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vrm.1.8 for that reason, I wish perform Asvamedha, Vedic Horse Ritual.
vrm.5.1 "Then the angry Devendra who performed a hundred Asvamedha rituals, cut off the wings of thousands of mountains by his weapon vajra then and there.
vrm.7.30 Thereupon that foremost of twice born ones Usanas of austere penances, wishing the prosperity of the sacrifice, said to Ravana the Rakshasa chief "Hear,I shal relate to thee everything, O king ;thy son hath met with the fruits of many a sacrifice Agnistoma, Asvamedha, Bahusuvarnaka.
vrm.7.97 "O worshipful Sir, amongst sacrifices Asvamedha is the best and the remover of all sins ;it is my prayer therefore that thy desire might be turned towards this great and highly puifying sacrifice.
vrm.7.103 And save Asvamedha there is no other sacrifice more favourite unto the high souled deity.
vrm.7.104 Having thus addressed his both brothers, Rama, the descendant of Kakuthstha of unmitigated prowess, again said to Lakshmana, in words pregnant with morality "O Lakshmana, having invited Vasishta, the foremost of twice born ones, conversant with all the rites of Asvamedha, Vamadeva, Javali, and Kashyapa and consulted with them duly I shall set free a horse gifted with all marks.
vrm.7.104 Thereupon Rama, with folded hands, asked of those leading twice born ones, questions regarding the Asvamedha sacrifice.

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