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vrm.1.17 Let Vanara shaped progeny equalling Vishnu s valour be procreated from the physiques of prominent Apsara s and Gandharva s, from the girls of Yaksha s and pannaga s, and also thus from the bodies of Kinnaraa s, she Vidyadhara s, she riksha s and she Vanaras, and they shall be wizards of miracles and audacious ones, in travel they shall have air s speed, bestowed with intellect they shall be the knowers of ideation, and with their divine physique they shall be ineliminable, they shall be endowed with all the assaultive aspects of all missiles, and they shall be untiring in their efforts, like you
vrm.1.17 b, a Several of the Devas, great Sages, Gandharva s, Taarkshya s, Yaksha s, and the celebrated Uraga s, Kimpusha s, Siddha s, Vidyadhara s, Uraga s and Caarana s and even the prominent maidens of Apsara s, she Vidyadhara s, Naga, Gandharva s then gladly procreated all of the thousands of forest ranging and valiant Vanara sons from their bodies that are forest rangers.
vrm.1.43 b, a "Oh, Rama, all of the Devas along with the assemblages of sages, Daityas, Danavas, Rakshasas, and even great Uragas with Kinnara s, and Gandharva s with best Yaksha s, and even Sarpas and Apsara s, have delightfully moved after Ganga who is following the chariot of Bhagiratha, and why they, in fact, all of the aquatic beings have followed Ganga.
vrm.1.45 a highly righteous soul, named Dhanvantari, has firstly surfaced with his arm rest stick and with his handy water vessel, and then the remarkably elegant Apsara s, angelic damsels, have emerged next to him from the Milky Ocean.
vrm.1.45 b, "Choicest females have come out an elixir obtained on absolute churning of the waters of Milk Ocean, oh, best one among men, Rama, thereby that genera of females became Apsara s.
vrm.1.45 Six hundred millions of such Apsara s with amazing dazzle have emerged from the churning of Milky Ocean, oh, descendent of Kakutstha, and their maidservants who emerged along with them are innumerable.
vrm.1.45 "Anybody either from Devas or Asuras espoused them, and when none espoused them they are virtually reckoned as general purpose Apsara females.
vrm.1.49 There chanced an abundant floral fall form firmament to the drumbeats of Deva Dundhubi, and the Gandharva s, Apsara s revelled in a splendid festivity that is superb.
vrm.1.63 Then at a long lost time Menaka, the prominent Apsara, has arrived and started to swim for sport in that holy lake.
vrm.1.63 "On seeing her the sage having gone under the sway o Kama said this to her, oh, Apsara, you are welcome, I invite you to bide in my hermitage.
vrm.1.63 But on seeing the scared Apsara Menaka, who is shivering and waiting with suppliantly adjoined palms, he sent her away with pleasant words, and he that Vishvamitra indeed went to the northern Himalayan mountain.
vrm.1.63 "Then Indra along with all the assemblages of the Maruts spoke to Rambha, the Apsara, words that are advantageous to himself, but disadvantageous to the son of sage Kushi, namely Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.64 "Oh, Rama, when that Apsara is spoken thus by the Thousand eyed Indra, she diffidently said to that chief of Gods while adjoining her palms suppliantly.
vrm.1.73 There occurred rich and highly dazzling flower showers from firmament, and that ambience is filled with the drumbeats of divine drums and with vocal and instrumental music, and promenades of Apsara s danced, and even the Gandharva s sang tunefully, and because it is the marriage of celebrated bridegrooms from Raghu s dynasty, such a charming spectacle is envisioned.
vrm.1.76 Gods together with the assemblages of sages have come keeping the Grandparent Brahma at their fore, likewise the Gandharva s, Apsara s, Siddha s, Caarana s, Kinnara s, Yaksha s, sprites and reptilian beings have also come to see Rama who is now wielding the extraordinary longbow of Vishnu, and extremely amazing event that is going to ensue.
vrm.3.4 a King Kubera thus cursed angrily me for not presenting myself in his service when I was interested in an Apsara Rambha, and indeed he alone said this curse clearance to me.
vrm.3.11 sage Mandakarni, known as Five Apsara Lake.
vrm.3.11 Then all Gods assigned five important Apsara s, whose shine is like the sprint of the lightning, to effectuate hindrance in that sage s ascesis.
vrm.3.11 Also thus, those five Apsara s attained wifehood of that sage, and for them he built a house in there, concealed inside that lake.
vrm.3.11 While those five Apsara s are living in there, they are gratifying that sage according to his delight as youthfulness came upon that sage owing to his power of asceticism.
vrm.3.31 "No goddess can be likened to that mature lady a Gandharva female no a Apsara female no a pannaga female no, then how can there be a woman of her like? "You forcefully abduct his wife when she is in solitude, and indeed Rama will not exist reft of Seetha.
vrm.3.35 With thousands of maidens divine in their mien, namely Apsara s, who are prettified with divine ornaments and garlands, and who are also the experts in the methodical sex games that seaside is pervaded.
vrm.3.35 While Ravana, the brother of Kubera, is quickly transiting he saw everywhere the whitish and widish Aircrafts belonging to the deified souls who acquired higher worlds, and from those Aircrafts adorned with divine flowery tassels and piloted by the wish of their steersmen, instrumental and vocal music is resonating, and Gandharva s are singing and Apsara s are dancing in them.
vrm.3.46 "Oh, rosy faced one, are you the personified numen of Respect, Renown or Resplendence, or the Felicitous Lakshmi herself, or oh, curvaceous one, are you a nymphal Apsara, or the numen of Benefactress, or a self motivated woman, or Rati Devi, the consort of Manmatha, the Kamadeva.
vrm.3.54 Or Ravana placed down Seetha whose eyelashes are blackish and who is deep in bewilderment caused by whimpering, therein his palace chambers, as Rakshasa Maya once kept his lady love, an Apsara called Hema, in a Rakshasa Black Hole.
vrm.4.20 "Oh, endower of honour, Apsara s, will be proud of their beauty, youthfulness, and expertise in romance, and oh, honourable one, you can stir up their hearts towards you by your gallantry, definite is that.
vrm.4.24 "Though Vali with eyes like unblemished lotus petals reaches heaven he looks around for me, and not finding me there, he does not have a romance with Apsara s though they will be in amazing costumes and wear red coloured towering tiaras.
vrm.4.29 On observing clear sky on which back clouds and electric charges have disappeared, on which Saarasa Birds are vibrantly bustling and delightful moonshine is coated, and even on observing him whose riches are abundant, who has slowed down in accumulating probity and prosperity from the viewpoint of rectitude, highly engrossed in the course of unvirtuous profligates, whose heart is given to undisturbed privacy, and the one who on achieving his goals and dearest longings has turned away from other pursuits, who regained his choicest wife, and gained highly covetable Lady Tara, thus, who is always indulged in females, merrymaking day in and day out on a par with Indra, which Indra will be sporting with the cohorts of Gandharva and Apsara females, thereby he who is making much of his fortune on getting rid of other problems, besides, he who reposed the activity of kingdom in his ministers, yet, who does not make eyes at those ministers as he is doubtless of the kingdom which was once disrupted from his control, because, that kingdom is looked after well by the very same ministers, as such he is wallowing in promiscuity, such as he is, seeking the presence of such a Sugreeva, king of Vanaras and an explicator, and even on winning his grace, he who is forthright regarding norms of ethics, an exceptional knower of subtleties of transactions and the rubrics of duty and time, that golden tongued Hanuma, the son of Vayu, spoke sweet words that are reasonable, heart pleasing,
vrm.4.35 "Oh, Lakshmana, that great sage Vishvamitra clinging together with Ghritachi, an angelic Apsara, for a period of ten years, forsooth that virtue souled sage regarded that period as one day.
vrm.4.40 b, a "To enjoy frolicking in that Sudarshana Lake the Gods, Caarana s, Yaksha s, Kinnara s and hosts of Apsara females will be arriving at that lotus lake gladsomely.
vrm.4.41 a "From there you shall go and see the divine River Kaaveri there, a receptacle of limpid waters, to where throngs of Apsara s will be making pleasure trips.
vrm.4.41 Important Gods, sages, Yaksha s and even Apsara s will adore it, and it is overspread with the groups of Siddha s and Caarana s, and thus it will be heart stealing for a look.
vrm.4.43 "Where an expansive lake is there, which is replete with lotuses and costuses, overrun by swans and partridges, and adored by throngs of Apsara s, that is the place of Kubera, Deity for Wealth Management.
vrm.4.46 "There I saw the mountain wreathed in with ores, namely Mountain Udaya, the Sun Rise, and I have also seen the Milk Water Oceans which is forever an abode for Apsara s.
vrm.4.51 Indra", the Administrator of Worlds and destroyer of enemy citadels, on taking His Thunderbolt eliminated Maya, when that eminent Danava was engaged with an Apsara, a paradisiacal Apsara, called Hema.
vrm.4.51 "I am the daughter of Merusaavarni, oh, best Vanara, named Swayamprabha and I am safeguarding this mansion of her, that Apsara Hema.
vrm.4.51 Hema" is a virtuoso in dance and music and my dearest Apsara friend, and she bestowed a boon upon me by which none can dishonour me, and thus I am safeguarding this superb mansion.
vrm.4.66 Punjikasthala yclept Anjana is the nicest Apsara among all Apsara s and she is the wife of Kesari, the Vanara.
vrm.5.4 Hanuma heard a sweet song which was decorated by sound from the three svaras Mandra, Madhya and Tara of love lorne women like Apsara women in heaven.
vrm.6.13 Once I saw an Apsara, Punjikasthalaby name flashing like a flame, concealing herself in the sky and proceeding towards the abode of Brahma.
vrm.7.12 Thou mayst here this have heard of an Apsara named Hema.
vrm.7.12 And taking her hand with his own, Maya lord of Daityas laughing, said unto that lord of the Rakshasas, This daughter of mine, O king, borne by the Apsara, Hema, this my daughter named Mandodari do thou accept as thy wife.
vrm.7.66 Meanwhile encircled by her mates the leading Apsara arived there at her pleasure.

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