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vrm.2.23 Arrows are not for staying immobile.
vrm.3.37 Arrows" as it jets of fire, bow and sword as it firewood that fire called Rama will be blazing in war, and it will be inapt of you to enter into such an uninfringeable fire, recklessly.
vrm.5.21 Arrows" with good nodes, with blazing tips, like snakes, with characteristic signs of Rama and Lakshmana will fall down soon here in Lanka.
vrm.5.21 Arrows" tied with the plumes of an eagle will hit Rakshasas everywhere in this city and will cover the city without space.
vrm.6.107 Arrows of great speed, fallen on Matali s body, did not cause even a pretty little of bewilderment or hurt on him in that battle.

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