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vrm.1.3 Rama s visit to Sage Sarabhanga and Suteekshna their visiting hermitic lady Anasuya, and her smooth speaking with Seetha and also her giving a body cream to Seetha.
vrm.2.117 Atri, who knew righteousness and who was interested in the welfare of all beings, called his aged wife Anasuya who had just come there, she who was revered by all and addressed gently to her.
vrm.2.117 Atri excellent sage spoke to the illustrious Anasuya, rich in asceticism and who lived a pious life, saying "You welcome Videha s daughter!" and thereafter introduced that virtuous female ascetic to Rama as follows: "O, Irreproachable Rama! When the earth was burnt up by drought without break for ten years, this virtuous woman produced fruit and roots, caused the River Jahnavi to flow here, undergoing a rigid mortification enriched by pious observances, by whom the most severe asceticism was practised for ten thousand years and obstacles were done away with and by whom for the reason of a divine command, in a great hurry ten nights were reduced to one night.
vrm.2.117 This Anasuya, who has bathed after completion of the voes, is like a mother to you.
vrm.2.117 For your own good, approach the saintly Anasuya without delay.
vrm.2.117 Hearing these words of Rama, who is desirous of her welfare, Seetha the daughter of Mithila circumambulated around Anasuya, Atri s wife, who knows piety.
vrm.2.117 Seetha coolly and reverently paid homage to that fortunate Anasuya, a devoted and virtuous wife, who was feeble, wrinkled, aged, with her hair turned grey due to old age, and whose frame constantly shook like a banana tree in a storm.
vrm.2.117 Seetha introduced herself, by announcing her name to Anasuya.
vrm.2.117 Then, comforting that celebrated Seetha, engaged in righteous acts, Anasuya rejoicingly spoke as follows: "Luckily enough, you are attending to righteousness.
vrm.2.118 Anasuya having spoken thus, Seetha without any jealousy, full of reverence for her, addressed her gently as follows: "It is not a surprise that a venerable woman like a you, talk to me like this, for, I know well that a husband is a respectable person for a woman.
vrm.2.118 Hearing the words of Seetha, Anasuya was very much pleased, kissed on Seetha s forehead and spoke delightfully as follows "O, Seetha with a bright smile! There is a great merit acquired by me in virtue of my various pious observances.
vrm.2.118 Hearing those words of Anasuya, Seetha was surprised and with a gentle smile spoke to her, who was richly endowed with the power of askesis, saying "Everything stands fulfilled by your grace.
vrm.2.118 Thus spoken by Seetha, the pious minded Anasuya became more delighted and said: "O, Seetha! Alas! I will create a great joy for you, which will be to your advantage.
vrm.2.118 To inquire about a lovely tale of once upon a time, Anasuya who was firm in austerity, started asking the following words to Seetha who was sitting near her in that manner.
vrm.2.118 Then, Seetha obediently answered, saying "Hear me" and began to truly narrate that tale of Svayamvara to the virtuous woman, Anasuya.
vrm.2.119 Hearing that great story, Anasuya the knower of piety kissed Seetha s forehead and hugged her in her arms.
vrm.2.119 Then Seetha, adorning herself, resembled the daughter of a god, and making obeisance to the feet of Anasuya, she went forward to meet Rama.
vrm.2.119 Seetha, the daughter of Mithila kingdom then showed to Rama all the apparel, jewels and garlands the affectionate gifts of Anasuya the hermitess.
vrm.6.123 O Seetha! Here was seen by you, the virtuous Anasuya, the ascetic lady the wife of sage, Atri.

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