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vrm.1.72 Oh, Brahman, the savants acclaim that part of the day as the best for wedding ceremonies when both of the pre Phalguni and post Phalguni stars are available, and on such a time where post Phalguni is ruling, for which Bhaga is the presiding deity for progeny.
vrm.2.25 May the Pusha, Bhaga and Aryama and the guardians of the spheres with Indra as their Head do good to you.
vrm.3.12 b, a Rama entered inside the hermitage and saw therein the sanctus of Brahma, Agni, Vishnu, Indra, Vivasvat the Sun god, Soma the Moon god, Bhaga, and the sanctusms of Kubera, are seen and passed by the three of them, sanctums of Dhaata, Vidhaata, santucm of Vayu, and also like that the sanctum of great soled Varuna the wielder of noose, and the sanctum of Gayatri, sanctum of Vasus, and the sanctum of Naga king, and even the sanctum of Garuda and the sanctum of Kaartikeya and the sanctum of Dharma b, a Then encircled by disciples the sage Agastya came out quickly, and Rama saw him who is glowing brilliant before all the other sages.

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