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vrm.7.93 Hearing the words of the vicious souled Danda, maddened with lust, Sukra s daughter humbly said O king of kings I am the daughter of the preceptor Sukra of unwearied actions and my name is Arajas.
vrm.7.93 Arajas having said this, the king Danda, maddened with lust, placing folded palms on his head, said: "Be thou propitiated with me, O thou having a graceful person ;do not tarry even for a moment.
vrm.7.93 Arajas cried aloud in forest at no distance from the hermitage and waited for her sire who had been away on visiting the Devas.
vrm.7.94 Therupon having heard everything about Arajas from a desciple, he, surrounded by his pupils, arrived at his own hermitage and beheld her there poorly, soiled with dust and like unto the morning rays Of the moon possessed by a planet.
vrm.7.94 Having addressed the inmates of the hermitage the great saint, said to Arajas.
vrm.7.94 Without any anxiety, O Arajas, do thou wait for the time at the picturesque banks of this pond extending over a Yojana.
vrm.7.94 Hearing the words of the Brahmana saint and preceptor Sukra, Arajas sorrowfully said to her father it shall be done.

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