric waters, reached the hermitage of Sage Bharadwaja, and by the ordainment of that Sage they arrived at Chitrakuta, and setting up a handsome cottage there, they who have enjoyed every comfort in Ayodhya enjoyed every comfort here also in no less a degree and that trio lived happily and exuberated themselves in woods at Chitrakuta, similar to Devas and Gandharvas.
vrm.1.1 Rama", the truth valiant, has gone to the hermitage of Sage Bharadwaja en route, and he has also sent Hanuma to the near of Bharata beforehand.
vrm.1.1 "Then on boarding Pushpaka Aircraft again after leaving the hermitage of Bharadwaja, and telling episodes jovially to Sugreeva and others about the events in the days of his exile in forests, while flying overhead of the very same places, Rama went to Nandigrama, where Bharata is available.
vrm.1.2 "Oh! Bharadwaja, un filthy is this watery foreshore, and with pleasant waters it is heart pleasing.
vrm.1.2 When Bharadwaja is said that way by great souled Valmiki, himself being a humble one before his mentor gave that jute cloth to that saint, that humbly.
vrm.1.2 Then Bharadwaja, the obedient disciple and an erudite scholar, for he heard and learnt many scriptures by listening, on taking handy vessel full with water followed at the behind of his mentor.
vrm.1.3 Crossing over River Ganga looking up Sage Bharadwaja their look up at Chitrakuta on Sage Bharadwaja s advise.
vrm.1.3 and Rama s meeting Sage Bharadwaja on his way back.
vrm.2.54 I think that sage Bharadwaja is staying nearby.
vrm.2.54 Pieces" of timber split up by men who are dependent upon forest products, as also these trees of various kinds are seen in the hermitage of Bharadwaja.
vrm.2.54 Having walked comfortably, Rama and Lakshmana wielding their bows, reached the abode of the sage Bharadwaja, near the confluence of rivers Ganga and Yamuna, while the Sun was falling to the west.
vrm.2.54 Having reached the hermitage and scaring the beasts and Birds by his very appearance as a bowman and having proceeded on the intervening path for a while, Rama approached the vicinity of Bharadwaja.
vrm.2.54 Hearing the words of that virtuous prince Rama, the pious minded sage Bharadwaja then offered Madhuparka as well as water to wash his hands with.
vrm.2.54 Honouring with words of welcome, the sage Bharadwaja seated, being surrounded on all sides with beasts, Birds and hermits, spoke thus to Rama.
vrm.2.54 Bharadwaja then said these endowed with righteousness to Rama, who had since taken his seat after accepting the aforesaid hospitality: "In fact, I am seeing you, arriving here after a long time, Oh scion of Kakutstha! And I have heard of your unjust banishment.
vrm.2.54 Addressed in these words by Bharadwaja, Rama, born in Raghu dynasty, for his part, interested in the welfare of all, replied in the following pleasant words.
vrm.2.54 Hearing these auspicious words of Rama, Bharadwaja the great sage then for his part spoke these suggestive words.
vrm.2.54 Orelse stay with m here itself, during the period of your exile, Oh Rama! The pious sage Bharadwaja fulfilled all desires of Rama who was his beloved guest and who was accompanied by his consort, Seetha and his brother, Lakshmana.
vrm.2.54 Greatly fatigued, Rama Scion of Kakutstha accompanied by Seetha as the third Lakshmana being the second who was accustmed to all comforts, happily spent that night at the lovely hermitage of Bharadwaja.
vrm.2.54 When the night was gleaming into a dawn, Rama the lion among men approached the sage Bharadwaja, who was gleaming with resplendence and spoke as follows: We have lodged in your hermitage tonight, Oh venerable sir! Pray you give us permission for fixing our residence now, Oh sage practicing truthfulness
vrm.2.54 That night having come to an end, Bharadwaja replied for his part, as follows: Proced to Chitrakuta, rich in honey, tubers and fruits.
vrm.2.55 Having stayed that night there, those princes the annihilators of enemies, thereafter offered salutation to the sage Bharadwaja and proceeded towards that mountain of Chitrakuta.
vrm.2.55 That great sage Bharadwaja performed a religious rite ensuring a sage journey scattering boiled rice on the ground and invoking blessing through the repetition of certain sacred texts for them.
vrm.2.55 Bharadwaja the great sage with a remarkable splendour began to speak the following words to Rama the truly brave man.
vrm.2.55 Having thus informed the way and ebbing urged by Rama to return after he had paid obeisance to the sage and Rama having replied so be it, the great sage Bharadwaja returned.
vrm.2.56 Thereafter, all of them raised up touched the auspicious water took bath in the river and proceeded towards the path leading to Chitrakuta mountain, as suggested by the sage Bharadwaja.
vrm.2.57 It was gathered by those who were there Guha and others about Seetha, Rama and Lakshmana coming to sage Bharadwaja, their staying with him in Prayaga and their departure to Chitrakuta Mountain.
vrm.2.85 Having spoken these excellent words to Guha the greatly illustrious Bharata, possessed of great splendor, said again to Guha the king of Nishadas as follows: O, Guha! By which of these two routes can I go to the hermitage of Bharadwaja? This region engulfed in waters of Ganga River is not very much easy to negotiate and is difficult to cross.
vrm.2.89 The high souled Bharata made the army to rest, by encamping it according to its inclination and set out along with the priests and king s counsellors to meet Bharadwaja, the foremost of sages.
vrm.2.90 Having seen Bharadwaja s hermitage at a couple of miles away, that excellent man Bharata, knowing what is right, leaving all his army behind, discarding his weapons and ornaments, and wearing simple silken garment, went forwards by foot, proceeded by Vasishta, his spiritual preceptor.
vrm.2.90 Leaving his ministers behind at a visible distance to Bharadwaja, Bharata then went along with Vasishta, his spiritual preceptor.
vrm.2.90 On seeing Vasishta, Bharadwaja the great ascetic rose quickly from his seat, asking his disciples to fetch water to wash the hand of the distinguished guests with.
vrm.2.90 Having met Vasishta and greeted by Bharata, Bharadwaja of great splendour recognized him to be a son of Dasaratha.
vrm.2.90 Bharadwaja, knowing what is right, offering them both, in order of seniority, water to wash theri hands and feet with and fruits afterwards, made enquiries concerning the welfare of their family.
vrm.2.90 Subsequently, Bharadwaja made enquires with both of them as to whether all were well in the city of Ayodhya, with the army, with the treasury, friends and counsellors.
vrm.2.90 Vasishta and Bharata in return made enquires with Bharadwaja, if all were well with his body his sacred fires, his disciples, the trees, the deer and Birds in the hermitage.
vrm.2.90 The great ascetic Bharadwaja replied, "All is well" and spoke the following words to Bharata, bound as he was with affection to Rama.
vrm.2.90 "Thus spoken to as aforesaid, Bharata with his eyes filled with tears in grief and in a faltering tone, replied to Bharadwaja as follows: "If you the Blessed One, regard me like this, I am lost indeed! I cannot conceive of any harm towards Rama having proceeded from me.
vrm.2.90 Tell me where Rama the Lord of the world is to be found now?" Requested by Vasishta and other priests likewise, Bharadwaja answered Bharata in affectionate words as follows:
vrm.2.91 Seeing he had resolved to halt at that place for the night, the sage Bharadwaja prepared to offer Bharata the son of Kaikeyi the full honours due to a guest
vrm.2.91 Then, Bharata said to Bharadwaja as follows: "Have you not presented me with water to wash my hands and feet and offered me this hospitality fitting for a guest in this forest?" Then, Bharadwaja smilingly replied to Bharata as follows: "I know you possess a friendly disposition and you are pleased with whatever is offered to you.
vrm.2.91 Bharata, with joined palms, replied to Bharadwaja who was rich with austerity in the following words: "O, venerable one! I have not come here with my army for the fear of displeasing you.
vrm.2.91 Meanwhile, entering the fire sanctuary the place where the sacrificial fire is kept, sipping water and wiping the lips, Bharadwaja invoked Visvakarma the architect of Gods in order to fulfil his duties towards the guests as follows
vrm.2.91 That sage Bharadwaja, with his intense meditation, possessing unequal splendour and with austerity, spoke as follows, in tones befitting proper articulation and pronunciation of the scriptural texts: While that sage Bharadwaja, with joined palms, was meditating with absorption in the east, all those Celestials came one by one.
vrm.2.91 Then, on an instant, by the orders of Bharadwaja, streams having milk thickened with rice in the place of mud, flowed towards Bharata.
vrm.2.91 Then, on the command of Bharadwaja, Alambusa, Mishrakesi and Vamana started dancing in the presence of Bharata.
vrm.2.91 By the command of Bharadwaja, wreaths of flowers which were beloved of the Gods or those which grow in the woods of Chaitraratha were seen at Prayaga.
vrm.2.91 By the command of Bharadwaja, Bel trees assumed the form of drummers, Vibhitaka trees assumed the form of cymbalists and Peepul trees assumed the form of dancers.
vrm.2.91 Shimshapas Ashoka trees, Amalakis Emblic myrobalan, Jambus rose apple trees, Malati, Mallika Jati and other creepers in the forest had been changed into dancing girls in the hermitage of Bharadwaja and they spoke as follows: "O, wine bibbers! Drink the wine, however much you desire! O troops stricken with hunger! Let milk thickened iwth rice and the meats which are very much fresh, be eaten as you will" Seven or eight young women bathed every single man on the beautiful river banks, after massaging their body with oil.
vrm.2.91 The wells in various sides of the forest surrounding Bharadwaja s hermitage have their mud transformed into milk in which rice was cooked.
vrm.2.91 Seeing such a wonderful and dreamlike hospitality offered by the great sage Bharadwaja, all those men were surprised.
vrm.2.91 While they were enjoying thus in that charming hermitage of Bharadwaja, in the same manner as Devas enjoy the garden of Nandana, that night had elapsed.
vrm.2.91 Having been permitted by Bharadwaja, those rivers, the Gandharvas and all those beautiful women went back by the same way they came.
vrm.2.92 Thereafter, Bharata along with his routine, who were treated hospitably, spent that night there and sought out Bharadwaja with fondness.
vrm.2.92 The sage Bharadwaja, who had offered oblations in sacred fire, spoke to Bharata the tiger among men, who had come there with joined palms, saying.
vrm.2.92 After joining his palms in salutation, Bharata replied to the very glorious sage Bharadwaja, who came out from his hermitage as follows: "O, venerable sage! With all the enjoyments in plenty provided by you, I felt comfortable and satisfied, along with very ministers my entire army and our animals too used in riding.
vrm.2.92 The highly glorious Bharadwaja, of rigid asceticism, thus questioned by Bharata who intensely desired to see his brother again, answered him as follows:
vrm.2.92 Hearing him speak of the journey, Dasaratha s wives eligible of sitting in palanquins, descended from their palanquins and stood encircling Bharadwaja.
vrm.2.92 Kausalya, among the trembling, emaciated and the miserable women along with the Queen Sumitra clasped the feet of the sage Bharadwaja with their hands.
vrm.2.92 Then, Bharadwaja, firm in austerity, enquired Bharata as follows: "O, Bharata! I wish to know the distinctions of your mothers.
vrm.2.92 Hearing the words of the learned sage, Bharadwaja, Bharata who was skilled in expression, with joined palms, spoke the following words.
vrm.2.92 Hearing the aforesaid words spoken by Bharata, Bharadwaja the great intellectual sage replied in the following meaningful words.
vrm.2.93 Having travelled for a long distance, that glorious Bharata, whose animals were now fully exhausted, said to Vasishta, the most segaceios of his counsellors as follows "Looking at the features of the pace and from what has been heard by me, it is clear that we reached that area of which Bharadwaja spoke.
vrm.2.99 I think we have reached the place about which Bharadwaja directed us.
vrm.2.113 In the vicinity of Chitrakuta Mountain, Bharata saw a hermitage where the sage Bharadwaja resided.
vrm.2.113 Then, that Bharata endowed with understanding reached that hermitage of Bharadwaja, descended from his chariot and bowed down to the feet of Bharadwaja in saluation.
vrm.2.113 The, Bharadwaja full of joy, enquired of Bharata saying, "O, dear prince! Has your purpose been accomplished? Have you met Rama?" Hearing the words of the learned sage, Bharadwaja, Bharata who was affectionate towards his brothers, replied to Bharadwaja as follows Despite the entreaties of his preceptor and of mine, Rama is unshakeable in his resolve and most cheerfully spoke the following words to Vasishta.
vrm.2.113 Hearing those auspicious words of the high souled Bharata, the sage Bharadwaja spoke to him the following words.
vrm.2.113 Then, the glorious Bharata made circumambulation again and again to Bharadwaja and proceeded to Ayodhya along with hims ministers.
vrm.6.123 Here is seen the illustrious hermitage of Sage Bharadwaja.
vrm.6.124 After completion of fourteen years of his exile and on the fifth day of the bright half of the lunar month of Ashvayuja roughly corresponding to the month of september, Rama, who was disciplined even now, reaching the hermitage of the sage Bharadwaja, offered his salutation to the sage.
vrm.6.124 Having offered his obeisance to Bharadwaja, who was rich in asceticism, Rama enquired of him: "Have you heard, O venerable one, of Ayodhya City having an abundance of food and free from disease? Is that Bharata attentive in his rule? I hope my mothers are still alive.
vrm.6.124 Hearing the words of Rama, Bharadwaja the great sage, quite rejoiced as he was, smilingly replied to Rama as follows: Bharata", with his mud smeared limbs throwing the burden and blame ie.
vrm.6.125 You can see Rama here itself today, when he has been duly permitted by Bharadwaja the sage, after spending, at the instance of the sage, for a night of the fifth lunar day of the bright half of the month of Ashvayuja.
vrm.6.126 "Reaching the coast line of Ganga river again, Rama is staying in the presence of the sage, Bharadwaja.
vrm.6.127 A formidable roar of rejoiced Vanaras is being heard, for, they are seeing on the way, trees which continually, yield fruit, adorned with blossom, flowing with honey which is drunk by bees, making reverberant humming sounds all due to the grace of Sage Bharadwaja O Bharata, the destroyer of adversaries! A boon was conferred by Indra, by virtue of which a hospitality rich with all excellences was earlier extended by Bharadwaja to you, with your entire army.
vrm.7.1 And Vasishta and Kasyapa and Atri and Viswamitra with Gautama and Jamadagni and Bharadwaja and also the seven sages, who for aye resided in the northern quarter, came there.
vrm.7.3 Learning of his ways, that mighty ascetic, Bharadwaja, gave unto Visrava" for his wife, his own daughter, Devavarnini.
vrm.7.3 And having religiously wed Bharadwaja s daughter, that foremost of ascetics, Visrava, conceiving the highest delight, began to relect on the welfare of his offspring with an intelligence concentrated on them.

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