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vrm.7.21 And seeing the Maharshi Narada arrive there, Yama offering him Arghya according to the ordinance, addressed him saying, when he was seated at his ease: O Devarshi, is it well with thee ?And doth virtue deteriorate.
vrm.7.59 Thereupon proceeding a little on foot with Arghya in his hands, the wise Valmiki reached the banks of the river and saw that Raghava s spouse was bewailing like a helpless woman, Having gladdened a little the aggrieved Sita by virtue his own effulgence the great ascetic Valmiki addressed in following sweet accents "O chaste damsel, thou the daughter in law of Dasaratha, the beloved wife Rama and the daughter of Janaka; thy coming here is auspicious.
vrm.7.59 Do thou accept this Arghya now, and confiding in me do thou remove thy grief.
vrm.7.61 And they too, welcoming him, received him duly with seat, water to wash feet, Arghya, fruits and roots.
vrm.7.84 And having bowed unto the feet of the leading Muni, that foremost of men took from his hands water to wash feet and Arghya and accepted his hospitality.
vrm.7.116 And having welcomed him with water and Arghya the highly effulgent Rama asked him about his well being.

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