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vrm.1.17 who thrive on amrita, the Ambrosia, unmindful of thirst and hunger.
vrm.1.18 I deem your arrival is in the vein of mortals attaining Ambrosia, rainfall in a droughty land, a barren father begetting a son through his deserving wife, a regain of long lost treasures, and the gladness at a great happening, oh, great saint, welcome to you.
vrm.1.45 "Owing to the dispute regarding the possession of that Ambrosia, oh, Rama, then there chanced a rampant ethnic havoc, and then the sons of Aditi have havocked the sons of Diti.
vrm.2.61 The virtuous and the learned Brahmins, who are like unto Gods, do not accept afterwards even food as delicious as Ambrosia.
vrm.2.61 Thus, Rama cannot accept the kingdom taken away by other, as those not accepting an Ambrosia whose essence has been taken away or as in a sacrifice, stalks of Soma plant from which a beverage called Soma is prepared are lost.
vrm.2.91 To those soldiers who had partaken that food which was as sweet as Ambrosia, when they saw again those fresh dishes, there arose in them a desire to eat them again.
vrm.3.30 "In boasting you are knavish, in character roguish, and in behaviour ghoulish, such a Rakshasa as you are, I will take your life away as the Divine Eagle Garuda took away Ambrosia.
vrm.3.35 That seacoast is adored by the propitious wives of Gods and frequented by the assemblages of Gods who thrive upon Ambrosia, and even patronised by Rakshasas that strive for Ambrosia.
vrm.3.35 b, When his valour has become twice as much with that happiness that heedful Garuda indeed resolved to bring Ambrosia from heaven.
vrm.3.35 Smashing the guard of iron grid completely and crashing the unbreakable diamond like strongroom in which the Ambrosia is safeguarded, then Garuda carried off Ambrosia from the palace of Indra.
vrm.3.48 "Oh, Rakshasa, un mirrored is the prettiness of prettyish Shaci Devi, and one may live long on forcibly snatching her away from the hands of the wielder of Thunderbolt, Indra, but to him who intimidates or abuses me or women like me, there will be no Moksha, release from the cycle of rebirth, even if he has consumed Amrita Ambrosia.
vrm.3.66 Oh, Rama, as Gods have reaped Ambrosia after a prolonged churning of Milky Ocean, you are a reap of King Dasharatha s superlative ascesis and even by his superior acts.
vrm.4.58 Milky Ocean when it was churned for Ambrosia.
vrm.4.59 relishable like Ambrosia, then those best fly jumpers are gladdened and rejoiced.
vrm.4.66 Like that, by the order of Gods we ourselves have collected those herbal plants with which Ambrosia had to be churned from Milky Ocean, and in that way, then there used to be a great energy for us.
vrm.6.4 Where will he go alive? Hearing of my march to Lanka, Seetha will get back her hope in life, like a sick man having drunk poison touches Ambrosia at the end of his life.
vrm.6.50 "In the bosom of the milky ocean the best of oceans, rise the mountains called Chandra and Drona, where the Ambrosia was formerly churned.
vrm.6.126 "On hearing the news of Seetha, Rama for his part regained the hope to survive, as a dying patient would, on drinking the Ambrosia.

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