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vrm.1.44 Henceforth heavenly Ganga will be renowned as Triple path cruiser and Bhagirathi, as well, and as this river is sanctifying three worlds, namely, Svarga, Bhuu, Patala loka s, heaven, earth and netherworld she will be remembered as the traveller on triple path.
vrm.2.52 Coming to the middle of Bhagirathi river, the irreproachable Sita with joined palms, spoke as follows to the said river: Oh, Ganga! Let Rama, the son of the emperor Dasaratha honor his fathers command under your protection! Having dwelled in the forest in full fourteen years, may he return once more to your bank with his brother, Lakshmana and myself! Oh, blessed goddess Ganga! Returning safely, with all my desires fulfilled, I shall worship you with great joy.
vrm.4.40 b, a "Search shall be conducted at the riversides of heartening rivers like River Bhagirathi, another name for River Ganga, and River Sarayu, like that at River Kaushiki, and at the pleasing surrounds of River Yamuna, and on Mountain Kalinda, as well at River Sarasvati, River Sindhu and at the river whose waters are lustrous like gems, namely River Shona, and further at River Mahi and River Kaalamahi which rivers are brightened by mountains and forests surrounding them.
vrm.7.56 Thereupon at dawn he rose up and asked the charioteer to get the chariot ready, saying, "Like unto the powerful Mahadeva we shall hold the waters of the Bhagirathi on our head.
vrm.7.56 Reaching the currents of Bhagirathi before noon Lakshmana, on beholding her, cried aloud.
vrm.7.57 Thereupon having reached the other side of Bhagirathi, Lakshmana, with subdued voice and folded palms, said to Sita "O daughter of the king of Videha, this, thougth pierced my heart like a dart, that my brother, by making me the instrumental of this action hath made me the object of censure in the world.

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