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vrm.1.29 b, a "In the meantime, when Vishnu was in his asceticism in this hermitage, the son of King Virochana, namely Bali, has completely conquered all the assemblages of Devas together with Indra and his coterie called Maruts, and ruling that kingdom where that hermitage is there, he has become renowned in all the three worlds for his magnanimity.
vrm.1.29 b, "That great mighty chief of Asuras Bali then conducted a very grand Vedic ritual.
vrm.1.29 But when Bali is conducting that ritual remaining as its officiator all the Devas personally approached Vishnu, keeping Agni ahead of them, just here in this hermitage and they spoke to him.
vrm.1.29 Oh, all pervading god Vishnu, Bali the son of Virochana is conducting an unsurpassed Vedic ritual, before the completion of which our own mission, say the task of Gods, is to be achieved completely.
vrm.1.29 As such, oh, Vishnu, you may effectuate the most suitable merited deed for the welfare of Gods on resorting to your illusory power, Vishnu Maya, and on assuming the form of a dwarf to deal with Emperor Bali.
vrm.1.29 a Oh, god, oh, sinless one, you may please attain the sonship of Lady Aditi and myself, oh, dispenser of Rakshasas, it will be apt of you to render help to Gods who are agonised in the anguish owing to the predominance of Emperor Bali, by becoming the younger brother of Indra.
vrm.1.29 "That great resplendent Vishnu then adopting a semblance of a dwarf emerged from Aditi, and that dwarfish ascetic boy approached Emperor Bali, the son of Virochana.
vrm.1.29 Vishnu gave the earth back to Indra restraining Emperor Bali with his vitality.
vrm.1.47 Oh, Indra, the eliminator of Bali, this foetus of mine is sliced into seven segments owing to my own misdeed, oh, ruler of Gods, Indra, indeed there is no iniquity of yours in this matter.
vrm.1.47 a "On hearing her words, the Thousand eyed destroyer of enemy s citadels and a named Bali, namely Indra, spoke this word to Diti, humbly adjoining his palms.
vrm.2.14 Thus compelled by Kaikeyi, who had no uneasiness in her mind, king Dasaratha could not untie the cord of plighted word that fettered him any more than Bali could unloose the noose placed round his body by Indra.
vrm.3.30 As with fall of Vritra or fall of Bali who are eliminated by Indra with his Thunderbolt, or as with the collapse of Namuchi who is eliminated by the same Indra just with forth or foam, Khara too is brought down.
vrm.3.39 "I am well acquainted with his efficacy, and a war with him will be an unfair thing for you, for that Raghu s descendant can in fact kill either Emperor Bali or Namuchi.
vrm.3.61 Oh, insightful brother, you will reacquire Janaka s daughter Maithili, as Vishnu once subjugated Emperor Bali and reacquired this earth.
vrm.4.50 b, a Though a suspicion in general is evoked in them, as they presumed that cavity to be Naraka, The Hell of Yama, or Patala, of Emperor Bali, those highly resplendent and great mighty fly jumpers have neared it, rejoicing for the availability of water in there.
vrm.4.50 That hideous cavity is dispersed with diverse beings, similar to the residence of the emperor of Rakshasas, namely Emperor Bali, in Patala, the Netherworld, and it is unsightly and impermeable from anywhere.
vrm.4.65 all the three worlds, during the time of Vedic ritual of Emperor Bali, the legatee of Vairochana.
vrm.5.1 Hanuma greatly reducing His size became normal in nature regaining His original form, like Vishnu who mitigated the strength of Bali by taking three strides.
vrm.6.57 Hearing the words of Ravana, Prahasta the Army General spoke the following words to Ravana, like Ushana the preceptor of Asuras would speak to Bali, the king of Asuras.
vrm.6.73 Now itself, Indra, Vaivasvata yama, Vishnu, Rudra, Sadhyas, Vaishvanara fire god, Surya and Chandra sun and moon can see my unlimited prowess, like the terrific prowess of Vishnu during the sacrifice of Bali.
vrm.6.76 O Kumbha, the compeer of Prahlada, Bali, Indra the destroyer of Vritra, Kubera and Varuna! You alone are born with a likeness of your father Kumbhakarna who was exceedingly strong.
vrm.6.117 "In the past, the three worlds were occupied by you in your three strides, after binding the exceptionally formidable Bali and Indra was made the king by you.
vrm.7.24 Having said this he again spoke unto Ravana, saying Dost thou wish to enter into conlfict with Bali, or what else is thy intention Ravana was so overwhelmed that his hairs stood on their end ;but resoting to calmness he said O thou foremost of those skilled in speech, who residest in this house ?I shall fight with him ;r.
vrm.7.24 He does not know fear; dost thou wish to fight with him ?If thou dost wish to fight with Bali, O lord of Rakshasas, O thou gifted with great energy, do thou speedily enter this house and engage in the encounter.
vrm.7.24 Being thus addressed the Dasagriva entered where Bali was.
vrm.7.24 Being thus addressed by Bali Ravana said I have heard, O illustrious sir, that formerly thou wast bound by Vishnu.
vrm.7.24 Hearing that Bali laughed and said Hear, I shall relate to thee what hast asked, O Ravana.
vrm.7.24 Bali said to him "Do thou come, O foremost of Rakshasas and hear my words.
vrm.7.24 Hearing the words of Ravana Bali said "He is the lord Hari Narayana the protector of the three worlds.
vrm.7.24 Hearing these words of Bali, the highly powerful Ravana, having his eyes reddened with fire, issued out with uplifted weapon.
vrm.7.32 As resoting to thy prowess I destroyed Namuchi, Vritra, Bali, Naraka and Samvara, so do thou make some arrengements for his destruction.
vrm.7.34 Bali being held captive I am enjoying the three worlds and I think proper to obstruct the course of this vicious souled one.
vrm.7.37 Beholding Ravana thus overwhelmed, Arjuna sprung up and caught him like Garuda holding a serpant and Vishnu binding Bali.
vrm.7.37 carrying him bound like unto Indra carrying Bali bound.
vrm.7.46 Thou wet born of Aditi, as the youngest brother of Indra for binding Bali.

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