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vrm.1.38 But Asamanja s son is a valorous one, who by name is Anshuman, and who is an acceptable one for all people and who fondly converses with all.
vrm.1.39 b, a "Oh, best one among men, Rama, that Vedic ritual of Sagara came to pass in between those two mountains, namely Himalayas and Vindhya ranges, and oh, tigerly man Rama, that area is renowned for Vedic rituals, isn t it! b, a "Oh, dear sire Rama, the grandson of Sagara and the son of exiled Asamanja is Amshuman, oh, descendant of Kakutstha, which Anshuman s bow will be unfaltering and who is a top speeded chariot rider, and he has escorted ritual Horse released.

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