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vrm.4.30 "On seeing the flawless Asana trees flowered as if with golden flowers, she checks up for my availability thereabout, but now finding me nowhere near her, how can she be happy.
vrm.4.30 "In the forest that is portrayed with the flourishing Baana and Asana trees, where the honeybees are humming elatedly, there alone the Kamadeva, Manmatha, is moving about unimpededly taking his bow to punish the lovesick.
vrm.4.30 "On mountain terraces there appear flowered Asana trees, seven leaved banana plants, Kovidara, Bandhujiiva trees, and the Shyaama creepers.
vrm.5.2 Standing on that mountain, the Elephant among Vanaras, Hanuma, saw pine trees, Karnikaras, Date Palms in full blossom, Priyalas, Lemon trees, wild Jasmine trees, Mogra trees, long Pepper trees filled with sweet fragrance, Kadamba trees and seven leaved Banana trees, Asana trees, Kovidaras, Karaviras in full blossom, trees that were tied by the weight of their flowers and flower buds, that were distressed by Birds, with their crests moved by wind, wells and various glorious pleasure groves filled by various trees that give fruits and flowers in all seasons and beautiful gardens also, surrounded by various ponds consisting of swans and ducks.

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