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vrm.1.24 b, a "Indeed, what is this wretched forest that is dense with Dhava, Ashvakarna, Arjuna, Bilva, Tinduka, Patala, and Badari trees.
vrm.1.75 "Adhering to a barbarous mentality Kaartvaviirya Arjuna put my father to death, when the ascetically powerful father of mine has isolated himself from arsenal.
vrm.3.60 Otherwise, thou Arjuna tree, if thou knowest her who is a lover of thine Arjuna flowers and the ladylove of mine, thou telleth whether that slender waisted daughter of Janaka liveth or otherwise.
vrm.4.1 Muchukunda" trees, also Arjuna trees are seen on mountain terraces.
vrm.4.27 And bloomed Malati and Jasmine bushes, also trees like Sindhuvara, Shirrishika, further the trees like Kadamba, Arjuna, and Sarja in bloom, are brightening it and it is delightful.
vrm.4.27 "As if seeded by the wish of some divine creativity the rows of sandalwood trees that are virtually captivating have sprang forth uniformly, so also, the rows of Arjuna trees too appear in a similar pattern.
vrm.4.28 "It is very likely to climb up the flight of stairs of clouds to bedeck the Sun with the garlands of white wild jasmines, and red Arjuna flowers.
vrm.4.28 "This mountain is full with its blooming Arjuna flowers, further fragranced by Ketaka flowers, and like Sugreeva, whose enemy is silenced, the downpours are anointing this mountain.
vrm.4.28 "Plentiful in Kadamba, Sarja, Arjuna, Kandala trees, with the heaps of their reddish flowers fallen on ground, and the forest interior is aplenty with the watery nectar of those fallen flowers.
vrm.4.28 "Well screaming are the peahens voluptuously, overspread are these pasturelands with red beetles, also fragranced are they with Neepa and Arjuna flowers, and the Elephants are moving about these verily pleasant interiors of the forests.
vrm.4.30 "Now pausing are the high speeded rainy winds, which once speedily swooped with water in their wombs, and wafted the fragrance of Kutaja and Arjuna flowers.
vrm.6.4 On the lovely mountain slopes, in blossom on all sides, Ketaki and Sindhuvara trees, the charming Vasanti, Madhavi creepers with flowers full of scent, clumps of jasmine, Chiribila, Madhuka, Vanjula and Vakula, Ranjanka and Tilaka, Nyavriksha all in flower, Mango, Patalike, Kovidara in flower, Muchulinda, Arjuna, Simsupa and Kutaja, Hintala, Timisa, Chirna and Nipa, blue Ashoka, Sarala, Ankola and Padmaka all these trees were crawled in excitement by the Vanaras who were delighted.
vrm.6.22 Those Vanaras filled the ocean with all types of trees like Sala and Asvakarna, Dhava and bamboo, Kutaja, Arjuna, palmyra,Tilaka, Tinisa, Bilva, Saptaparna, Karnika, in blossom as also mango and Asoka.
vrm.6.39 Thick with Champaka, Ashoka, Vakula Sala and palmyra trees, covered with groves of Tamala and Panasa trees, surrounded with rows of Nagakesara trees, Lanka looked splended on all sides like the city of Amaravati reigned by Indra with green lawns and variegated avenues and with beautiful trees of various kinds like Hintala, Arjuna, Nipa Saptaparna in full flowering, Tilaka, Karnikara and Patal whose crests were laden with flowers and which were intertwined with climbers laden with multi coloured flowers and red tender leaves.
vrm.7.6 And Namuchi and Kalanemi, and that foremost of heroes, Sanhrada and Radheya, and Vahumayi, and the virtuous Lokapala, and Yamala, and Arjuna, and Hardikya, and Sumbha and Nisumbhaka, Asuras and Danavas endowed with strength and possessed of terrific prowess all these, who, having come to the field, had never been heard of as worsted, who had performed hundreds of sacrifices, who had been well skilled in illusion, who had been versed in every branch of knowledge, and who were the terrors of their foes have by hundreds and by thousands been destroyed by Narayana.
vrm.7.24 Vritra, Danu, Suka, Sambhu, Nishumbha, Sumbha, Kalanemi, Prahlada and others, Kula, Vairochana, Mridu, Jamala, Arjuna, Kansa, Kaitabha, and Madhu used to impart heat like the sun, appear resplendant like the rays, move about like air and pour showers like Indra.
vrm.7.31 And the interior of the forest was beautified with the brilliant groves of Karnikara, with Kadamba and Vakula trees, groves of full blown lotuses, the waters of Mandakini, with Champaka, Asoka, Punnaga Mandara, Mangoe, Patala, Lodra, Pryangu, Arjuna, Ketaka, Tagara, Coconut, Pyala, Panasa and various other trees.
vrm.7.36 There reigned a king named Arjuna, effulgent like fire which was kept perpetually in a well covered with Sara.
vrm.7.36 One day the highly powerful Arjuna, the king of Haihayas, repared to the river Narmada, with his wives to sport.
vrm.7.36 "Where is the king Arjuna? Do ye speedily tell me; I am Ravana, I have come to fight with your king.
vrm.7.37 At no distance from where on the banks of tbe river Narmada, that dreadful lord of Rakshasas collected the flowers, Arjuna, the King of Mahishmati, and the foremost of the victorous, was sporting with his wives in the water And being encircled by them the king Arjuna appearo like a leading elephant surrounded by a thousands of she elephants.
vrm.7.37 Hearing the words of Suka and Sarana, Ravana exclaimed "This is Arjuna" and proceeded to fight with him.
vrm.7.37 And the lord of Rakshasas proceeded against Arjuna with Mahodara, Mahaparshva, Dhrumakshya, Suka and Sarana.
vrm.7.37 Within a short time the dreadful Rakshasa, powerful as the elephant Arjuna, reached the banks of Narmada and espied there Arjuna encircled by females as an elephant surrounded by she elephants.
vrm.7.37 At the very sight the eyes of the lord pf Rakshasas, proud of his prowess, grew red and addressing the councillors of the king Arjuna he said "Do ye communicate unto the king of Haihayas that Ravana, the lord of Rakshasas, hath come to fight with him.
vrm.7.37 Heaing the words of Ravana, the ministers of Arjuna stood up with arms and said "O good Ravana, thou art well cognizant Of the proper time for fighting.
vrm.7.37 Or even if thou art anxious to enter speedily into conflict with Arjuna do thou slay us all at first, and then fight with the king.
vrm.7.37 There arose a dreadful uproar on the banks of Narmada, of the councillors of Ravana and Arjuna.
vrm.7.37 The warriors of Arjuna assailed Ravana and his ministers with hundreds of arrows, Pracas, darts, Tomaras, thunder bolts and Karpanas.
vrm.7.37 The warriors of Arjuna became dreadfully furious and emitted cies like the roaring of the deep infested with crocodiles, fishes and other marine monsters.
vrm.7.37 Thereupon being enraged and displaying their own prowess Suka, Sarana and other ministers of Ravana began to destroy Arjuna s soldiers.
vrm.7.37 The eyes of that fire like Arjuna were reddened with fire and he shone dreadfully like the fire of dissolution.
vrm.7.37 Holding up the huge club and hurling it with his arms, Arjuna, resorting to the velocity of Garuda.
vrm.7.37 Not the least agitated on beholding that mace, the king Arjuna, by his club, bafled its action.
vrm.7.37 All the councillors having thus led away and Prahasta bemg slain Ravana speedily proceeded towards Arjuna, the foremost of kings.
vrm.7.37 Thereupon there ensued a terrible encounter capable of making down erect between the thousand armed Arjuna, the king of men, and the twenty armed Ravana, the king of Rakshasas, And taking up their clubs Arjuna and Ravana began to ight with one another emitting cries like the mutterings of clouds, like unto two huge bulls fighting for a cow, two agitated oceans, two moving mountains, two effulgent Adityas, two burning flames, two proud elephants, two proud lions and like the very Rudra and Kala.
vrm.7.37 Being placed against the breast of Ravana Arjuna s club rendered, for a moment.
vrm.7.37 And striking again and again against Arjuna s breast Ravana s club looked hke a huge fire brand.
vrm.7.37 Arjuna was not worn out nor was Ravana.
vrm.7.37 Thereuponworked up with rage, Arjuna, with his full might, smote Ravana with his club.
vrm.7.37 Still wounded by the the mace of Arjuna, Ravana, after hiding tears, ran away at a distance of four feet and stood there.
vrm.7.37 Beholding Ravana thus overwhelmed, Arjuna sprung up and caught him like Garuda holding a serpant and Vishnu binding Bali.
vrm.7.37 Dasagriva being thus bonded the Siddhas, Charanas and the Devas exclaimed, "Well done! Well done !!"showered flowers upon Arjuna.
vrm.7.37 Not the least moved thereby the king Arjuna, the slayer of enemies, bore those weapons of the enemies of the Devas.
vrm.7.37 Thereupon baffling the weapons of the Rakshasas by means of many a dreadful and excellentweapons, Arjuna, the king of Haihayas, drove them away like winds scatteing the clouds.
vrm.7.38 And beholding that dreadful Rishi approach like unto Aditya walking on foot, the warders communicated the intelligence unto the king Arjuna.
vrm.7.38 And beholding the ascetic resembling the rising sun arrived, the king Arjuna bowed unto him reverentially like Indra saluting Mahadeva.
vrm.7.38 Thereupon having enquired of the king about his piety, offerings and the well being of his sons, Pulastya said to Arjuna, the king of Haihayas "O foremost of kings, O thou having eyes like lotus petals !O thou having a countenance like the full moon !When thou hast vanquished Ravana, thy prowess is matchless in the triple world.
vrm.7.38 Hearing this command of Pulastya, the king Arjuna did not utter a single world and set, most delightedly the king of Rakshasas, free Having released that foe of the Devas worshipped him with celestial ornaments and garlands and established friendship removing all enmities with Ravana before fire, and bowed unto Pulastya, the son of Brahma, he repaired to his pwn house.
vrm.7.38 O Rama, in this wise, the highly powerful Ravana was defeated by Arjuna and released by Pulastya.
vrm.7.38 Having acquired friendship with the thousand armed Arjuna, Dasanana, the king of Rakshasas.
vrm.7.39 Released by Arjuna, and yet not conceiving any shame, Ravana, the king of Rakshasas again began to traverse the earth.
vrm.7.52 Having sent away the golden Pushpaka, the highly powerful Rama entered the Asoka forest beautified by sandal, Aguru, Mangoe, dark sandal and Devadaru trees, and covered with Champaka, Aguru, Naga, Kesara, Madhuka, Panasa, Sarja, Parijata, resembling smokeless fire, Sodhra, Neepa, Arjuna, Naga, Saptaparna, Muktaka, Mandara, Kadali and various creepers, abounding in Priyanga, Kadamba, Vakula, Jambu, pomegranate, and Kadali trees, containing various flowers, picturesque, having many fruits, fragrant, decorated with new leaves and adorned with vaious other trees.

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