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vrm.1.61 "In the meanwhile the great king of Ayodhya, renowned as Ambarisha, embarked on to perform a Vedic ritual.
vrm.1.61 "But Indra impounded the animal of the principal of that ritual, namely king Ambarisha, and when that animal is really vanished, the officiant Brahman of the ritual spoke this to that king.
vrm.1.61 Thus, the priests of the ritual said to king Ambarisha.
vrm.1.61 "On reverencing and on obtaining the grace of ascetically brilliant great Sage Riciika, and even on asking him about his wellbeing in every aspect, that kingly sage Ambarisha, who is with great resplendence and whose brilliance is illimitable, said this word to that sage.
vrm.1.61 Thus, king Ambarisha bargained with the sage.
vrm.1.61 "On hearing the words of Sage Riciika the mother of those great souled sons spoke this word to the tigerly man Ambarisha.
vrm.1.61 Thus, wife Sage Ruciika said to Ambarisha.
vrm.1.61 "Oh, dextrous Rama, when that advocate of Veda s, namely Shunashepa finished his speech, then the king gave gold, silver, and gemstones, each in ten million heaps, and even a hundred thousand Cows, and oh, Rama, the legatee of Raghu, that king Ambarisha went away highly gladdened to take Shunashepa with him.
vrm.1.61 "That great resplendent and highly renowned king Ambarisha on his part proceeded hastily after ascending Shunashepa onto the chariot that hastily.
vrm.1.62 "Oh, Rama, the best one among men and the legatee of Raghu, on taking Shunashepa that highly renowned king Ambarisha took rest at noontime on the lakeside of Holy Lake.
vrm.1.62 "While the king Ambarisha is taking rest that highly brilliant Shunashepa came to the lakeside of main Holy Lake with high anxiety, and there he indeed saw his maternal uncle Sage Vishvamitra who is performing ascesis along with other sages.
vrm.1.62 b, a Oh, illustrious sage, you alone are the saviour to each and every one, isn t it! You alone are the guardian angel, isn t it! Hence, let the purpose of the king Ambarisha be achieved, and let longevity come to me, and I on becoming imperishable and indeed on performing an unexcelled ascesis, I wish to enjoy in heavenly worlds.
vrm.1.62 Hence, you bestow appeasement to Agni on your becoming the ritual animals of king Ambarisha in lieu of this boy Shunashepa.
vrm.1.62 These two divine hymns, oh, son of saint, shall be chanted in the Vedic ritual of Ambarisha, then you will obtain your aspiration.
vrm.1.62 Shunashepa" having taken those two hymns from Vishvamitra very attentively has instantly gone to that lion king Ambarisha and indeed spoke to him.
vrm.1.62 "On listening that sentence of the son of sage, the king Ambarisha is gladdened and proceeded to the ritual hall immediately and spiritedly.
vrm.1.62 "Oh, Rama, the best one among men, he that king Ambarisha also obtained the fruits of that Vedic ritual in manyfold, resulted from the grace of Thousand eyed Indra.
vrm.1.70 And Shiighraga is the son of Agnivarsna, and Shiighraga s son is Maru and from Maru it is Prashushruka, and Ambarisha is the son of Prashushruka.
vrm.1.70 Ambarisha s son was Nahusha, the emperor and Yayati is the son of Nahusha, but Nabhaga is born to Yayati.
vrm.2.110 Shiighraga begot Maru and Maru s son was Prashushruva from Prashushruva was born Ambarisha of that great radiance.
vrm.2.110 To Ambarisha was born a son named Nahusha who was full of valour.

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