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vrm.2.32 Rama adored Suyajna with excellent Angadas armlets and beautiful earrings of gold, gems stung on gold threads as also with Keyuras another ornament similar in shape to an Angada but worn above it near the armpit and bracelets as well as with many other excellent precious stones.
vrm.5.49 Ravana was distinguished by arms, adorned with bracelets, smeared with excellent sandal paste and decked with shining Angadas another variety of bracelets and looking like large five hooded serpents.
vrm.6.41 All those four Rakshasas were shaken out by Angadas impetuous leap and fell on the ground there under the eyes of their king.
vrm.6.69 That javelin broke against Angadas chest, that was as hard as a diamond and fell to the earth.
vrm.6.76 Since Angadas blood was oozing out, his eyes were covered with blood Covering his eyes, dampened with blood, with one hand, he caught hold of a Sala tree nearby with another hand.
vrm.6.111 "How did this unknown danger come from a mortal to you, who were so powerful?" "O king! The body of yours which was really dark as glossy sapphire, gigantic like a lofty mountain and resplendent with Keyuras and Angadas two varieties of armlets and necklace of cat s eye gems and pearls and wreaths of flowers, which body looked more charming during your pleasure walks and dazzling in battle fields, which shone with luster of jewels as a rainy cloud with flashes of lightning lies transfixed in numerous sharp arrows today.

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