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vrm.1.39 b, a "Oh, best one among men, Rama, that Vedic ritual of Sagara came to pass in between those two mountains, namely Himalayas and Vindhya ranges, and oh, tigerly man Rama, that area is renowned for Vedic rituals, isn t it! b, a "Oh, dear sire Rama, the grandson of Sagara and the son of exiled Asamanja is Amshuman, oh, descendant of Kakutstha, which Anshuman s bow will be unfaltering and who is a top speeded chariot rider, and he has escorted ritual Horse released.
vrm.1.39 b, As for myself, I will stay here only along with my grandson, namely Amshuman, and with the congregation of religious teachers till the Horse appears, as I am under vow of the ritual.
vrm.1.41 "On observing that his sons have gone long time back in search of ritual Horse, oh, Rama, king Sagara spoke this to his grandson, Amshuman, who is radiant with his own self resplendence.
vrm.1.41 Thus King Sagara started speaking to his grandson Amshuman.
vrm.1.41 Thus king Sagara told his grandson Amshuman.
vrm.1.41 "When the great souled king Sagara has thoroughly said in this way, that adroitly agile Amshuman proceeded wielding a bow and a sword.
vrm.1.41 "Motivated by the King Sagara, oh, Rama, the best one among men, Amshuman progressed on the walkway that was hollowed out by his great souled paternal uncles inside the earth.
vrm.1.41 "And he that resplendent Amshuman beheld one of the four directional Elephant of the earth which is being venerated by Devas, Danavas, Rakshasas, Pisachas, Patangas and Uragas.
vrm.1.41 On circumambulating that Elephant in supplication, and even on enquiring after its well being, he that Amshuman has enquired in detail with it for his paternal uncles and even about the robber of the ritual Horse.
vrm.1.41 "On hearing that enquiry of Amshuman that directional Elephant with great perception replied on its part saying, oh Amshuman, son of Asamanja, on achieving your mission you will return expeditiously along with the Horse.
vrm.1.41 "All the Elephants that safeguard the directions of earth which have the faculties of articulation and eloquence have adored Amshuman and motivated him by saying, you will be going from here taking the Horse.
vrm.1.41 "On hearing that common blessing of all the directional Elephants, he that nimble footed Amshuman has gone to the place where his paternal uncles, sons of Sagara, were rendered as mounds of ashes.
vrm.1.41 "That tigerly man Amshuman who is overwhelmed by agony and anguish, also beheld there the Horse of Vedic ritual that is grazing nearby.
vrm.1.41 "When he that great resplendent Amshuman wanted to offer obsequial waters to the departed sons of Sagara and searched for water he has not found any fount of water.
vrm.1.41 "That great mighty son of Lady Vinata, namely Garuda, also spoke this word to Amshuman, do not bemoan, oh, tigerly man, this eradication of your paternal uncles is worthwhile to the worlds.
vrm.1.41 In fact, Kapila, the Imponderable Sage, has burnt down those great mighty paternal uncles of yours, oh, observant Amshuman, as such it will not be apt of you to offer the mundane obsequial water oblations to them, indeed.
vrm.1.41 Thus Garuda said to Amshuman.
vrm.1.41 "On hearing the words of that great winged eagle, Garuda, he that highly brave and well renowned Amshuman swiftly took the Horse, and returned to the ritual place of his grandfather, king Sagara.
vrm.1.41 "Then on reaching the King Sagara, who is under the vow of the ritual, oh, Rama, Amshuman described what all has happened and even the words of Garuda.
vrm.1.41 "On hearing those unendurable words from Amshuman, the king Sagara firstly completed the Vedic ritual scripturally and procedurally.
vrm.1.42 When King Sagara passed away owing to the irrefutable virtue of Time, the ministers and subjects of that kingdom are predisposed towards the highly honourable Amshuman to become their king and they enthroned him accordingly.
vrm.1.42 "He that Amshuman turned out to be a very great king, and oh, Rama of Raghu s dynasty, he begot a marvellous son who is renowned as Dilipa.
vrm.1.42 "Assigning the kingdom to Dilipa, oh, Rama of Raghu s dynasty, Amshuman undertook very stern ascesis on a pleasant peak of Himalayas desiring the descent of River Ganga to earth.
vrm.1.42 "On practising ascesis in ascetic woods for thirty two thousand years that highly renowned king Amshuman achieved heaven as he acquired only the wealth of practising the ascesis.
vrm.1.42 "The great resplendent Dilipa on hearing the elimination of his grandfathers, the sixty thousand sons of Sagara at the hand of sage Kapila, and with a mind that is marred by the plight of his father Amshuman in absolving the souls of Sagara s sons, he that Dilipa could not arrive at any decision concerning the descent of Ganga.
vrm.1.44 Like that, your grandfather Amshuman, who is unequalled in his resplendence in this world and who had been praying for the descent of Ganga, he also could not dispense with this vow on fulfilling it.
vrm.1.70 From Sagara it is Asamanja and from Asamanja it is Amshuman, and from Amshuman it is Dilipa, and the son of Dilipa is
vrm.2.110 Dilipa was Amshuman s son.

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