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vrm.1.38 "When the time rolled by then the elder wife Kesini gave birth to the son of Sagara who is reputed by the name Asamanja.
vrm.1.38 But, oh, best one among men, oh, Rama, the elder son of the king Sagara, namely Asamanja, always used to grab and hurl children into the waters of River Sarayu, and on seeing the drowning children he used to enjoy with laughter.
vrm.1.38 a This way, when that son Asamanja is with sinister activity, a torturer of goodmen, and delighter in the undesirable activities towards citizens, his father king Sagara expatriated him from the city.
vrm.1.38 But Asamanja s son is a valorous one, who by name is Anshuman, and who is an acceptable one for all people and who fondly converses with all.
vrm.1.39 b, a "Oh, best one among men, Rama, that Vedic ritual of Sagara came to pass in between those two mountains, namely Himalayas and Vindhya ranges, and oh, tigerly man Rama, that area is renowned for Vedic rituals, isn t it! b, a "Oh, dear sire Rama, the grandson of Sagara and the son of exiled Asamanja is Amshuman, oh, descendant of Kakutstha, which Anshuman s bow will be unfaltering and who is a top speeded chariot rider, and he has escorted ritual Horse released.
vrm.1.41 "On hearing that enquiry of Amshuman that directional Elephant with great perception replied on its part saying, oh Amshuman, son of Asamanja, on achieving your mission you will return expeditiously along with the Horse.
vrm.1.41 "But he on whom the control of anguish has chanced for not physically seeing his paternal uncles, that son of Asamanja then wept, as he is highly agonised and extremely anguished at their destruction.
vrm.1.70 From Sagara it is Asamanja and from Asamanja it is Amshuman, and from Amshuman it is Dilipa, and the son of Dilipa is
vrm.2.36 There, the aged and the upright chief minister Siddhartha by name who was highly esteemed by the king, spoke to Kaikeyi these words: Asamanja" the evil minded, catching hold of children playing in the street and throwing them in the waters of saryu river, took delight in it" By watching him, all the citizens were angry and spoke to the king, "choose either to keep yourself Asamanja alone or to preserve us, Oh the promoter of the state!" Thereupon the king said to them, "For what reason is this fear? Duly asked by the king, those people also replied these words:
vrm.2.36 "The highly righteous King Sagara abandoned Asamanja for perpetration sinful deeds as above.
vrm.2.110 Asamanja" was Sagara s son.
vrm.2.110 There was a hearsay that on account of his wicked deeds, Asamanja was banished by his father even during his life time.
vrm.2.110 "A valiant son called amshuman was born to Asamanja.

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