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vrm.1.27 "I am going to accord all of those divine missiles by which scores of Devas, Asuras, or even from Gandharva s, Uraga s and the like, or even earthlings are dominated, humbled down and conquered in war.
vrm.1.29 b, "That great mighty chief of Asuras Bali then conducted a very grand Vedic ritual.
vrm.1.45 "A lethal poison similar to inferno known as Haalahala has started to fulminate therefrom, by which many of Devas and Asuras is burnt down.
vrm.1.45 "Anybody either from Devas or Asuras espoused them, and when none espoused them they are virtually reckoned as general purpose Apsara females.
vrm.2.1 Even enraged Suras and Asuras could not defeat Rama in battle.
vrm.2.2 "He is skilled in the use of various weapons known to Devas, Asuras and men.
vrm.2.9 "O Queen! Once upon a time, when there was a battle between Devas and Asuras, your husband Dasaratha went along with you and other holy kings to help Indra in battle, to a famous city called Vaijayata in which Timidhvaja lived in a southern direction in the forest of Dandaka.
vrm.2.9 Oh, Kaikeyi, the great fortunate! you remind Dasaratha of those boons given by him to you in that battle between Devas and Asuras.
vrm.2.11 "Oh, King! Remember what happened in the battle between Devas and Asuras in the olden times.
vrm.2.11 "Now, the time has arrived for the second boon given by you affectionately then in the battle between Devas and Asuras.
vrm.2.18 "Oh, Rama! During a battle and a great war between Devas and Asuras long ago, I protected your father who was pierced by darts.
vrm.2.25 Depart now, Oh, Rama "Oh, Rama! Worshipped by me, let the hosts of Devas headed by Siva, the great sages, the Bhutas, the Asuras, the Uragas and the four quarters wish well of you, who is setting forth to forest,
vrm.2.51 When Rama, the son of Dasaratha is lying on the ground with Sita, how is it possible for me to sleep or to enjoy the pleasures of life? See that Rama, who cannot be vanquished in combat even by the Devas and Asuras combined, now sleeping profoundly on the grass along with Sita.
vrm.2.107 "O, My brother! Long ago, when our father married your mother, he promised your maternal grandfather that he would confer his kingdom as an exceptional marriage dowry" "Thereafter, in a conflict between Devas and Asuras, your mother received the promise of two boons from the efficient lord of the earth, King Dasaratha, as a token of his joy and gratitude.
vrm.3.11 Once upon a time verily cruel brothers Vaataapi and Ilvala were here together, and they the dreadful Asuras, they say, used to be Bhraman killers.
vrm.3.12 "By this bow, oh, Rama, once Vishnu eliminated horrible Asuras in war and brought back radiant prosperity to the Devas.
vrm.3.23 b, a "Let Raghava triumph over these mighty Nisacharas from the lineage of Pulastya, as with Vishnu who once conquered all the mighty Asuras in war.
vrm.3.32 One who is severally bruised in several combats of Devas and Asuras with the thunderbolts from the Vajra weapon of Indra, and one who is severally blotched on his chest when the prongs of the tusks of Airavata, the lordly Elephant of Indra, gored his chest, at such a Ravana Shuurpanakha saw.
vrm.3.45 a, b "Oh, Vaidehi, your husband is an impossible one for vincibility by Pannagas, Asuras, Gandharvas, Devas, Danavas and Rakshasas, no doubt about it.
vrm.4.58 and I have even seen those empyrean worlds that were triply trodden by Vishnu, and the intermediary regions of upper and lower worlds where Devas and Asuras combated ghastlily, and because I am that aged I have also seen the unseeable
vrm.5.1 "O best among mountains Mainaka! You have been positioned here by Devendra as an obstacle to the groups of Asuras living in Patala.
vrm.5.1 "You are standing at the entrance of Patala which is difficult to measure, fully covering it, when Asuras courageous by birth are trying to rise up again.
vrm.5.2 Hanuma saw such that city of Lanka, which was difficult to overcome even for Devas or Asuras, and thought thus repeatedly.
vrm.5.7 Hanuma saw houses glittered by various riches, well worshipped by Devas and Asuras, devoid of all flaws and obtained by the self might of rakshasas.
vrm.5.20 Suras" and Asuras defeated with broken flags by me in war many times are powerless to stand in an army against me.
vrm.5.21 "My husband who is a destroyer of foes will take me away from you like Lord Vishnu with three steps taking away the brilliant prosperity from Asuras.
vrm.5.33 Why?" "O auspicious lady! In whom are you born whether in Suras or in Asuras or in Nagas, Gandharvas or Rakshasas or in Yakshas or in Kinnaras?"
vrm.5.36 If the goddess of Death along with Asuras and Devas stand firmly in the way of Rama at that time, he will kill them also.
vrm.5.38 "O Rama! Eventhough you are strong, excellently skilled in archery and a truthful man, why are you not utilizing your arrow on Rakshasas?" "Neither the Nagas or Gandharvas or Asuras nor the Maruts are able to resist the onrush of Rama in battle.
vrm.5.46 Devas, Asuras, Sages along with the Nagas, the Yakshas, the Gandharvas were conquered by my along with you all together.
vrm.5.46 "The three worlds including Indra, Suras, Asuras and humans are not fit to stand before you in the battle field.
vrm.5.47 That chariot was unassailable by Suras or Asuras.
vrm.5.47 Their unmatched get together in combat became a baffle to even the Suras and Asuras.
vrm.5.47 His swift moving prowess trembles even the minds of Suras and Asuras.
vrm.5.48 You cause anguish even to Suras and Asuras.
vrm.5.50 "I am incapable of being bound by missiles and nooses even by Devas and Asuras.
vrm.5.51 "Who is capable even among Devas and Asuras, to withstand the arrows discharged by Lakshmana, in the wake of the fury of Rama? "O king! No one is known in the three worlds, who have gained happiness, by doing harm to Rama.
vrm.5.51 "She is incapable of being devoured with one s might even by Devas and Asuras, any more than food mixed with abundant poison could be digested with one s digestive power, if consumed.
vrm.5.51 "You may be thinking that you are immune from death from Devas and Asuras, because of your austerities.
vrm.5.51 "The renowned Rama, who is equal in prowess to Vishnu is the foremost among Devas or Asuras or men, or among hordes of Yakshas or among all Vidyadharas, or among Gandharvas or among Uragas or among Siddhas or among excellent Kinnaras or among Patatris Suparnas or among all living beings at all places and at all times.
vrm.5.52 You are indeed excellent among all the Suras and Asuras in these matter.
vrm.5.52 Even Suras and Asuras cannot conquer you.
vrm.5.52 "O Ravana who can gladden the hearts of Rakshasas! It is not proper for you, who are difficult to be conquered by even Suras and Asuras having sufficient prowess energy and courage, to crush the arrival of a war.
vrm.5.59 How much more, the Rakshasas in battle? Tell me any one who can fight against Mainda or Dvivida, among Gandharvas or Uragas or Pakshis the birds or the Devas, Asuras or Yakshas.
vrm.5.67 "O Rama! Why are you not employing the same type of a missile on the Rakshasas, though you are the foremost among the wielders of missiles, though courageous and possessed of good disposition?" "Neither the Nagas nor even Gandharvas nor the Asuras nor the troop of Maruts, nor all of them joined together are capable of fighting with Rama.
vrm.6.1 Who can return alive, having entered once taking refuge only in self command, the city of Lanka, which is unconquerable by Devas, Asuras and Yakshas and even by Gandharvas, Nagas and Rakshasas and well under the custody of Ravana?
vrm.6.12 Earlier, together with you, I conquered the Devas in a battle between the Devas and Asuras.
vrm.6.19 O, Rama the tiger among men! Why not Vibhishanas words, which are soothing at this time of crisis be agreeable also to us? Without constructing a bridge across this fiery ocean, which is an abode of Lord Varuna, even the Devas and Asuras along with Indra cannot reach the city of Lanka.
vrm.6.27 By the intelligent Jambavan, a great help was rendered to Indra in a battle between Devas and Asuras and many boons were obtained.
vrm.6.27 This Samnada, whose striding prowess is equal to that of Indra was born of a youthful Gandharva maiden and krishnavartman for the purpose of helping the Devas in a combat between Devas and Asuras.
vrm.6.35 Grandfather" Brahma, the lord, created only two classes of beings, the Devas and Asuras.
vrm.6.35 Devas take refuge in righteousness and Asuras in unrighteousness.
vrm.6.35 Unrighteousness is indeed on the side of Rakshasas and Asuras.
vrm.6.37 "Observe this city of Lanka, ruled by Ravana, impregnable both to Devas and Asuras together, or the Uragas and Gandharvas.
vrm.6.41 That army of Vanaras, guarded by Rama, Lakshmana and Sugreeva became even more invinceible than all the Suras and Asuras put together.
vrm.6.42 In the meantime, a terrible struggle ensued between the Rakshasas and the Vanaras, as in the former times between Devas and Asuras.
vrm.6.43 The headless trunks of Vanaras and Rakshasas sprang up here and there in the midst of that tumultuous conflict, which resembled the war between Devas and Asuras.
vrm.6.48 "Even Suras and Asuras along with Indra cannot vanquish there two heroes in battle.
vrm.6.50 "Hearing the words of Sugreeva, Sushena replied as followers: A highly terrific and great was between Devas and Asuras was perceived by me.
vrm.6.50 "Even the most valiant Asuras or the exceedingly strong Vanaras or the Devas together with the Gandharvas having Devendra in their forefront are unable to untie this awfully terrific entanglement of arrows created through his power of sorcery by Indrajit of terrific deeds.
vrm.6.57 Hearing the words of Ravana, Prahasta the Army General spoke the following words to Ravana, like Ushana the preceptor of Asuras would speak to Bali, the king of Asuras.
vrm.6.59 Beholding Ravana struck in the fight by Hanuma s palm the sages, Vanaras, Siddhas, along with Asuras and Devas raised a resounding approbation.
vrm.6.59 Seeing Ravana despite his redoubtable strength swooned on the battle field, sages and Vanaras began to shout in triumph as did also Devas and the Asuras.
vrm.6.59 That Ravana, the adversary of Indra being vanquished, the Devas, Asuras the multitude Bhutas in all the quarters, the creatures of the ocean with the great Uragas as also all beings on earth and in waters rejoiced very much.
vrm.6.62 O the foremost of Rakshasas! For several times, in battles between Devas and Asuras, you conquered the Devas and Asuras, after attacking them in the battle.
vrm.6.67 "Even otherwise, this Sugreeva can win the freedom himself despite he is taken away by Devas including Asuras and Uragas.
vrm.6.71 Brahma, the lord of creation, granted a boon, exempting him from death at the hands of Devas and Asuras as also this wonderful armour and the chariot shining like the sun.
vrm.6.73 Those Vanaras, tormented by the arrows in battle, with their limbs severed, fell down with their aspirations shaken, like the great Asuras fallen down by the Devas.
vrm.6.74 Having uprooted that mountain, frightening the worlds together with the leaders of Suras and Asuras inhabiting them and being praised by many aerial beings, Hanuma sprang up into the sky and proceeded expeditiously with the terrible speed of Garuda the eagle.
vrm.6.76 But Kumbhakarna your father on his part is tolerating the Suras and Asuras.
vrm.6.84 If that Indrajit, the foremost of Rakshasas completes the sacrifice, he would not be visible even to the Suras and Asuras in battle.
vrm.6.89 That tumultuous and terrific battle accompanied by a great noise, occured between the Vanaras and the Rakshasas as between enraged Devas and Asuras.
vrm.6.90 That arrow had been presented to him, in the course of a dream, by Kubera, of immense glory himself, which was difficult to be conquered and much more difficult to be tolerated even for Suras and Asuras including Indra.
vrm.6.90 With the help of that arrow, the highly powerful and valiant Indra, who had Green Horses to his chariot, was able to conquer the Danavas in a combat which raged between Devas and Asuras.
vrm.6.92 "As a consequence of that austerity alone and by the grace of Brahma the lord of creation, there was never a fear for me either from the Asuras or from the Devas.
vrm.6.92 "In the course of combats with the Devas and Asuras, the armour gifted to me by Brahma, the lord of creation, which is as brilliant as the sun, could not be mutilated by those who held the thunderbolt in their fists.
vrm.6.92 "Who will, be it Indra himself, dare to attack me on the battle field now, when mounted on chariot on this field of battle, and duly wearing the aforesaid armour?" "Let that large bow of mine, which was given at that time to me along with arrows by the gracious Brahma the lord of creation, on the occasion of my combat between Devas and Asuras, be taken out today to the accompaniment of a band of musical instruments, for the purpose of killing Rama and Lakshmana in the great battle.
vrm.6.102 Getting rejoiced on observing that great battle, all the Suras and Asuras who had come to witness the conflict at that time, responded:
vrm.6.102 The Asuras who reached there cried out to Ravana, "Be victorious!".
vrm.6.105 "Worship the Sun god, the ruler of the worlds, who is crowned with the rays, who appears at the horizon, who is greeted by the Devas and Asuras alike, shines forth covering up all other lights and brings light to the world.
vrm.6.105 He protects the multitude of Devas and Asuras as well as their worlds by his rays.
vrm.6.110 "This danger has come from a mortal to him, who did not conceive any fear from the Asuras or the Suras or even the Pannagas for that matter!"
vrm.6.110 "He who could not be killed by Suras, Yakshas and Asuras alike, could be killed by a mortal like one devoid of strength.
vrm.7.6 And Namuchi and Kalanemi, and that foremost of heroes, Sanhrada and Radheya, and Vahumayi, and the virtuous Lokapala, and Yamala, and Arjuna, and Hardikya, and Sumbha and Nisumbhaka, Asuras and Danavas endowed with strength and possessed of terrific prowess all these, who, having come to the field, had never been heard of as worsted, who had performed hundreds of sacrifices, who had been well skilled in illusion, who had been versed in every branch of knowledge, and who were the terrors of their foes have by hundreds and by thousands been destroyed by Narayana.
vrm.7.23 And making the Nivatakavachas desist from battle the ancient great father spake in clear words Even the Devas and the Asuras are not able to vanquish this Ravana in battle ;nor can the Danavas backed by the Devas can destroy you.
vrm.7.27 the Asuras, Danavas and Suparnas.
vrm.7.27 Salutation unto thee, god, O lord of gods, O thou worshipped of the Devas and Asuras.
vrm.7.28 Hearing those words of Ravana the night rangers said "That man, who crusheth down the pride of the Devas and Asuras, hath entered hither.
vrm.7.29 In this wise he got on his chariot many a female of the Nagas, Rakshas, Asuras, Yakshas, Danavas and of men.
vrm.7.30 O lord of Rakshasas, these illusory powers being usued in a conflict, even the Devas and Asuras shall not be able to perceive his course.
vrm.7.32 Being thus addressed by Sakra the lord Naranaya; said "Do not fear, hear what I say He is invincible by vitue of the boon, and that vicious souled one is incapable of being vanquished even by the Devas and Asuras.
vrm.7.33 And the encounter between Mahendra s son Jayanta and Ravana s son Meghanada, and that between the Devas and Rakshas was like one between Devas and Asuras.
vrm.7.33 Surrounded by Asuras and Rakshasas and with the celestial car he encountered Mahendra in the battle field.
vrm.7.34 In the interim beholding Ravana brought under his grasp by Sakra the Asuras and Rakshasas cried aloud.
vrm.7.40 Thereupon the afflicted Devas, Gandharvas, Asuras and men repaired to the Patriarch Brahma with a view to bring about the well being of created beings.
vrm.7.43 The learned duly, in their sacrifices, worship that Hari, respected of people and drinking nectar, who is the lord of the universe, whose origin we do not know, who is daily worshipped by the Devas and Asuras, who is highly powerful Narayana from whose navel has spumg Brahma, the creator of the world, and who has created the Universe consisting of mobile and immobile beings.
vrm.7.44 The Devas, Asuras or Nagas none is capable of casting his looks upon him.
vrm.7.50 Thereupon the highly effulgent Rama, the descendant of Raghu said to Sugriva :"O gentle one, proceeding to the city of Kishkindha, hard to be got at by the Devas and Asuras, do thou reign there undisturbed with thy councillors.
vrm.7.60 Even that Rama, who, when enraged, is capable of slaying the Devas, Gandharvas, Asuras and Rakshasas, hath been engaged in the worship of destiny.
vrm.7.61 During the encounter between the Devas and Asuras, the Asuras, being remonstrated with by the Devas sought shelter of the wife of Bhrigu thy priest.
vrm.7.61 Having beheld the Asuras thus helped by Bhrigu s wife, Hari, the king of the Devas, enraged, chopped of her head with his sharp discus.
vrm.7.72 Beholdng that lord of men, the Vulture said :"O preserver of humanity, thou art the foremost, of Devas and Asuras.
vrm.7.74 Having obtained this wonderful boon from the god, Madhu foremost of Asuras caused a splendid city to be constructed.
vrm.7.76 O Kakutstha, this shaft was forged when invisible by Devas and Asuras the divine self sprung and invincible deity reposed on the mighty main, and when creation was oppressed by Madhu and Kaitabha as well as other Rakshasas.
vrm.7.82 Beholding that dart like unto the fire of dissolution, and dreadful like unto the lords of Danavas, mountains and Asuras, the creatures were greatly terrified.
vrm.7.82 What more, being disturbed, the Devas, Asuras, Gandharvas, saints and Apsaras and all other creatures of the world approached the Great Patriarch, the conferrer of boons and said: "The fear of the Devas and the destruction of the creatures hath arrived.
vrm.7.97 O thou having long arms, formerly, during the war between Devas and Asuras there flourished a highly honored Asura under the name of Vritra.
vrm.7.98 Beholding that foremost of Asuras, the Devas were greatly terrified and began to think of plans by which they would be able to slay him and not be defeated.
vrm.7.101 I have never seen before a like beauty amongst the Devas,Nagas, Asuras and Apsaras.
vrm.7.117 Then thou didst create two highly powerful Asuras named Madhu and Kaitabha.
vrm.7.117 At that time the bones of those two Asuras having been scattered far and wide this earth containing many mountains was named Medini.
vrm.7.122 The high souled Rishis and great Asuras followed the high souled Rama to the open gates of heaven.

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