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vrm.1.42 "To him who is self mortified and who is always thinking righteously about the alight of Ganga onto earth, to such a Dilipa a most virtuous son is born who is renowned by his name Bhagiratha.
vrm.1.42 "That best one among men, namely king Dilipa, on anointing his son Bhagiratha in the kingdom went to the abode of Indra, namely the heaven, only by his self acquired merits of deeds.
vrm.1.42 "Oh, Rama, the legatee of Raghu, but on his part that self righteous and kingly sage Bhagiratha is childless, and that great king longed for offspring.
vrm.1.42 "Interested in the alighting of River Ganga on earth, oh, Rama, the descendent of Raghu, king Bhagiratha delegated his kingdom to the custody of his ministers and people and firmed up himself in sustained asceticism on Mountain Gokarna in Himalayas, and he practise ascesis standing amid five fires, upraising his hands, with a monthly sustenance and with his sense conquered.
vrm.1.42 a Thousands" of years have rolled by while Bhagiratha stood practising his severe ascesis, oh, dextrous Rama, and then the lord and master of all beings, namely god Brahma, is well pleased with that great souled king s ascesis.
vrm.1.42 b, Forefather" Brahma then arrived along with assemblages of Gods, and spoke this way to the great souled Bhagiratha who is deep in the practise of ascesis.
vrm.1.42 Oh, great king Bhagiratha, oh, lord of the people, I am delighted with the perfectly conducted ascesis of yours, hence oh, truly committed one, you may beseech for a boon.
vrm.1.42 "That great resplendent and highly fortunate king Bhagiratha then remaining with suppliantly adjoined palm fold spoke to him who is the Forefather of all worlds, namely Brahma.
vrm.1.42 Oh, top speeded chariot rider Bhagiratha, this aspiration of yours is sublime, and oh, the furtherer of Ikshvaku dynasty, so be it, let safeness betide you.
vrm.1.42 This Ganga is the one with snow broth, the elder daughter of Himavanta, and oh, king Bhagiratha, god Shiva alone is capable to sustain her force in the course of her alighting onto earth, and in fact, he is to be commissioned for that purpose.
vrm.1.42 Oh, king Bhagiratha, the earth cannot endure the downfall of Ganga and to sustain Ganga, oh, king, indeed I do not behold none other than the Trident wielder, god Shiva.
vrm.1.42 Thus Brahma spoke to Bhagiratha.
vrm.1.42 Speaking this way to the king Bhagiratha and informally greeting Ganga also, that Creator of Worlds, Brahma, left for heaven along with all the groups of Devas and Maruts.
vrm.1.43 "When the god of Gods Brahma left from there Bhagiratha stood on the tip of his big toe praying for the mercy of Lord Shiva for one year, while that tip of his big toe pressurised the earth.
vrm.1.43 Thus Vishvamitra continued his narration about Bhagiratha s effort to bring Ganga to earth.
vrm.1.43 b, a Goddess" Ganga whirled round and round in the coils of tufts alone for many number of years, and when Ganga s emanation from those coils is intangible Bhagiratha again firmed up in a marvellous penance in the matter of her descent to earth.
vrm.1.43 b, a "Oh, Rama, the legatee of Raghu, with that ascesis of Bhagiratha god Shiva is very much delighted, and thereupon he has also released Ganga aiming at Bindu Lake in Himalayas.
vrm.1.43 "Of them the seventh Ganga flowed towards the path of Bhagiratha chariot, and that great resplendent and kingly sage Bhagiratha sitting in a divine chariot moved ahead and even Ganga followed him.
vrm.1.43 "In this way, the great resplendent and kingly sage Bhagiratha sitting in a divine chariot continuously moved ahead and Ganga continually followed him at his behind.
vrm.1.43 b, a "Oh, Rama, all of the Devas along with the assemblages of sages, Daityas, Danavas, Rakshasas, and even great Uragas with Kinnara s, and Gandharva s with best Yaksha s, and even Sarpas and Apsara s, have delightfully moved after Ganga who is following the chariot of Bhagiratha, and why they, in fact, all of the aquatic beings have followed Ganga.
vrm.1.43 b, a "In whichever direction king Bhagiratha has advanced, that glorious River Ganga, who is the prominent river among all the rivers and the complete obliterator of sins, has also moved at his behind in that direction.
vrm.1.43 "Even though Ganga again proceeded moving behind the chariot of Bhagiratha and reached the ocean, therefrom she had to wend her way to netherworld, once dug by the sons of Sagara, only to accomplish the mission of Bhagiratha, namely drenching the ashes of Sagara s sons.
vrm.1.43 a "Even kingly sage Bhagiratha making every effort ushered Ganga to netherworld, but on seeing his grandparents rendered to ashes he has became doleful.
vrm.1.44 King" Bhagiratha followed by Ganga has gone to the ocean like ditch which is dredged up by the sons of Sagara, and entered the subterranean of earth where the sons of Sagara are rendered to ashes.
vrm.1.44 "While the waters of Ganga are inundating those ashes, oh, Rama, then Brahma, the lord of all worlds, indeed spoke this to the king Bhagiratha.
vrm.1.44 Oh, tigerly man Bhagiratha, the sixty thousands sons of great souled Sagara have crossed over the sea of mortality, and on a par with the Gods they have also transited to heaven.
vrm.1.44 Oh, impeccable Bhagiratha, even by the kingly sage Dilipa whose resplendence is kindred to great sages, who is equal to me in his ascesis, who is abided by the observances of ruling Kshatriya class, even by such a highly fortunate and highly resplendent father of yours it was impossible to bring Ganga in his turn, even though he had been supplicating for the descent of Ganga throughout his lifetime.
vrm.1.44 Thus Brahma said to Bhagiratha.
vrm.1.44 "On according those best water oblations that endow superior realms to the souls of sons of Sagara, according to precedency and the rationale of scriptures, and even on offering water oblations to other Pitris that kingly sage and greatly renowned Bhagiratha is sanctified, and then only that king re entered his own city, indeed when his purpose is completely achieved, and oh, outstanding man Rama, thus that king Bhagiratha ruled his kingdom well.
vrm.1.44 "On regaining him as their king the subjects of the kingdom are overjoyed, and oh, Raghava, that king Bhagiratha too is relieved of his febrility as his purpose is achieved and he is happy when devoid of haunting grief of getting Ganga to earth.
vrm.1.45 "The blessed legend you have narrated about the digging of an ocean at the behest of Sagara, Ganga s alighting, and Bhagiratha filling it with the water of Ganga is sacrosanct and even highly amazing.
vrm.1.70 Bhagiratha.
vrm.1.70 From Bhagiratha it is Kakutstha, from Kakutstha it is Raghu, and Raghu s son is the great resplendent Pravriddha, who is reduced to a human flesh eater, and he is also known as Kalmashapada.
vrm.2.50 Rama, the mighty armed, reached the river Ganga, which is devoid of sins and which dispels all sins, which had fallen from the mass of matted hair of Lord Shankara through the spiritual power of Emperor Bhagiratha, which is rendered noisy by Cranes and Herons, which is a consort of the ocean and which is in the vicinity of Shringaverapura the modern singraur.
vrm.2.54 Having penetrated into a deep forest, they the illustrious trios, while seeing many stretches of land and at some places, attractive scenery never seen before, proceeded in the direction of that region where river Yamuna was flowing forth towards river Ganga, associated with the name of Emperor Bhagiratha.
vrm.2.110 Bhagiratha was Dilipa s son.
vrm.2.110 "Of Bhagiratha was born kakutstha, from whom the Kakutsthas take their name.

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