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vrm.2.25 "Oh, son! Let the great Elephants Lions with tusks, Tigers, Bears, terrible he Buffaloes with horns not to be hostile to you.
vrm.2.54 Sixty miles from here, dear son, lies a sacred mountain on which you may takeup your dwelling, which region is inhabited by great sages, is charming to look at from all sides, infested by the black species of Monkeys with a long tail, haunted by Apes and Bears, known by the name of Chitrakuta and which closely resembles Gandha maadana mountain.
vrm.2.93 Bears, dappled Deer and Antelopes could be seen every where, on the tracks of the forest, on the hills and by the rivers.
vrm.2.94 "The mountain is filled with tame beasts of every kind, Tigers, Panthers and Bears, and is enlivened by a flock of many Birds.
vrm.3.2 Rama followed by Lakshmana has indeed seen that midst of the forest which is filled with very many animal herds, where the Bears and Tigers are frequenting, and whose trees, creepers, bushes are ruined, water ponds rendered unsightly, Birds song less, but where the swarms of crickets are whistling deafeningly.
vrm.3.4 "Wild Bears, Tigers and Panthers aspire to eat me away.
vrm.3.43 Likewise herds of Kinnara Deer, spotted Deer, and even Bears of great might are freely moving here.
vrm.3.46 "This is the dwelling place of Rakshasas, and no goddess, nor a Gandharva, nor a Kinnara can arrive here, but how you have come here? b, a "Here, Simians, Lions, Leopards, Tigers, likewise other predators, Bears, Tigers, Vultures will be moving.
vrm.3.69 He is eating the highly brutal Bears, Lions, predators, and Elephants, and he is outstretching both of his deadly arms, each of which is stretchable to a Yojana distance, and the bothers neared such a Rakshasa.
vrm.3.69 That Rakshasa stayed waylaying the pathway of both the brothers who chanced there, while he is catching Bears, divers flights of Birds, and numerous choicest animals of those and those herds, gripping them with both of his long reaching hands and hauling towards his mouth at his paunch, or dropping them off if they are unpalatable, and the brothers reached nearby of such a Rakshasa.
vrm.3.73 "On your seeing the Bears, also thus the Tigers and even the exultant sapphire blue Rurus with black stripes there, you will discard your distress.
vrm.4.27 Mountain Prasavana is pervaded with noisily growling Tigers and beasts, mightily roaring Lions, compacted with diverse shrubs and creeper plants, overspread with many a kind of tree, thus it is adored by Bears, Monkeys, Baboons, and even by wild Cats, and that mountain which is always sanctifying and tranquil is like a heap of clouds in its shine.
vrm.4.60 Bears, Antelopes, Tigers, Lions, and diverse Reptiles and Snakes are following him at his heel, as with living beings following a donor, or all donating Brahma.
vrm.6.4 Then, the army of Vanaras consisting of excellent Bears and Monkeys having their very nails and teeth as weapons, marched ahead, covering the entire earth.
vrm.6.4 There were delightful wells with stairs and ponds in that mountain, sought after by Chakravaka Birds, frequented by Karandava Birds, crowded with water Fowls and Cranes, visited by Boars and Deer, haunted on all sides by Bears, Hyenas, Lions and many dreadful Tigers.
vrm.6.39 Frightened by that sound, Bears, Lions Buffaloes Elephants, Deers and Birds were trembled and terrified and hastened towards ten different directions.
vrm.7.36 Her waters were being agitated by Buffaloes, Deer, Tigers, Lions, Bears and Elephants distressed by heat.

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