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vrm.1.37 "While god Shiva is undertaking ascesis thus, then the Devas desiring an Army Chief for Deva forces have arrived in the audience of Forefather Brahma, along with Indra and keeping Agni at their fore.
vrm.1.37 Oh, god Brahma, he who has hypothetically given a Chief of Deva Army in the form of his potence that god Shiva is undertaking a supreme ascesis, indeed along with Goddess Uma.
vrm.1.37 "All of the Devas have then come together under the leadership of Agni and they anointed that highly resplendent boy, Skanda, or Kaartikeya, as the Chief of Deva Army troops.
vrm.6.4 Oh Nila the chief of Army! Steer the army speedily by the path, abound with fruits and roots, cool woods and fresh water and honey.
vrm.6.25 "Knowing also accurately who the Chief of Army of those high souled Vanaras is, you have to come back quickly.
vrm.6.28 The other whom you see as an unshakable mountain and standing in the centre of Vanaras as a Lord of all chiefs of Vanaras, with a boundless energy and who, like a Himalayan hill, very much radiating the other Vanaras by his splendour, glory, wisdom, strength and his noble descent, who occupies along with the chiefs of Army Generals, a secret place called Kishkindha, with its forests and trees and the place inaccessible because of its impassable mountains, in which is established a good fortune of Devas and human beings, whose charming and golden coloured garland with hundred lotuses is beautifying, that person is Sugreeva.
vrm.6.57 Hearing the words of Ravana, Prahasta the Army General spoke the following words to Ravana, like Ushana the preceptor of Asuras would speak to Bali, the king of Asuras.
vrm.6.58 He is the Rakshasa named Prahasta, the Army general of Ravana.
vrm.6.58 Seeing Nila who was running towards him in the battle field, as a rocking wind in the sky rushes towards a large massive clouds, Prahasta the Army general attacked Nila himself with his chariot having the sun s colour.
vrm.6.58 That Prahasta the Army General, who was excellent among the wielders of bow, drew the bow string and hurled the arrows towards Nila in that great battle.
vrm.6.58 Thier chief of Army having been killed, those Rakshasas could not continue to stand firmy there, any more than water on reaching a breached bridge.
vrm.6.58 That Prahasta the chief of Army having been slain, those Rakshasas dumb dispirited and inactive, regained the abode of their king.
vrm.6.59 While Prahasta the Army chief of Rakshasas was slain in the battle by Nila the foremost among the Vanaras, Ravana s army possessing terrible arms took to flight with the speed of a tide.
vrm.6.59 The Rakshasas went and told Ravana that Prahasta the Army chief had been killed by Nila the son of Agni.
vrm.6.59 Nila, the Army General of Vanaras, tormented by that hail of arrows, with one hand hurled a great rock at Ravana the king of Rakshasas.
vrm.6.59 Seeing that rock crumbling to pieces, Nila the Army general the destroyer of enemies who resembled the Fire of Time, glowed with fury.
vrm.6.59 Thus speaking, Ravana the long armed King of Rakshasas, having placed Agni Missile with his arrow, struck Nila the Army General.

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