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vrm.1.70 Aja was Naabhaaga s son and from Aja, this Dasharatha is
vrm.2.110 Aja and Suvrata were the two sons of Nabhaga and it was Aja who begot the virtuous King Dasaratha.
vrm.3.35 b, a Adhering to that tree branch there are eminent sages like, Vaikhanasa s, Maasha s, Vaalakhilya s, Mariicipa s, Aja s, and even sages like Dhuumra s that thrive on fumes and smokes are there, and there they are collectively practising asceticism upside down while clasping branches with their legs.
vrm.6.50 "By meeting you thus, my heart is gladdened in the same manner as I am meeting Dasaratha, my fatehr and Aja, my paternal grandfather.

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